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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Hello Beauties, 

There is always a first for everything, which is why Eau Thermale Avene has recently landed onto my beauty desk and I decided to try it out for myself...  

From what I know about the brand Avene is that it's originally from France and it has been a popular hit across Priceline stores and across social media worldwide. As I was curious to try out their latest range, 'Tolerance Extreme',  I finally put the products to the test to see what it could really do for my skin. This particular range has been formulated for those with sensitive skin and contain no more than eight ingredients which means that it won't upset the skin. Of the products I have tried, they look to cleanse, moisturise and hydrate the skin without causing any dryness or irritations which is always good. 

Featuring three products by Avene's Tolerance Extreme range for which I included into my skincare routine, they include: 
  • Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion 
  • Tolerance Extreme Emulsion 
  • Tolerance Extreme Cream  
If you're curious to learn more about what these skincare products can do for your skin, make sure to catch up on my thoughts below...

Source image: Avene

Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion 

I started off my cleansing regime by using the Tolerance Extreme Cleansing Lotion and thought that it was a really gentle cleanser as I applied it onto my face so I could remove all of my make-up without rinsing or using any water. It's easy to use as a cleansing lotion as you only need to remove with a cotton pad. Next, simply finish the cleansing process with a spray of the Avene Thermal Spring water. Overall, I felt that this cleansing lotion looked to remove all of the dirt, make-up and oil off my face which was very effective for me. The texture comes in a light milky liquid which leaves your skin feeling soothed, hydrated and soft. You will also realise that after using the Cleansing Lotion is that it will continue to leave your skin feeling very hydrated for at least 6 hours. I love how there are no nasties included in the formulas being parabens, preservatives or any fragrances. As a cleansing lotion, it's very ideal if you're travelling on the go and need a quick fix to your facial cleansing regime.

Source image: Avene

Tolerance Extreme Emulsion

This light textured Emulsion by Tolerance Extreme Emulsion is very moisturising and soothing for the skin. It does not contain any nasties being preservatives, paraben, fragrances, alcohol or any surfactants. How it works is that it looks to hydrate and replenish the skin whilst preserving the skin balance for sensitive type of skin. It's an amazing moisturiser that only contains 7 ingredients making it very gentle to use on the skin. As my skin can tend to get some redness from time to time, I am glad that I've found a product that can help with my skin condition.

Source image: Avene

Tolerance Extreme Cream 

Then we have the Tolerance Extreme Cream which is a rich and non-greasy textured cream that allows for a better hydration and soothing of the skin. It absorbs really nicely and provides a longer hydration feel for the skin. Essentially, I would use this cream at night and it works perfectly well for my skin as it doesn't irritate it at all. My skin feels softer and smoother after using this cream and I would highly recommend those with sensitive skin to try it out for yourself. 

  • For more information, make sure to head over to http://www.avene.com.au/
  • Available at Priceline or Chemist Warehouse stores nationally. 


Have you tried any of the Avene Extreme Tolerance products before? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livia x

Thank you Avene for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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