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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Happy Sunday everyone, 

Make-up design MUD range have recently brought out a new foundation range which is long-lasting (perfect for a night out)and a new make-up blender to provide a streak-free finish, more below...

I tried out a new long lasting foundation by Make-up Design MUD in shades 04 New Tan and 02 Soft Beige to see what it could do for my coverage, as well as their new Make-up Blender which helps you to create a smoother blend for your concealer and foundation needs. I was really excited to try out a new range by Make-up Design MUD and I just had to try it out for myself. 

Make sure to check out my thoughts below x 

For more information, be sure to head over to http://www.mudmakeupdesign.com.au/ to check more out of their make-up range. 

Make-up Design MUD Long Lasting Foundation 

If you want all day long coverage which keeps your skin feeling hydrated as well, make sure to check out the Long Lasting Foundation by MUD. Firstly, their product packaging is very hygienic, very easy to use and comes in the form of a pump. This will save you from dipping back into the product hence it's just more hygienic to use for your foundation make-up application. The foundation lasted all day on my skin and it felt very breathable too which is essential for what I look for in a foundation. The finish of the foundation is definitely sheer looking and it just feels so nourishing on the skin and it doesn't give you that caked look effect which is wonderful. I used MUD's newest Make-up blender to apply their Long Lasting foundation onto my skin to really give it a smoother blend which worked really well for my overall make-up. For best results, I always look to dampen the Make-up blender with water - only because it allows the foundation to blend more easily onto the skin. 


Tried out shades starting from the top: 

02 Soft Beige & 04 New Tan from MUD's Long Lasting Foundation. 

As you can see the top shade in 02 Soft Beige suits my skin colour the best, whereas if I did get more of tan, then the 04 New Tan would go well in that case. Otherwise, another trick is to blend both shades and see if that would suit your skin tone if you also want that "tan" shade for your overall foundation look. 

Make-up Design, MUD Make up Blender 

I love to use the make-up blenders when it comes to blending in my liquid concealers, foundations or other make-up products because I feel that it looks to provide a streak-free finish to your make-up application and leaves it looking so flawless and smooth. The make-up blender feels very firm and squishy at the same time which is great because it's convenient for blending away your liquid foundations and concealers so that you can look to achieve a flawless look. A tip to always remember when it comes to using make-up blenders is to ensure that you thoroughly clean it by squishing it under warm water and soap. This will be more hygienic in the long-term and preserve the longevity of the make-up blender. And I am so glad that the make-up blender comes in the colour black because that way you won't see all of the colourful shades on the one sponge!


What do you guys think of Make-up Design MUD's new make-up range? 

Let me know on your thoughts,

Livia x

Thank you MUD Make Up for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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