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Friday, February 3, 2017


Hello beauties, 

Happy Friday and I hope you have all had a productive day. To end this week, I'll be following up with my skincare routine featuring Lanolips Intense Cleansing Bar (which includes lanolin + sulphur) as well as Essano's Rosehip oil. 

Check out the below to read my thoughts...

To learn more about what I have been trying out for my skincare routine, make sure you look to tune in to the below. So the weekends are tomorrow and I am so thrilled to sit back, relax and recoup from this long week! It's time to nourish my skin with some skin-loving products such as the Lanolin and Sulphur Deep Cleansing Bar by Lano as well as Essano's Certified Organic Rosehip oil. Both of these products have definitely been interesting to try out and let's just say my skin has been looking really healthy. 

I hope you enjoy reading about what I thought and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Happy reading xx 

Intense Cleansing Bar, Lanolin + Sulphur (RRP $10.95 for 100g)

So Lanolips launched their Lano cleansing bars for the face and all over. These are made for those who have oily type skin as it doesn't irritate or dry out your skin as it is 98.8% natural. You will realise that these cleansing bars are free from nasties (i.e. fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, sulfates and palm oil) making it safer to use in the long run. It pretty much is a natural type of cleansing bar that's ideal for those who want an almost natural bar for their skin as it won't strip your natural oils entirely. As it contains lanolin, this actually helps to make your skin feel softer and hydrated, whilst the sulphur looks to remove oil on your skin in the most gentle way.

 And...why sulphur as an ingredient? You will be amazed at the many benefits that it can actually deliver for your skin such as a reduction in acne and minimising the oil on your skin. During summer, for my skin type I actually get random oily patches on my skin which can be a total nightmare. However, with using the Lano cleansing bar more often, I have definitely found my face to appear less oily which is great. After cleansing you can actually feel how fresh it will make your skin feel. 

For more information on where to purchase, click here. 

Essano Certified Organic Rosehip oil (RRP $34.99) 

You will tend to use rosehip oil if you're looking to renew or hydrate your skin so that it looks glowing and healthier. This particular Rosehip oil by Essano is enriched with Acai Berry Antioxidant oil which has been proven to make your skin glow. This product is 100% natural and been certified as organic in case you were wondering. I have been using the rosehip oil within my skincare routine every night and have noticed that with gradual use, it looked to tone my skin and help to brighten up my skin's complexion. The other benefits that you're able to reap from using this rosehip oil is that you'll see minimised fine lines, scars and stretch marks on your skin. The rosehip oil is nowhere near oily and when applied onto the skin it feels lightweight and non-greasy making it easily absorbed onto the skin for better results.  

For more information of where to purchase, check it out here. 


Have you tried any of the above mentioned products? 

Let me know on what you think, 

Livvy x

Thank you Essano and Lanolips for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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