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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hi Beauties, 

With only less than two weeks to go till Christmas, how can you not get excited! When Sephora brings out more wonder products...there's certainly an excuse for all of your Christmas shopping.

Whenever I walk into Sephora I always feel like I am walking into heaven. There's so many new international and domestic brands to choose from and the question is where do you even start? Well, look no further because I am about to do a special "Sephora Holiday Season" post just for you guys so I really hope you all enjoy the read. 

I was so excited to go through all of these Sephora goodies and the great news is that all of the products as mentioned today will now be available at your local Sephora store (For all of the Aussies out there). And if you're busy? Make sure you check out the Sephora online website here to see their latest products. 

So let's straight to the haul shall we? 

Happy reading xoxo

An exciting Sephora haul about to begin...

IT Cosmetics 

Limited Edition - Je Ne Sais Quoi - Pink Duo - RRP $34 

This is an award-winning, best selling and must have lip stain duo. You get their Vitality Lip Flush Stain Lipstick which is a 4-in-1 lipstick balm gloss stain that looks to give you gorgeous looking lips with a hint of colour. Also, it includes their Vitality Lip Flush Stain Gloss that acts as a super lightweight serum for a high-shine finish. You will also be pleased to know that both lip products are infused with a hydrating shine, much needed butters and oils to give you a burst of colour that lasts for the whole day. 

This duo makes a lovely set for all of the lip lovers out there and keen to try out the IT Cosmetics range. 

Limited Edition, Confidence in a cream
 - Mini - RRP $24.00 

This lovely mini Confidence in a Cream Mini is a lovely gesture as a Christmas Gift. It comes presented in a cute "Christmas-inspired" bauble, which means you can even hang this on your tree making which is quite handy. 

The transforming moisturizing super cream looks to nourish your skin with collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptides, ceramides, antioxidants and colloidal oatmeal which all look to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles as well as improving the texture of your skin. 

If you're looking for a cream that can look to deeply hydrate, reduce the look of pores, smooth out uneven texture and restore radiance back to your skin - then you'll love their Confidence In A Cream Mini. This cream is made for all skin types and ideal for those looking for a cream that can repair and restore the skin's collagen.  

Je Nai Sais Quoi, Complexion Perfection Face Palette - RRP $62.00 

Once again this face palette has been deemed an Award Winning Face Palette that contains Perfecr Lighting Technology. This lovely palette includes four talc-free powder formulas that instantly enhance and brighten up your features if you're looking for that extra radiance boost. 

The palette includes: 
  • Bye Bye Pores Blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi, (Top left)
  • Bye Bye Pores Pressed in Translucent (Top right)
  • Sunshine in a Compact in Warmth (Bottom left) 
  • Perfect Lighting Luminizer in Je Ne Sais Quoi (Bottom right) 
It's such a convenient palette to have on hand as it really looks to give you the final airbrushed look with a beautiful glow. 

Heavenly Luxe Must-haves! - RRP $110

You can never get enough of luxe feeling brushes...but when IT Cosmetics releases their "Must haves" how can you not resist? The set features a 5 piece full size brush set, plus a luxe travel case that bundles all of the brushes nicely together. If you're wanting the final airbrush look, then be sure to treat your skin to these Heavenly Luxe brushes by IT Cosmetics. The bristles are definitely plush soft and the handles are super comfortable to grip and hold. They're made thick so that it fits snuggly right into the palm of your hands. The bristles feature a high hair count and it just feels nice on the face during make-up application which is why I'd highly reccomend for you all brush lovers to get a hold of this awesome set. 

The brushes include: 
  • A Flawless Blush Brush - Perfect for bronzers, blushes or any type of powders to be applied onto the apples of your cheek. This brush gives you a natural flush of colour. 
  • Flawless Powder Brush - Definiely a plush looking brush making it perfect for all of your favourite powders. 
  • Flawless Foundation Brush - Best for liquid foundations, cream and even powdered foundations for your face. I actually like the fluffiness and softness of the brush and it's so ideal for all of my foundation application. 
  • Flawless All-over Shadow and Liner Brush - Love the duo brush because that means you get the best of both worlds here. You can apply your favourite eye shadow and blend perfectly well. And then when you flip the brush to the liner brush end, you can line and fill in your brows too which is a time saver!
  • Flawless Concealer Brush - Perfect for all of your concealing needs. It blends well too so I quite liked the fact that it gave me a flawless finish. 
  • Luxe Travel Case - Featuring a faux leather design which fits all of the brushes well. 


Fancy some Sephora Collection bath products for Christmas? Or a gift idea perhaps? Make sure you guys check out their Bath Party Confetti - RRP $6.00 - where you can turn your bath into a luxurious one. The confetti smells of cotton flower fragrance giving that soft and subtle scent which is so uplifting. Then, we have their Strawberry Fraise - RRP $6.00 - which are these sweet scented, strawberry beads that look to infuse your bath with some strawberry goodness. 

Lip palettes...

Face blushes and eyeshadow palette...


