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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Hello everyone, 

DECIEM, The Abnormal Beauty Company looks onto the scientific side for their skincare and supplement range. Their products are very informative and fun which all help to deliver a healthier glow for your skin...

The Abnormal Beauty Company launched to Priceline stores around Australia and already we are seeing many curious beauties trying out their products such as their Hylamide (HA Blur) which only selected products are available at Priceline stores nationwide. The Hylamide HA Blur is perfect for visible blurring and plumping of the skin. 

For their product packaging, every side is very informative and easy to follow. They sure do bring a chemistry feel to them of which I like because it's different as compared to the other brands out there. Some of the formula used seem complex but the results definitely show after using these onto my skin over the few weeks of testing them out. 

I looked to try out some of their products to see what it could do for my skin and these include of the below....

Fountain - The Phyto-Collagen Molecule in Apple

This is a concentrated dietary supplement that contains a sweetener which makes it taste pleasant when taken on a daily basis.  It contains a concentrated beauty supplement with Hydrolysed Collagen, Wild Phytoplankton, L-Gluthathione and the Hyaluronic Acid maxtrix which helps to support new collagen formation - essential for keeping you looking younger and fresher. You only need two teaspoons of the Fountain (10ml) each day either directly or mixed in with your favourite juice or beverage. I tried out their Apple flavour which I would mix it in with my regular apple juice which tasted the same but with the health and beauty benefits! 

This product is available form their online website: http://fountain.co

NIOD - Sanskrit Saponins (SS)

This is an intense cleansing balm which is made from highly concentrated and refined Ayurvedic plant surfactants. There are no oils, sulphates, esters or any nasties contained in the cleansing balm. If you have any make-up on, it is recommended that you look to remove that first before applying on the cleansing balm. I would us this product once a week in order to get that "intense" cleanse feeling for my skin. 

This is available from Adore Beauty and RY Online

  • 1 - Hylamide Photography Foundation - This product looks to visibly blur any fine lines, rough skin on the surfaces, corrects your skin instantly and most importantly minimises the appearance of large and obvious looking pores on the skin. Essentially I would use the Photography Foundation either alone or under my foundation for a smoother make-up application. I've found this product to really give me the best photographic shots as it doesn't leave my face looking too bright or dull looking. It contains fractionated Silica Complex and Prismatic Hue Correctors which is why I look better in the photos with having this Photography foundation on. This is available at your nearest Priceline store. 
  • 2 - Hylamide HA Blur - This blur product works as a "primer" for your skin as it visibly looks to blur, minimise the appearances of your pores, keeps your skin feeling hydrated and gives it a plumped feeling to it. I found the HA Blur to work effectively with my tinted moisturisers, concealers and foundation as it allowed my skin to become and look more smoother and softer. It's always important to have a smooth base to work with before your make-up application. This is available from https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/hylamide.html
  • 3 - The Chemistry Brand - Hand Chemistry Pro Repair Skincare for the hands - I tend to get dry hands no matter what season it is - which is why using a hand cream that works for me is so important. It's a multi-functional cream for the hands where it looks to target the signs of ageing because the hands age the quickest as compared to the other parts of the skin. I found that my hands felt more firmer, brighter, smoother, hydrated and even the texture was definitely improved after using the hand cream every day. The box reads that you should expect results in 11 days within using the hand cream, and so far I have used the product for more than 2 weeks and already am very satisfied with the results it has given me. The Hand Chemistry Pro Repair Skincare for the hands is available at your nearest Priceline.
  • 4 - Hylamide Pore Control - This pore control serum contains Bio-tech Polyphenols, Sebum-balancing Vector technologies and Oil fighting adaptive crystals which all work to minimise the look of pores on your face. It also helps to regulate sebum whilst minimising the pores on your skin. As I often get shine to my forehead, I have found that the shine and congestion has significantly reduced after applying the serum to the concerning problem areas of my face. It does not look to dry out the skin which is amazing because if anything it helps to increase your skin's ability to retain water while looking to regulate your pores and sebum activity. This is available from https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/hylamide.html

For more information, make sure you head over here to find out more abut the DECIEM products and what else they can offer you. 


What are your thoughts on the DECIEM skincare products above? 

Livia x

Thank you The Abnormal Beauty Company - DECIEM for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 


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