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Friday, March 31, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Have you guys checked out the new hand cremes by Essano? Award-winning beauty brand Essano recently launched two more hand cremes to join their best selling range. 

Essano's best selling hand creme is their Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Nourishing hand creme. However, due to much popularity with the Rosehip version quite recently they've added two more lovely hand cremes to the range being the Chia Seed Oil Moisturising Hand Lotion as well as their Macadamia Restoring Hand Salve cream. 

Essano's products are mainly known for being cruelty-free products and have been made in New Zealand. They also do not contain any nasties which is better for your health and skin in the longer run. The Essano range has always smelt fresh and pleasant. As for their packaging, they come in lovely pink tubes which is my favourite colour! 

As for their two new hand cremes, here's what I thought of them below: 
  • Chia Seed Oil Moisturising Hand Lotion - RRP $14.99 - This is a really light and non-greasy type of hand lotion for everyday use. It's perfect to pop into your handbag because hydrating your hands every hour or so is essential. I felt that this hand lotion looked to lightly moisturise the skin and it left them feeling super soft and nourished. It's perfect for those who are in the office or constantly on the go. There is Aloe vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil contained in the hand lotion which is the main reason why this hand lotion looks to soften the skin very well. It's not sticky or anything like that making it the perfect lightweight lotion to use for everyday. The fragrance is of Sweet pea and Lotus flower which smells exceptionally surreal. 

  • Macadamia Restoring Hand Salve cream - RRP $14.99 - So if you have extremely dry or chapped hands, this will be your ultimate go to product. It incredibly looks to nourish dry hands with its amazing formula being certified organic Macadamia oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Cocoa and Shea butter, Jojoba Oil and Lanolin - which all helps to rejuvenate extremely dry looking skin. What you'll find after using the hand creme is that your skin will feel so much smoother and softer. As for the scent itself, it has a very sweet and therapeutic touch to it which I quite enjoy! 

Where to purchase: 
  • Currently available at Priceline stores, 
  • For more information, head over to www.essano.com.au


What are your thoughts on the new additions to the Essano range? 

Let me know on your thoughts!

Livs xx

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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Hey everyone, 

So this post is all about sustainable and natural bamboo sanitary pads, period. I've stumbled upon an amazing product that's worth looking into...featuring the Tsuno range. 

Tsuno offers a range of disposable, sustainable bamboo fibre sanitary pads which are very eco-friendly. There are no nasties being chlorine or bleach and it's wrapped in biodegradable plastic too. Not only do their products come from natural sources but Tsuno are a social enterprise where 50% of their profits are donated to charities that focus on empowering women with their main focus being education and menstrual support. 

Currently Tsuno is partnering with One Girl where they provide education scholarships and sanitary pads to marginalised girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Essentially the Tsuno sanitary pads are made from natural bamboo (no harsh chemicals have been used to process it) as well as corn fibre top sheet that's individually wrapped in biodegradable packaging. The pads are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes which have a groovy patterns and definitely lots of colour. The pads are very breathable, absorbent, soft and comfortable as well as being antibacterial. Tsuno are also currently researching to develop a 100% biodegradable product and the bottom layer is a breathable polyethylene film which ensures that the pad stays leak proof and works to do the job for you. However, Tsuno will look to find a suitable alternative biodegradable material in the near future. 

As for the overall packaging of the Tsuno sanitary pads, they feature different editions of different artist's work including Erin Lightfoot, Tim Royall, Evi O, Eloise Rapp and Andrea Shaw. 

Where to purchase: 
  • Available at Tsuno's official website here


What are your thoughts on the Tsuno range? 

Livia x

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Hello everyone, 

The Jacket H20 3 by Altec Lansing is a portable bluetooth speaker that can be used just about anywhere (it's waterproof, sandproof and shockproof).
 Check out the below to see what I thought about it...

Pairing The Jacket H20 3 by Altec Lansing to any device (being iPhones, Androids, computers or other tablets) is now made easier thanks to its built-in bluetooth function. It's super lightweight and very convenient to carry around with you to the park, gym or even at a party. Thanks to its lithium-ion battery feature, the portable speaker plays up to 10 hours worth of music which means more time for you to enjoy what you're doing whilst listening to your favourite jam. 

This portable speaker delivers a 'high performance audio over a 10 metre range via dual 1.5'' full range neodymium drivers.' Most importantly you can now take phone calls through the speaker as it has an onboard microphone, making it so much easier for you to answer any phone calls that may come through. As for the durability of the portable speaker, it's said to be waterproof, dustproof and shockproof making it the perfect gadget to take with you whenever you are outdoors or indoors. 