Sephora Geometricolour Palette 

I know what you guys are thinking...OMG. This features a trendy palette with 130 easy to wear colours ranging from matte, satin and shimmer finishes. There are endless looks you can look to create and what better way to start with this adorable palette by the Sephora Collection. The set also comes with a handy mirror, making it so useful for travelling purposes. 

The set includes: 
  • 80 x Eye shadows (0.42g) 
  • 32 x Lip glosses (0.48g) 
  • 6 x Cream Eyeliners (0.96g) 
  • 4 x Brow Powders (1.95g) 
  • 4 x Face Powders (2.06g)
  • 4 x Blushes (2.06g) 
  • 2 x Tutorial cards (super handy if you're looking for the best make-up application tips)

More Sephora Collection Gift Ideas

If you're opting for fun essentials by the Sephora Collection, then you definitely need to check out "The extraordinary Powder" which is a shimmery body powder that comes in the form of a puff. Convenient for all of your body powdering needs if you fancy a little shimmer to it. I love how this powder puff is boxed so quirky and fun - making it ideal for a Kris Kringle idea perhaps? 

Then, we have their Konjac Sponge Duo which are two essential face sponges. You can look to achieve smoother and softer looking skin with these sponges and they're also biodegradable as it contains konjac fibre. The sponges look to effectively exfoliate and cleanse the skin giving you a clearer and more radiant complexion. Moreover, they also look to gentle massage the skin giving you a relaxed feeling for your face and also leaving it feeling super soft. 

The set includes: 
  • Clean Machine Konjac Sponge and Charcoal - This looks to absorb any oil on the skin's surface and looks to draw out any toxins.
  • Clean Machine Konjac Sponge with Lycopene - This has been enriched with powerfl antioxidants which renew and protect the skin. 

Some other skincare essentials

Make Up Eraser - RRP $32.00 

You need to try the Make Up Eraser if you haven't as yet. It's been so popular at Sephora as it's such a unique item! It's reusable and so soft against the skin. It looks to wash away even eyeliner, mascara and all of your make up. And...you don't even require soap to get it all off. All you need is just water! 

The Make Up Eraser is a soft and woven polyester that gets rid of makeup without leaving that residue behind. It's so easy to use and every time I come home, I look forward to using my Make Up Eraser with just warm water. 

Klarity Oxymud Cacao Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask 

This is a fun mask to play around with...it gives you a multi-sensory cleanse and really looks to transform from chocolate mud to delicate oxygen bubbles. Your skin will be left feeling squeaky clean, nourished and very hydrated. The mask uses cacao fruit powder which enhances the skin's vitality and acts as a gentle exfoliator as well. You will release that your skin will feel smoother, softer and more refined in terms of its texture. 

Diamond Glow Overnight Masque by Klarity 

Simply pop the overnight mask onto your face before you sleep and you'll wake up with a radiant complexion. It looks to restore your skin back to its tip top condition and it helps to promote collagen production with a luxurious, silky formula that glides on and melts into the skin. If you're looking for a mask that could potentially tighten up your skin and restore it overnight, then I'd recommend the Klarity Overnight Masque as an ideal mask to use. 

Estelle & Thild + June Jacobs 

June Jacobs - Lip Renewal - RRP $32.00 

This lip renewal product is 100% free of nasties being paraben, preservatives and petrolatum. The lip balm is infused with emollient peach, vitamin E, cocoa butter jojoba and coconut oils. Instantly I could feel my lips feeling hydrated and renewed which is a pleasant feeling. This lip renewal will definitely leave your lips feeling soft and plump. 

June Jacobs - Neroli Hydrating Mist - RRP $50.00 

This is a lovely scented mist enriched with neroli oil that has been extracted from the blossoms of bitter orange tree. It smells uplifting and so refreshing making it a pleasant product to have in hand. It looks to stimulate cell regeneration so it's ideal for trying to achieve a more radiant and healthy glow. There's also instant hydration to the skin from using the mist which leave your skin feeling very comfortable. 

estelle & thild 

estelle and thild stock a beautiful range of hand soaps at Sephora, so when they released their Sparkling Citrus Bloom in 250ml, I just had to check what it was all about. The hand soap is a certified blend that contains citrus fruits which really gives you an energetic and refreshed feeling. The hand soaps start off around $30, which can be a little on the high end side, but the scent is absolutely uplifting. I would definitely spend the $30 for a hand soap that contains certified organic ingredients. 

Super Bioactive Age Control Serum
 - RRP $107.00

This is the perfect serum for anti-ageing skin as it will leave it feeling supple and soft. There are bioactive concentrates included in the serum which looks to revitalise the skin and boost the moisture levels of it. So that means the appearance of lines and wrinkles will be visibly reduced. There's also Marine Microalgae which is a natural antioxidant - this leaves the skin feeling nourished and over time, the serum looks to repair damaged looking skin. You'll also be pleased to know that Microalgae Extract is proven to be 550 times more effective than Vitamin E. The formula is lightweight and does not weigh the skin down which is great if you're looking for something comfortable to wear during the day and evening. 

