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Monday, February 20, 2017


Hello everyone,

Aside from all things beauty, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is so important. I've never tried out a food program before so I thought to myself why not? I was amazed by how Eat Fit Food delivers their food fresh and what better way to start a 5 day cleanse for 2017...More below! 

I was surprised by the quality of food that was brought to my door step during the 5 Day cleanse I undertook by Eat Fit Food which are located in Sydney, Australia. In fact the meals were so delicious that I would highly recommend Eat Fit Food as they offer many programs to suit everyone's preferences.

The 5 Day meal cleanse program is ideal for those who don't have the time to dish out meals every single day or you're keen on kick starting your system with an all-inclusive program that is free of wheat, gluten, dairy and red meat. It's the perfect option if you're even working late nights or simply don't have the time to create a healthy eating plan. It's also about clearing out the toxins in your body and looking to focus on your energy levels. 

So basically in the meal plan includes a cleansing juice, breakfast, lunch and dinner along with two bonus snacks that are delivered to your door step or work place on the Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. To give you summary of the total calories contained in each meal per day, it is only 1400 calories. So as long as you look to balance a healthy meal plan as well as staying active, then you're on the way of looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

After the 5 Day cleanse, I could definitely sense that my toxins have been cleared out which could've been accumulated from the build of chemicals over time. Having a diet that's packed with nutrients will no doubt leave you feeling healthier and active again. 

There are certainly benefits that you can possibly gain from the 5 day cleanse which includes of the below: 
  • Looks to remove the toxins from your body,
  • Aids with weight loss by consuming lower calorie meals, 
  • The meals are tasty and delicious, 
  • Helps to strengthen your immune system,
  • Looks to increase you energy levels,
  • Improves your sleep quality,
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Reduced sugar food cravings

Furthermore, if you wanted to hear more about Eat Fit Food if you're not familiar with it, they look to deliver fresh, healthy and wholefood meals and snacks to your doorstep or work. The meals all come in a secured cooler bag (with freezer blocks) to help keep your meals fresh. The menus are remarkably amazing and you wouldn't believe that they contain just 1400 calories. For the 5 Day Meal cleanse that I have recently undertaken, I've felt healthier and more energised. And what's great about Eat Fit Food is that their meals are free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, additives and chemicals. Another fact is that a portion of the produce are grown at the Eat Fit Farm which means that some of the ingredients sourced are fresh and delicious. 

Overall, I've quite enjoyed the 5 Day Meal cleanse (which starts from $375). I feel that the program sets out a delicious and healthy meal plan over the span of 5 days which is convenient for those with a busy lifestyle trying to keep healthy. Sometimes it can be challenging to juggle making healthy meals on a day to day basis, but with the Eat Fit Food program, it's a great kick-start program to empower and motivate you on what particular foods you should be eating in order to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

  • The 5 Day cleanse starts from $375, 
  • You can find out about more information at the official website of Eat Fit Food

Day 1 + 2

I received the Days 1 and 2 meals together on the Monday which really kick-started my healthy eating habits. There was breakfast (scrambled eggs and hash brown), as well as some healthy lunch and dinner options that consisted of steamed greens, brown rice, beans in a tasty tomato based sauce, barramundi and some tasty snacks to keep me going for the day. They also included a fresh juice which is perfect for a cleanse! 


Day 3

For Day 3, there was a delicious quinoa patty on a bed of cous cous and green beans which tasted AMAZING! They also provided some delicious vegetable sticks with a healthy dip along with other food options to keep my energy levels up. 


Day 4

By Day 4, I could really feel a better difference with my body. As I am eating healthier, I could definitely note that I had more energy levels. The food options on Day 4 were very healthy and I would say that my favourite were the protein balls (which are a delightful snack) as well as the simple omelette and greens. 


Day 5 

And last but not least, the very last day meant that I was finishing up on my 5 Day Cleanse. It ended on a good note and by then, I was super impressed with the different meals that I had received daily. As well as the snacks, drinks and fruit that were also included in the meals, it was truly a life saver to know that I didn't have to reach for a chocolate bar. The options on the menu are definitely chef-worthy and for a decent meal plan, I would so highly recommend for you guys to give it a go if you're interested in keeping in shape and being active! 


So there you have it guys - a detailed diary of my 5 Day Meal Cleanse by Eat Fit Food. 

What did you guys think? 

The food looks amazing right? 

Livs xxox

Thank you Eat Fit Food for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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