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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Hey guys, 

Are you ready to hear more about PONi cosmetics latest launch? 

They will be looking to release via online and in selected retailers of their PONi Zebra brow gels. Get the latest scoop below! 

How exciting is it when a brand launches a new product...especially when it's useful for the brows. Introducing you guys to Zebra for Zebrows, featuring the PONi Zebra which is a clear brow gel that is water resistant and looks to hold your brows in place all day long. It comes in a zebra printed packaging which look gorgeous and somewhat reminds me of a wild safari. The brow gel comes with a handy brow spoolie which allows you to grasp the right amount of product so that you can create a neater look for the brows. Thanks to its fine bristles, you're able to spread this evenly over the brow hairs giving you a stronger hold to them. 

So far I found the brow gel to work effectively on my brows and it held it in place for the whole day of wearing it. You can opt to use this with a brow powder or on its own. When it comes to my brows, I always start with a brow palette which comes with the wax and powder, followed with the PONi Zebra brow gel which keeps my brows in place and looking less dull. 

  • RRP $26 AUD 
  • In stores February 1st 2017 online at the official PONi cosmetics store and in selected retailers. 

Source image: PONi cosmetics

Featuring the PONi Zebra brow clear gel RRP $26 AUD. 


What are your thoughts on them so far? 

In need of a new brow gel? 

Livia x

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Monday, January 30, 2017


Hello Beauties,

For all of your skincare and beauty products, make sure to head over to Facial Co to explore more on what's on offer. If you guys want to see a summer haul from the Facial Co, then make sure you have a read of the below. 

Facial Co stocks a range of brands that is so convenient when it comes to skincare and beauty brands. If you have a look on their website here, you'll notice that it's not just limited to skincare and beauty brands but they also stock a range haircare products, bath and body essentials, electrical tools, Men's products and many more. I love how everything is held in one easy location and their website is very easy to navigate and informative. 

To check out what I thought about the products I have taken for a road test, make sure to read the below to find out a little more. 

I hope you enjoy the read xoxo

Liquid Gold with Glycolic acid, Alpha H(RRP $50.96 on Facial Co)

I was very excited to try this Liquid Gold by Alpha H out when I first saw that it was available at Facial Co. This product does a really good job in looking to exfoliate and smooth the skin. It helps to improve the appearances of sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, tired looking skin and many more. It definitely lives up to its hype of being a great product because after using this serum onto my skin every night, I could instantly feel the smoothness on my skin which is highly ideal for me. My skin feels fresher, firmer and softer which is ideally what I'm looking for a product that contains Glycolic acid and does not clog the pores. My pores appear smaller and my complexion seems much brighter. If you want glowing looking skin, then you'll be amazed at what the Liquid Gold product can look to do for your skin. With continued use of the product you will start to see less fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation to your skin. As for the product, it's suitable for all skin types and a must buy! 

Firming Body Therapy, Alpha H (RRP $44.15 on Facial Co)

Who knew caffeine would make a magical ingredient in looking to leave the skin feeling and looking firmer. The Firming Body Therapy by Alpha H is a dual purpose treatment which looks to moisturise and firm the skin. After applying the cream onto my body every night, I could notice the healthy glow is has given me. The luxurious body moisturiser is infused with antioxidants such as raspberry oil and this helps to achieve a radiant glow after using it on a regular basis. Another benefit of using the moisturiser is that it will look to incredibly hydrate your skin as well as smoothing out any lines and stretch marks. Overall, I've had a positive experience with using the Firming Body Therapy Moisturiser so far and it has definitely left my skin feeling firmer and healthier looking. It's a great product for achieving super nourished and firmer skin. 

Lulu & Lipstick Lilac Powder brush (RRP $34.95 on Facial Co) 

This is a very fluffy powder brush ideal for finishing off your overall powdered make-up. There is maximum transfer from the brush thanks to the duo fibre nature of the bristles. I have been using this brush for my powders and blushes. There's less fall outs with the bristles and the grip holds comfortably in my hands. This is the perfect sized brush for all of your blush and powder needs. Plus, you'll be amazed to know that the bristles are vegan and cruelty-free.

Lulu & Lipstick eyelash curler (RRP $29.95 on Facial Co)

How gorgeous is this eyelash curler? It's definitely eye-catching as it features gold diamante on its handle giving it a fancy look. You just need to have one of these in your beauty bags! The eyelash curler looks to grasp the lashes with precision and it helped to achieve curled lashes successfully. It's quite reasonable for the price itself because it still feels of good quality and it curls the lashes well! 

