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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


 Hello everyone, 

Who here is excited to learn more about the newest beauty releases for your everyday use? Today, I'll chat about a useful product on how to carry around your favourite fragrances (without lugging the heavy perfume bottles)and how to rid jagged and rough heels! 

The BrandPoint Distributors have recently launched many new and exciting brands to their product range and some of them include Style Salon SoftSoles and Twist&Mist. Over the holiday period, I have actually tried out two products being their Electronic Pedicure device by Style Salon SoftSoles and a Fragrance Atomiser by Twist&Mist. It's always a great feeling when you are able to carry around your favourite fragrance in a lighter container as compared to the bulky perfume bottle itself. 

Both of the products being mentioned today are all stocked at Purabeaute (an amazing online shopping destination) so make sure you go and check out their awesome range of beauty skincare and fragrance products. 

Check them out below in full x

Twist&Mist, Fragrance Atomiser 
- RRP $14.95 

This is the newest must-have travel fragrance atomiser which is compatible with most standard fragrance bottles. The Twist&Mist is a sleek, stylish and portable fragrance atomiser - did I also mention it comes in a lovely rose gold shade too? 

To use, simply pop the spray cap off your favourite fragrance, look to line up the tip with the fast refill valve and pump. It takes only ten seconds for the fragrance to be refilled so that you can conveniently and easily take it with you on the go whenever, wherever. The pump doesn't have a cap but instead comes in a twist-to-open style, making it more efficient to use whilst you're travelling. Another amazing use of the fragrance atomiser is that it's aircraft approved as it holds approximately 8ml giving you around 100 pumps (YAY). Look to refresh yourself midway through or after your flight with this trusty product that will simply be your very own beauty saviour. The fragrance atomiser is also perfect for your clutch or bag as it isn't too bulky.

As for other DIY options you can look to use with the Fragrance Atomiser includes of a facial mist that you can look to try out with using essentials oils such as Lavender or Rose water. This makes a refreshing spray for a hot summer's day especially when you're in Australia. 

Twist&Mist is currently available in selected pharmacy retailers or online at https://www.purabeaute.com.au/

Source image by BrandPoint.

Source image by BrandPoint.


Style Salon SoftSoles Electronic Pedicure Device
 (4 x Roller heads)- RRP $24.95

If you constantly wear ballet flats or even flip flops, then you'll understand the feeling of having dry and cracked heels. A great way to ensure that you get softer feeling soles for longer is to use an electronic pedicure device that works to buff away the dead skin cells. 

The device comes with included batteries so you can essentially use it on the go! It includes four interchangeable roller heads which means you can adjust accordingly to your skin's suitability. The portable callus remover is convenient to have in your beauty bag when you're travelling (because who knows when your heels will get dry and flaky once again). It can be used for everyday and it features an interchangeable 360° spin roller which spins 40 times per second. This product has definitely looked to rid the dead skin cells on my heels which have been a main issue for my heels lately. It has successfully made it feel softer and smoother again which I am so impressed with. It's faster and more efficient as compared to manually buffing your heels and most importantly a real time saver. Today..it's all about technology and being innovative to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of things. 

After using the device on my soles, I would follow it by applying a moisturiser (I am currently using heel balm by QV), to really soothe the area out. Overall, I would consider using this device on a weekly basis because there is no week where my heels are ever smooth and soft, which is why this device is definitely a life saver! 

Style Salon is available nationally at https://www.purabeaute.com.au/ and selected stockists.

Taking the device on test drive! 


What were your thoughts on the product above? 

Let me know by commenting below! 

Livia x

Thank you BrandPoint for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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