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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Happy 2017 all, 

For this new years' resolution I am looking forward to losing a few kilos (maybe more), staying healthy and keeping fit. In order to help me achieve my health and fitness goal, I have incorporated an easy to use scale that works with your smartphone, tablet or on its own. 

Say hello to the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale that works as a body analysis monitor even without the app itself. There is no need to reach out for your smart phone, tablet or app to analyse your BMI, body water, body mass, bone mass, and most importantly your weight. The Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale by Weight Watchers just launched this Summer and what better way to tackle your goals for the new year with a set of clever scales. 

Keeping fit has always been a challenge for me and I've never really put myself on the scale for so many years as the reality of putting on weight gave me anxiety. With a new set of Body Balance Bluetooth scales, it has definitely given me a better perspective of my health and fitness goals and hopefully I am able to set smaller goals so that I can reach my new year's resolution after the indulgence of Christmas and New years... 

So how it works is that you would simply download an app onto your phone or tablet called the Weight Watchers Scales by ConairTM app which is super easy to find through the App store. The app then looks to provide you with a more in-depth picture of graphs and charts where you can look to visualise and understand your body better with an accurate picture. You can look to sync your weight into the app which means you don't have to manually add your weight in every time. It's a convenient hub to get the most accurate reading in a timely manner too. 

Some key features of the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale includes: 
  • Utilises the Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) system, the scale helps to provide an accurate reading of your body fat, body water, bone mass, BMI and your weight. 
  • Very accurate as it uses a multiple load cell system with electronic strain gauges to get the most precise body measurements, 
  • Comes with a large LCD (4.8cm) digital readout with blue blacklit display, it's clear and easy to read. 
  • Syncs stats to your smartphone or tablet by using Bluetooth, 
  • Also looks to sync Apple Health, Google Fit and Weight Watchers app,
  • Simply tap onto the centre of the scale to turn on. 

The scale is also battery operated but once you open the box, there's already 3 x AAA batteries included in the scale. This is definitely a fun and interactive scale that's made so easy and convenient for you to use. Keeping track of your health and fitness goals is important if you have goals to hit and achieve - especially after the holiday season. I am so relieved that I can now look to kickstart my health and fitness adventures as it's all about being proactive, motivated, confident and also believing in yourself! I am super impressed with the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic scale because it's literally an upgrade from the last time I even stepped on one which was many years ago (to be exact more than 10 years ago...). So you can imagine how surprised and more informative I was of my own health and fitness tracking status thanks to this clever scale by Weight Watchers. 



What are your New Year's Resolution goals? 

Are your goals similar to mine? 

Let me know by commenting below. 

Livia x

Thank you WEIGHT WATCHERS for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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