Lulu & Lipstick products which can be purchase on Facial Co. 


To purchase the products as mentioned above, be sure to head over to Facial Co

Happy shopping!


What did you think of my haul above? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livvy x

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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Yesterday marked a significant time for 2017. We celebrated Lunar New Year 
(The year of the Rooster) with so much food, fun and being surrounded by family.

What better way to enter the new year by ensuring to prep and maintain your skin so that your tan can look to last longer. There are two super products which I have been using on my skin from St. Tropez being their Tan Enhancing Moisturiser (RRP $19.99) and Tan Enhancing Polish (RRP $19.99). 

Starting off with St. Tropez's Tan Enhancing Polish, this makes an important prepping product as it looks to buff and refine your skin so that you can achieve a longer lasting tan - making it fade more evenly. After using this body polish, I could instantly feel my skin become more revitalised and refreshed. In the product, you will notice tiny beads that helps to create a smooth surface for your skin so that you won't get the annoying patches whilst tanning. I love this product as it does not contain any nasties such as parabens. If you really want your tan to fade evenly then I would highly suggest the Tan Enhancing Polish as a must buy product. I would essentially use the body polish every two days to maintain an even-out tanned look for the skin. 

Following the Tan Enhancing Polish by St. Tropez, I would then use their Tan Enhancing Moisturiser which smells incredibly luscious, beautifully scented and amazing. It consists of essentials oils, Aloe Vera and other lovely botanicals to create a lovely scented moisturiser. This moisturiser looks to leave your tan lasting longer and improves fading. It is so important to ensure that your skin is moisturised and nourished right after tanning because you really want to ensure that it's hydrated and supple as opposed to being dry and flaky. After using this Tan Enhancing Moisturiser after tanning, it has really kept its natural glow and prevented it from any nasty fades which is so ideal for me. 



What are your steps in prepping and maintaining your skin before tanning? 

Let me know on your thoughts below xx


Thank you St. Tropez for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Australia Day is on the 26th which is tomorrow. Who is excited? I know I am that's for sure...

On behalf of Vaseline, they have put together a cute little pack to help me celebrate Australia Day tomorrow which I am so thankful for...you guys have definitely prepared a lovely survival kit to help get me through tomorrow's celebrations. 

As for those who aren't aware of Australia Day, it's a national day where we Aussies take a little day off to relax and celebrate with friends and family. It could be over the BBQ, pool, park or wherever as long as we are all having an amazing time. 

So you guys may be wondering so what's in the survival kit for Australia day? 

Check out the below: 

  • Vaseline's Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser Aloe Soothe spray (RRP $9.99 for 190g) - This can of beauty looks to moisturise and soothe the skin like no tomorrow! It includes aloe vera and smells fresh and pleasant. What I love about this spray moisturiser is that is absorbs quickly and helps to restore dry looking skin. It's definitely my saviour when it comes to dry legs and arms, I'd simply spray it onto the areas and it leaves me with softer feeling skin. It's nowhere near greasy or sticky which is excellent to know. (Check it out at http://www.vaseline.com.au/). 

  • Vaseline's 100% Petroleum Jelly (RRP $2.59 for 50g) - How can you not have a pot of this Vaseline petroleum jelly around with you? It's the perfect product to restore dry, cracked and flaking feeling lips. It not only works for the lips, but can be used for the hands and body as well. (Check it out at http://www.vaseline.com.au/). 

  • Pumpt - Donut by Mr & Mrs Jones - This floaty is super adorable and I will definitely put this to great use at the pools tomorrow. They also stock a wide range of cute Unicorn, French Fries, Drink Holders and other products that definitely stand out from the crowd. (Check it out at www.mrandmrsjones.com.au)

  • Bando - Super Chill Cooler Bag - This adorable watermelon shaped cooler bag will ensure that all of my drinks will stay cool tomorrow. This is useful for the beach or whenever you're off on a little vacation. Plus...it's so photo-worthy!
  • (Check it out at www.bando.com).

How are you guys spending Australia Day? 

Let me know by commenting below. 

Livia x

Thank you Vaseline for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.


Hello Everyone, 

If you guys didn't know, Chinese New Year for 2017 falls on this Saturday 28th as we look to welcome the Year of the Rooster. And what better way to celebrate it with a gorgeous neon lip balm shade by shu uemura. 