Mirenesse Haul 

Perfect Eye Primer - RRP $40.00 

The eye primer by Mirenesse comes in a portable stick that is useful to carry in your handbag or purse. You can look to use the eye primer to prep the eyes before applying on your eyeshadows. The eye primer stick is super long wearing and really looks to bring out the colour of your eyeshadows. I felt that the primer even helped to blur out any particular fine lines which provided a smooth base for my make-up application. I also found out that this eye primer contains Specialised Pigment Technology which means that it works to blur out any lines on the face effectively. 

Organic Secret Weapon 24HR Mascara Black Onyx - RRP $40.00 

Featuring an organic, botanical-infused mascara that looks to lengthen and strengthen your natural lashes. I love the grip on this mascara because it feel comfortable to hold and the bristles of the brush coat my lashes perfectly well. The mascara has been formulated with organic coconut and bamboo which look to give you longer and stronger lashes over time as well. I felt that this mascara did not leave any clumping, flaking and smudging from using the it so ideally, it fit all of my expectations. I love the volume that it left my lashes looking and for a brand that I've never tried as yet...definitely surprised me! 

Maxitone and Auto Lip Kit with I'm Worth Diamonds Bag 

I realised Mirenesse is 100% Australia owned but so far I have been impressed with the quality of their products. Their Maxitone and Auto Lip Kit is an amazing gift set for yourself or loved ones as it comes with three Maxi-Tone Lip bars and three lip liners that will sort your lips out for Christmas. 

Forbidden Ink Auto Lip Liner Duet

You cna look to create soft or sultry looking lips with extra smooth gel-ink lip liners. They are duo which means there is a lip liner on each end making it convenient and ideal. (Bonus brownie points for this). The lip liners are water and oil-proof which means that it lasts longer on the lips. Each of the shade contains matching tones which is great if you're after day and night looks and with less to carry with you!

Alternatively, you can look to use the lip liner as a full lipstick base as it does a magnificent job hydrating and protecting the lips as it contains shea butter and antioxidants. Why use lip liners? They certainly prevent the lips from feathering which means that your lipsticks will last longer. 

Maxi-Tone Lip Bars 

These are the most funkiest looking lip bars I have ever seen! They are two toned which means you can ideally create dimension for your lips. The formula is creamy textured with a sheet high pigment, giving that full lips effect. Lips will feel super soft, plump and and ready rock'n'roll all throughout the night. I felt that these lip bars were extremely moisturising and hydrating and do a really good job in looking to provide a full day hydration for your lips. 

Shona Art Stick Up and Glow Face Highlighter - RRP $40.00 

This glow face highlighter stick looks to combine two of my favourite products - blush and highlighter! It helps to create a natural glow for your face as it's the perfect multi-tasking product that features a creamy formula and in-built blender which leaves your cheeks glowing radiantly. I love the twist to open concept because it makes it seem more convenient and faster to use on the face during your make-up application. 

Shona-Art Tri-Contour V Face Kit 
- RRP $69.00 

This is a Limited Edition product to hit Sephora stores as it features a tri-colour face sculpting kit..perfect for all of your contouring needs. How it works is that it's designed to contour your face and enhance your features. Use the brush to blend well and to create a flawless finish. The hypersmooth pigments leave a smooth finish to your overall look with minimal shine. 

In the kit you get: 
  • Shona-Art Tri-Contour V Face Sculpting Kit, 
  • Shona Powder Sculptor & V Contour Buffer Duet Brush, 
  • Shona Tutu Pouch Long.

Shona-Art Invisible HD Kit - RRP $99.90 

This is a limited edition HD Kit that includes three pieces being their multi-tasking invisible powder, soft kabuki brush and a cute tutu-detailed pouch. The multi-tasking invisible powder looks to create a silky and soft-matte finish to your overall make up. It has been infused with anti-aging hyalruonate which means that it will suit just any skin tone. Then we have an adorable kabuki brush (which reminds me of a miniature paint brush), which feels soft and is ideal for powdered make-up. 

Shona Artist Colour Collection - 6pc
 - RRP $139.95

Featuring a limited edition six piece for the eyes and face. These ombre eye and lip sticks, concealer and blending brush make such an interesting combination. I haven't seen anything like this before so for me this was very intriguing to to play around with. There are two shades of the Eye Art Ombre stick that allows you to be creative. Then we have two other shades for the lips that can look to create a dimension lip effect. Next, we have the two toned concealer which is ideal for concealing and highlighting the fact in just one step. I am getting used to these amazing two toned sticks and so far I am loving them. 

What you get: 
  • Shona Eye Art Ombre Stick in Paradise Dream, 
  • Shona Eye Art Ombre Stick in Tu Tu Hot, 
  • Shona Lip Art Ombre Stick in Noosa Duo, 
  • Shona Lip Art Ombre Stick in Double Bay, 
  • Shona Art Concealer Ombre Stick in Starlight, 
  • Shona Shadow Blender Buffer Duet, 
  • Shona Tutu Pouch Long. 


So there you have it guys, a fun filled haul to be coming or is already available at Sephora Australian stores. 

What are your thoughts, 

Livia x
Thank you Sephora for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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