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Sunday, February 26, 2017


Hello everyone, 

shu uemura's Play Date 2017 Spring and Summer collection is now available. See the below to see what their new range is all about! 

For the Play Date 2017 range by shu uemura's, it's all about the playful colours which remind you of the 70s and 80s fashion. I looked to test out the shu uemura's new Play Date 2017 beauty selections that are unique and fun to play with if you're looking to jazz up your make-up look. They include their Rogue Unlimited Supreme Matte lipstick, Play Date Eye and Cheek Palette in Pink Sundae as well as their Drawing pencil in Sky Blue. 

These shades are adorable and full of fun pastels that would be ideal for the modern woman. I have created a simple look by using just a selection of shu uemura's Play Date so if you're curious to learn more about these particular products, keep on reading beauties! 

 Rogue Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick in shade M RD 144 
- RRP $45

Shu uemura's Rogue Unlimited Supreme Matte lipsticks in shade M RD 144 is of a gorgeous bright red shade that really makes a statement. The lipstick is very soft and creamy and comes in a matte finish which is quite different from the rest of the shu uemura's lipstick range. I'm quite impressed with this shade as it's very chic and sophisticated looking and perfect for an evening night out. The lipstick is incredibly pigmented even with just one stroke, you're able to achieve a full coverage for your lips. There is a wide selection of other shades to choose from which makes it ideal for personalising and tailoring it the outfit and accessories that you will be rocking. 

 Drawing pencil - RRP $34 in the shade Sky Blue 

You can look to draw it against your lash line or waterline which really brings out your overall look making it appear brighter. This drawing pencil is incredibly pigmented and you don't need to tug on it too much to achieve a full coverage look for your eyes. As you can see from my tried and tested images below, I looked to test the drawing line as an eyeliner and so far I am impressed with the fun sky blue shade! It really complements their plate date eye and cheek palette that I'll chat to you guys about next. You can look to jazz up your look instantly with the lovely Sky Blue shade - perfect for a night out with the girls. 

Play Date, Eye & Cheek palette - Pink Sundae - 
RRP starting from $70

Take a look at this gorgeous palette which features your eyeshadow shades and lovely blush. I tried out the shades in Pink Sundae and it's full of warm and pink tones - ideal for summer and spring. It helps you to create romantic and elegant looks which is great because I am in love with the shades in this particular palette. It also comes with a mirror which is included in the palette making it handy for travelling purposes. The only thing that I saw that this palette was missing was an eyeshadow/blush applicator for travelling. However, that's ok for me because I love to use the proper full sized brushes in order to help me create the perfect and subtle look. The shades come in a metallic and pearl texture which looks gorgeous when applied onto the eyes and face. Another interesting thing to note about the cases is that they're reusable which means you can look to refill the shades later on! Talk about this product being so handy for travelling as it's lightweight too. 

  • All of the shu uemura products mentioned in this post are currently available at the shu uemura counter at David Jones or at the shu uemura flagship store. 
  • Otherwise, you can look to purchase the shu uemura products online here



I have used all three of the shu uemura's new products from their Play Date range in order to create this romantic eye look featuring these products below: 

- Rouge Unlimited Supreme matte lipstick in shade M RD 144 
- Drawing pencil in shade Sky Blue 
- Play date eye and cheek palette - pink sundae 

Rouge Unlimited Supreme matte lipstick in shade M RD 144

I love how incredibly pigmented this vibrant red matte shade turned out on my lips. If you're looking for some colour but with no sheer or shine, be sure to check out their Rogue Unlimited Supreme matte lipstick range, I would definitely recommend these.  

Rouge Unlimited Supreme matte lipstick in shade M RD 144 

Drawing pencil in shade Sky Blue 
Play date eye and cheek palette - pink sundae

I don't usually wear these shades but after taking this palette on a test run, I am so in love with this romantic look. 


Have you tried out shu uemura's Play Date 2017 new range as yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts below! 

Livs x

Thank you shu uemura for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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