Shu uemura's Chinese New Year Limited Edition collection known as 'Blossoming Beginnings' consists of vibrant neon lip balms as well as their Chroma foundation cushions. As you may notice on their packaging such as their Sheer Color Balms, they included one of their traditional Cloisonné motifs which have been selected to express the blossoming beginnings of an auspicious year. The Plum Blossom pattern which is featured on the packaging of their Neon Balms represent a symbol of longevity, prosperity and romance. It makes a lovely and presentable lip neon balm to have in your purse and comes very handy in celebration of the Chinese New Year. 

As it was my first time trying and swatching shu uemura's Neon Balms, I was so impressed with the overall quality. It glides on very smoothly onto the lips leaving it feeling moisturised and nourished. I checked out the shade in 'Melt in orange' a gorgeous neon orange which leaves a subtle tint of colour for your lips. As for the packaging itself, I always love a limited edition pattern where I can look to appreciate the art and thought gone into the designing of this lip packaging. It's simply gorgeous!

  • RRP $46 for shu uemura's Neon Sheer Color Balm, 
  • More information can be found at http://shuuemura.com.au/en/
  • Available at David Jones or via the shu uemera flagship store at QBV


I have swatched shu uemura's Neon Sheer Color Balm in Melt in orange. 


What are your thoughts on shu uemura's Blossoming Beginnings range? 

Livia x

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hello Beauties, 

Looking for that extra volume and a haircare product that will leave your hair feeling soft? The Fudge Big Bold OOMF shampoo and conditioner range can look to provide you with fuller and thicker looking hair...

When it comes to getting that extra volume for your hair, make sure you look to check out the Fudge haircare range namely their Big Bold OOMF Shampoo and Conditioner. Their range is absolutely volumising for the hair that will certainly look to give you more volume and bounce. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain a Volumising Complex with Bamboo extract which makes your hair look shinier and feel so much thicker. 

As my hair usually lacks the volume, by using the Big Bold OOMF Shampoo and Conditioner, it has really looked to give me the much needed lift and volume for my hair. The formula doesn't contain any nasties being paraben and sulphates which is super gentle and safer for your hair in the long term. 

Each of the shampoo and conditioner come in a 300ml sized flip top type of packaging which looks contemporary and clean. The products definitely looks to deliver more body and bounce for my hair which is definitely ideal. Most importantly, the formula is rich and creamy as well as smelling so luscious and fresh. The Big Bold OOMF shampoo and conditioner definitely lives up to their hype and makes my hair more manageable these days which is great. 



What are your thoughts on the Fudge Big Bold OOMF shampoo and conditioner range? 

Let me know on your thoughts,

Livia x

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Monday, January 23, 2017


Hello beauties, 

I hope you are all excited for January's bellabox as for this month, it's all about Beauty Resolution products, including BB's custom shimmer trio! 

All of the products are sourced from local and international brands which means you get more exposure to discover more brands for yourself. This is my second bellabox so far and I always get super excited when the mailman looks to deliver this to my door because I know that I am in for a fun surprise. If you are wanting to learn more of how the bellabox works, make sure you check it out here

For January's Beauty Resolutions bellabox, I received an edible cookie (yes edible and it was so yummy!) as well as some delightful samples that are great to check out. But the most interesting product of them all has to be bellabox's custom shimmer trio which is a highlighting shimmer trio, perfect to get you through summer. This month's bellabox focuses on the beauty resolutions, so we see brands such as John Frieda, Cetaphil, Natralus Australia, Mint Skin, Klorane and even bellabox's first ever shimmer trio. 

Check out the below for a full list of what you may potentially get for this month's bellabox: 