Recently I took my new Jacket H20 3 portable speaker by Altec Lansing with me to the gym and park. It was the best idea ever and I couldn't be any happier as it really is an amazing gadget to own. It's so convenient to have a device that is bluetooth enabled with my phone and tablet. Furthermore, I can play my music on the go and get my workout done without worrying about cables getting in the way. The speakers are very clear and loud which is remarkable for the size that it comes in. The portable speaker is IP67 rated and it even floats on water which is definitely ideal for a pool party to get the music and crowd going. If you're looking for a portable and lightweight speaker that is not overly expensive, then do check out the Jacket H20 3 portable speaker whenever you're next in-stores. I feel that the price is quite reasonable for the sound quality that you get and most importantly, it has up 10 hours of battery life making it an ideal gadget for those who are constantly on the go. Jamming to my favourite music for longer (no matter where I am) is now more convenient thanks to Altec Lansing! 

Key features include: 
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life, 
  • Dual 1.5'' Neodymium drivers, 
  • Stereo pairing for 2 speakers, 
  • IP67 Certification (waterproof, Shockproof and dustproof) 
  • 2 speakers included, 
  • Comes with an Audio line input and is USB chargeable

Where to purchase: 
  • RRP $119.95
  • Available from Target, Big W, Anaconda and The Good Guys. 

Featuring the Jacket H20 3 by Altec Lansing.

Pairing the Jacket H20 3 with my iPhone via its Bluetooth functionality. 

Up close and personal..

The best gadget for indoors and outdoors..


What are your thoughts on the Jacket H20 3 Bluetooth Speaker by Altec Lansing? 

Let me know on your thoughts,

Livia x

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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Hello beauties, 

Dove's Nutritive Solutions new range includes their Colour Radiance haircare range made specifically for those with coloured hair. 

Dove's NEW Colour Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner is made specifically for those with coloured hair. It looks to nourish and protect colour-damaged hair whilst keeping it vibrant, soft and shiny. Since I have coloured hair, it was starting to look dull and less vibrant so this was the perfect range to take this to the test. 

Both the shampoo and conditioner looked to do a decent job in looking to cleanse my hair as well as leaving it smelling very freshly scented. However, I did notice that it made my hair look much brighter and softer which is great when you have coloured treated hair (Sometimes when you don't use the right products, you'll find your colour fading which doesn't look good!). Rinsing off the shampoo took longer than expected but I guess this is because it doesn't look to strip the colours off your hair which is better for you in the longer run. A tip to ensure that you effectively utilise the shampoo and conditioner is to not use too much. A little definitely goes a long way because the formula of this range comes quite thick. This is a very pleasant haircare range to try out if you do get your hair coloured quite often because it just helps to retain your colour for longer as well as leaving it looking more brighter and vibrant. 

Where to purchase: 

  • Both the shampoo and conditioner retail for $6.89 each for 320ml, 
  • Available at leading supermarkets and pharmacies nationally. 
  • For more information, head over to http://www.dove.com/au/home.html


What are your thoughts on the NEW Colour Radiance range by Dove? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livs xx

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Friday, March 24, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Can you believe Woolworths now stock the latest, high performance brushes by Platinum for a reasonable price? 

The Make Up Brush Collection by Platinum now stocks in Woolworths, Australia. You can now look to purchase high performance brushes at a reason price and without going over your budget. The make up collection has been designed by make-up artists in Australia and what you will find about the brushes is that they are so soft and have a precision cut with synthetic bristles. The handles of these make-up brushes feel so comfortable to hold and come in a two toned colour being silver and gun-metal. They are also ideal for those who get close up to the mirror. They definitely look sleek and most importantly they feel very plush soft which doesn't feel harsh on the skin. It's so important to note that your brushes should feel soft whenever you are applying on make-up onto your face.

Additionally, not only have they also released a new line of make-up brushes, but also make-up sponges too - which help you to get a flawless foundation look for your face. For more affordable sponges in the longer term, these will help you to do the job and make sure you keep on replacing them every few months or so. 

If you're curious to learn more about these brushes and sponges by Platinum, make sure you check out the below: 

Starting from the top to bottom: 

  • Eye Shadow Brush -  RRP $9.99 - You get a full rounded shape for the eyeshadow brush which is perfect for applying the eyeshadow shades all over your eyelids, for blending purposes and most importantly to blend it evenly well. 

