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Thursday, February 2, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Who said baby products were just for babies. I put the Mater Mother's Hospitals skincare range to the test. They are of high quality and don't irritate the skin which is what makes them reliable and likeable in my own opinion (suitable for adults too). 

The Mater skincare products are designed to soothe irritated skin and are essentially made for mothers and babies to use. However, they also make great products for adults too. All of the products are Australian made, dermatologically tested, pH tested and are suitable for sensitive skin. So with that all being said, I've included a little run-down of what I thought about three of their products that I have tried out from the Mater range. These products have also been featured as Finalists on the Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Awards for 2014, 2015 and 2016. 

For more information regarding the Mater products, make sure to head over to http://matermothers.org.au/ to find out more. 

See how my experiment went right below! xx

Mater Body balm for pregnancy
(RRP $13.99) 

Designed as a body balm for pregnancy, it looks to replenish your skin from stretching and further stress. However, I tried this product out for the moisturising and nourishing benefits. Since my skin can tend to get dry, I thought that this was a great product to experiment with. Surprisingly, after applying on the body balm every morning and night, I could noticeably see a reduced appearance of stretch marks on my stomach area (after losing some weight of course). The formula is not even greasy and when applied onto the skin, it felt comfortable and very nourishing. This body balm is definitely useful for those who have dryness or stretched skin because what it looks to do is tone the surface areas of the skin. You could also say that it's an intensive moisturiser for the skin which is ideal for those who have normal to moderate dry skin issues as it's very soothing for it. 

Mater Baby Moisturiser 
(RRP $14.99) 

If you are looking for an extra mild moisturiser and is suitable for sensitive skin, you'll find the Mater Baby moisturiser interesting in this case. Designed to be suitable for the skin of newborns, it looks to provide a long lasting protection from environmental factors. Just like how adults can suffer from dry or irritated skin, this baby moisturiser is the perfect product as it's gentle and pH balanced. It leaves your skin feeling protected for longer and what better way to treat your skin to some TLC. If it's suitable for newborns' skin, then it's definitely going to be on my preferred list when I am seeking a product that looks to provide a long lasting protection for dry skin. This product will leave your skin feeling silky soft all day long. 

Mater Baby wash (RRP $13.99) 

Featuring one of my favourite go to body washes. Initially marketed as a baby wash, it's a light foaming cleanser which leaves your skin feeling soft and protected..but hey that doesn't prevent me from trying this body wash out. Your skin's natural oils are retained and is not stripped from using this body wash. I found this body wash to feel very gentle on the skin as it's also pH balanced. It doesn't contain any harsh soaps which is ideal if you tend to get dry skin. You could say that this body wash is suitable for the whole family to use...and yes this includes the adults too. After using this body wash my skin felt smoother, healthier and super cleansed. I would highly recommend this body wash as it uses a tear-free formula which won't irritate your skin...and the greatest thing of them all is that the bottle is made so easier to grip whilst you're in the shower. It's designed so that you can grip it with just one hand, making it easier for you to multi-task. 



What are your thoughts on these so far? 

Have you tried out the Mater products before? 

Let me know on what you think,


Thank you Mater for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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