Unboxing January's bellabox
  • BB Summer Shimmer Trip (3g RRP $9.95) - This balm like shimmer trio looks to give you the perfect highlighter effect for your cheekbones, brow bones and many more. There are two shades available in Pastel Unicorn Trio and Golden Nymph Trio and they look gorgeous. I love how lightweight the formula feels as it comes in a creamy based type which makes blending so much easier as well as illuminate the face. Both of the shades are suitable for any skin one but I find that the pastel colours work more effectively for if you had a lighter skin tone, and the darker skin tone suit more of the golden tones. There is also a hint of shimmery particles in the shimmer trio which is great as it really looks to accentuate your face. The reason why they come in a creamy base is because the idea is to blend it well by using your fingers or alternatively, you could use a brush too. 
  • Cetaphil Suntivity SPF50 + Liposomal Lotion (sample size 100ml) - This is full spectrum coverage type of sunscreen with a high SPF rating that looks to protect the skin from the harsh UV rays. It's made for all skin types to use and I quite like the broad spectrum of protection that it gives on a day to day basis. 
  • Mint Skin Detox Mud OR Rosa Hydration Mud mask (You'll receive one of the mud masks) - So if you get the Detox Clay Mask, then you'll be left with a really deep cleanse, whereas the Hydrating Clay Mask works to boost hydration for the skin. 
  • John Frieda 7 Day Volume In Shower Treatment  - (sample size 30ml) - This is the perfect base for creating more voluminous looking hair. The idea is to use this as a regular in-shower treatment right after your shampoo and conditioner. Once you've rinsed this off, you can wonderfully blow dry as desired with much amplified volume. 
  • Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile (sample size 25ml) - This shampoo doesn't contain any parabens or nasties and smells amazingly therapeutic of chamomile! Not only does it look to relax you, but this shampoo also looks to leave your locks feeling super soft and more manageable. 
  • Bonus - Natalus Australia - Intensive Skin Therapy (sachet sample) - Another type of moisturiser that looks to leave your skin feeling nourished, restored and supple. 

Sample sizes of Cetaphil's Suntivity SPF50+, Klorane's Chamomile shampoo and John Frieda's 7 day volume. 

Featuring bellabox's Summer Shimmer Trio

 You will receive one of the Mint Skin mud masks - Detox Mud or Rosa Hydration Mud.

For where to purchase the bellabox, simply head over here

That pretty much wraps up January's bellabox! 

What did you think of the selections? 

Let me know by commenting below.

Livia x

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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Happy Sunday everyone, 

Make-up design MUD range have recently brought out a new foundation range which is long-lasting (perfect for a night out)and a new make-up blender to provide a streak-free finish, more below...

I tried out a new long lasting foundation by Make-up Design MUD in shades 04 New Tan and 02 Soft Beige to see what it could do for my coverage, as well as their new Make-up Blender which helps you to create a smoother blend for your concealer and foundation needs. I was really excited to try out a new range by Make-up Design MUD and I just had to try it out for myself. 

Make sure to check out my thoughts below x 

For more information, be sure to head over to http://www.mudmakeupdesign.com.au/ to check more out of their make-up range. 

Make-up Design MUD Long Lasting Foundation 

If you want all day long coverage which keeps your skin feeling hydrated as well, make sure to check out the Long Lasting Foundation by MUD. Firstly, their product packaging is very hygienic, very easy to use and comes in the form of a pump. This will save you from dipping back into the product hence it's just more hygienic to use for your foundation make-up application. The foundation lasted all day on my skin and it felt very breathable too which is essential for what I look for in a foundation. The finish of the foundation is definitely sheer looking and it just feels so nourishing on the skin and it doesn't give you that caked look effect which is wonderful. I used MUD's newest Make-up blender to apply their Long Lasting foundation onto my skin to really give it a smoother blend which worked really well for my overall make-up. For best results, I always look to dampen the Make-up blender with water - only because it allows the foundation to blend more easily onto the skin. 


Tried out shades starting from the top: 

02 Soft Beige & 04 New Tan from MUD's Long Lasting Foundation. 

As you can see the top shade in 02 Soft Beige suits my skin colour the best, whereas if I did get more of tan, then the 04 New Tan would go well in that case. Otherwise, another trick is to blend both shades and see if that would suit your skin tone if you also want that "tan" shade for your overall foundation look. 

Make-up Design, MUD Make up Blender 

I love to use the make-up blenders when it comes to blending in my liquid concealers, foundations or other make-up products because I feel that it looks to provide a streak-free finish to your make-up application and leaves it looking so flawless and smooth. The make-up blender feels very firm and squishy at the same time which is great because it's convenient for blending away your liquid foundations and concealers so that you can look to achieve a flawless look. A tip to always remember when it comes to using make-up blenders is to ensure that you thoroughly clean it by squishing it under warm water and soap. This will be more hygienic in the long-term and preserve the longevity of the make-up blender. And I am so glad that the make-up blender comes in the colour black because that way you won't see all of the colourful shades on the one sponge!


What do you guys think of Make-up Design MUD's new make-up range? 

Let me know on your thoughts,

Livia x

Thank you MUD Make Up for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Hello Beauties, 

There is always a first for everything, which is why Eau Thermale Avene has recently landed onto my beauty desk and I decided to try it out for myself...  

