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Monday, February 13, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Can you imagine shampoo solid bars full of natural essentials? Plus, they're made cruelty free. All of the Ethique beauty products use ethically sourced, naturally derived and sustainable ingredients. 

There are four reasons as to why Ethique could work for you and they include: 
  • The bars are made to be very concentrated and with the most natural ingredients which means that there are no nasties included. It's also cruelty-free and vegan, 
  • Apparently solid bars last longer than liquid products (between three to six times longer), saving you a fair bit of money, 
  • The products are very sustainable which means only biodegradable ingredients and wrappers are used, 
  • Ethique was recognised as New Zealand's most sustainable business and was awarded International B Corp certification.

Let's talk about Ethique's colourful range of solid skincare products that are full of natural goodness. Thanks to Ethique, I have been trying their sustainable range out to see how it really compares with liquid products. It's definitely a change for me and I thought why not and see what it can look to do for my skin. All of the products are also Made In New Zealand.  

If you're keen to learn more then make sure you look to head over to their official website https://ethiquebeauty.com/




I looked to try out the following products from their range to see what it could for my skin, check it out below:  

  • Ethique Saving Face Serum - RRP $41 - First things first, I've never tried a solid face serum bar so for me this was an interesting product to check out. Basically the Saving Face is a luxurious face serum and it comes in a solid form (no liquids whatsoever). It's made with cupuacu, shea and kokum butters (as well as rosehip and pomegranate oils), which all look to enhance the firmness and hydration for your skin. This product smells lovely and really looks to re-hydrate my skin very well. There are days where my skin can get a tad dry so by warming up the serum between my palms, I would look to apply the serum onto the dry areas on my face. This product leaves my skin feeling unbelievably smooth and nourished. Most importantly, it doesn't leave a greasy feeling which is so ideal. Also, the product comes in a reusable box which is so convenient to use in the bathroom. 

  • Ethique Wonderbar Solid Conditioner Bar - RRP $25 - This product is 100% soap free, pH balanced and is ideal for those with coloured hair. What I found about using this conditioner bar is that it hydrates the hair without making it feel oily. It also made my hair smell really fresh which is why I quite enjoyed using this conditioner bar. I tend to get dry ends every now and then but after coating the conditioner bar onto my ends, it has incredibly looked to nourish it with every use. This product is ideal for mildly to normal hair and also doubles as a shaving bar and an in-shower moisturiser - making it the perfect product for multi-taskers. 

  • Ethique Damage Control Solid Shampoo Bar - RRP $22 - This minty scented solid shampoo bar looks to hydrate your hair as well as cleanse. It contains Coconut oil, Coconut cream, Cocoa Butter and Peppermint soothe which leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. There will be a point where you'll find the shampoo bar becoming crumbly but this is because you're probably reaching the end of the bar, so it may be a good time to get your refills. Nevertheless, this shampoo leaves my hair feeling very soft. 

  • Ethique In Your Face, Face Cleansing Bar - RRP $25 - Idea for those with oily to normal skin. This cleansing bar is made with coconut oil, cocoa butter, fresh raspberries and NZ sea salt which means it can soothe irritated and acne affected skin. This face cleansing bar doesn't dry out the skin which is great because you don't want it stripping your natural oils. I found that this face bar is ideal for both the body and face, but I feel that it's better on the face (because that's where your blackheads and pores are located mostly). 

  • Ethique Lime and Ginger Body Polish - RRP $20 - This is a freshly scented body scrub that is ideal for all skin types. It would look to buff away all of the dead skin cells efficiently and it has lime and ginger oils which make this body polish smell simply divine! 

Where to purchase: 


I hope you enjoyed this post but am curious to see what you think so far,

Let me know on your thoughts, 


Thank you Ethique for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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