From what I know about the brand Avene is that it's originally from France and it has been a popular hit across Priceline stores and across social media worldwide. As I was curious to try out their latest range, 'Tolerance Extreme',  I finally put the products to the test to see what it could really do for my skin. This particular range has been formulated for those with sensitive skin and contain no more than eight ingredients which means that it won't upset the skin. Of the products I have tried, they look to cleanse, moisturise and hydrate the skin without causing any dryness or irritations which is always good. 

Featuring three products by Avene's Tolerance Extreme range for which I included into my skincare routine, they include: 
  • Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion 
  • Tolerance Extreme Emulsion 
  • Tolerance Extreme Cream  
If you're curious to learn more about what these skincare products can do for your skin, make sure to catch up on my thoughts below...

Source image: Avene

Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion 

I started off my cleansing regime by using the Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion and thought that it was a really gentle cleanser as I applied it onto my face so I could remove all of my make-up without rinsing or using any water. It's easy to use as a cleansing lotion as you only need to remove with a cotton pad. Next, simply finish the cleansing process with a spray of the Avene Thermal Spring water. Overall, I felt that this cleansing lotion looked to remove all of the dirt, make-up and oil off my face which was very effective for me. The texture comes in a light milky liquid which leaves your skin feeling soothed, hydrated and soft. You will also realise that after using the Cleansing Lotion is that it will continue to leave your skin feeling very hydrated for at least 6 hours. I love how there are no nasties included in the formulas being parabens, preservatives or any fragrances. As a cleansing lotion, it's very ideal if you're travelling on the go and need a quick fix to your facial cleansing regime.

Source image: Avene

Tolerance Extreme Emulsion

This light textured Emulsion by Tolerance Extreme Emulsion is very moisturising and soothing for the skin. It does not contain any nasties being preservatives, paraben, fragrances, alcohol or any surfactants. How it works is that it looks to hydrate and replenish the skin whilst preserving the skin balance for sensitive type of skin. It's an amazing moisturiser that only contains 7 ingredients making it very gentle to use on the skin. As my skin can tend to get some redness from time to time, I am glad that I've found a product that can help with my skin condition.

Source image: Avene

Tolerance Extreme Cream 

Then we have the Tolerance Extreme Cream which is a rich and non-greasy textured cream that allows for a better hydration and soothing of the skin. It absorbs really nicely and provides a longer hydration feel for the skin. Essentially, I would use this cream at night and it works perfectly well for my skin as it doesn't irritate it at all. My skin feels softer and smoother after using this cream and I would highly recommend those with sensitive skin to try it out for yourself. 

  • For more information, make sure to head over to http://www.avene.com.au/
  • Available at Priceline or Chemist Warehouse stores nationally. 


Have you tried any of the Avene Extreme Tolerance products before? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livia x

Thank you Avene for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Hello beauties, 

Here are a few essentials by Dove to get me going for the weekend featuring their Beauty Cream bar, Sensitive Skin Body wash and the Invisible Dry Anti-perspirant deodorant... 

Source image: Dove

Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash 

This body wash contains NutriumMoisture which consists of a blend of moisturisers which have been enriched with skin natural lipids that can deeply absorb within the skin's surface. This body wash has a really nice scent that is mild and it does not dry out your skin. I felt that this body was was very gentle on the skin and it was not harsh at all. It's definitely an ideal body wash for those with sensitive skin as it leaves it feeling nourished and refreshed.

Source image: Dove

Dove, Beauty Cream bar 

There are so many body soaps I have used so far and nothing compares to Dove's Beauty cream bar. It's so gentle on the skin and it has a really nice scent to it which lasts even after showering. The Dove Beauty cream bar is completely different to soap as it's made from mild cleansers which helps to skin to retain its moisture and feel softer. You definitely get an effective cleanse from this beauty bar and I would highly recommend you all to give it a go if you have not as yet. 

Source image: Dove

Dove, Invisible Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll on

The roll on does not contain any alcohol and about a quarter of moisturising cream which will leave your arms feeling super hydrated. It features a translucent and micro-fine formula which protects your clothes from any staining, white marks and most importantly will look to protect your underarms all day long. Just like all Dove products, this roll on smells fresh and pleasant. The packaging of the deodorant comes in a twist cap which is convenient to open..making your life easier and ensures that every drop is used efficiently. 


Have you tried any of the above? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia x

Thank you Dove for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.