  • Contour Eye Brush - RRP $9.99 - This contouring eye brush is tapered so that you can look to create some dimension for your eye crease. Alternatively, you can look to use this brush as a contouring brush for the bridge of your nose too. 

  • Blush Brush - RRP $18.99 - This is the perfect blush brush that comes in the form of powders. It helps to blend blush precisely all over the cheeks with a bit of dimension to it. The brush has a nice and plushy soft feeling to it which make applying on blush so much more comfortable and fun. 

  • Base Blending brush - RRP $14.99 - This brush has been shaped precisely so that you can look to blend on foundation with a flawless finish to it. Ideally, I would use this brush with liquids or cream foundations. Alternatively, you can look to apply on your liquid or powder highlighters with using this brush also. 

  • Power Brush - RRP $19.99 - This is the perfect brush to set your loose powders evenly onto your face. It has more bristles on this brush which allows you to blend any powders used really nicely onto your face, plus they feel so plush soft! 

  • Flawless + Precision Sponge Set - RRP $9.99 - These are the perfect sponges made for blending and contouring of the face. So the teardrop shaped sponge looks to build and blend your foundation. I used this sponge by simply spritzing it with some facial mist so that it's a little damp for make up application. It helps to blend my concealer and foundations on really well which I am overly impressed with. Then, we have the purple shaped sponge which is also made for concealing in the hard to reach areas (mainly around the nose and under the eyes). It's also amazing as a contouring sponge and helps me to do the job that I need. 


What did you think if the new Platinum Performance Beauty collection? 

Let me know on your thoughts,

Livs x

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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Bioderma Sébium recently launched for those who have oily and blemished looking skin. Their products are pure which leaves your skin feeling radiant and refreshed. 

So if you guys have oily blemished or combination skin, you may be interested to learn more about this new range by Bioderma. Do you ever feel that sometimes your skin can look too greasy, dull and super shiny? If you're nodding your head right now...have no fear because there are products such as the Sébium range that can help to change that around. 

When it comes to dull and greasy looking skin, this can lead to unwanted blemishes or blackhead that may appear from out of no-where. It can be frustrating right? Especially when you know that you have an important event to be at. This could be due to your skin's texture, pores or even excess sebum. 

Recently, I looked to check out Bioderma's Sébium range to try and observe whether it has made a difference with my overall skin's complexion. Now before taking this range to the test, I was getting oily and shiny looking skin as well as large pores around my nose. 

The products I looked to try out include of the below: 
  • Sébium H20 Micelle Solution| 500ml, $42.99
  • Sébium Cleansing Foaming Gel | 200ml, $25.99
  • Sébium Global Purifying Cream | 30ml, $29.99
  • Sébium Pore Refiner | 30ml, $36.99

Sébium Global Purifying Cream - RRP $29.99 

So this particular product looks to eliminate spots and blackheads by smoothing out your skin's texture leaving it feeling silky soft and hydrated. It's absorbs very quickly when applied onto the skin, making it feel radiant and softer once again. I would use this cream after cleansing my face as it would leave my skin appearing bright the very next morning. It's a wonderful treatment for those who have blemish-prone skin as it works to target and reduce the appearances of acne on the skin. 

Sébium Pore Refiner - RRP $36.99 

Then we have the Pore Refiner which works to correct enlarged looking pores which I personally have around my nose area - so this was an ideal product to try out. The cream doesn't leave your face looking shiny and it incredibly smooths out the skin. It's ideal for those who have oily to combination skin and if you have large pores, you would most definitely want to try this beauty out. Alternatively, seeing that it makes the skin feel very matte, it's also great as a make-up base for the skin. After using the Pore Refiner, I can definitely see my pores looking more tightened and smaller in its appearance which is amazing because I can now look to rely on the Pore Refiner to correct my enlarged pores. 

Sébium H20 Micelle Solution - RRP $42.99 for 500ml

And if you're after a micelle water targeted for oily and combination skin, I would highly recommend this micelle water. I have tried their Sensibio version and fell in love with how effective it was in looking to remove my make-up entirely. If you're looking for a face make-up remover and you have oily skin, then be sure to check this one out. It's super gentle and fragrance free which means that it does not sting or cause any irritations for the skin. It doesn't look to disrupt your skin's pH balance which is ideal because it won't strip the oils entirely off your skin, but it will still look to cleanse away all of the impurities, dirt and oil on your skin. It also doesn't contain any nasties such as paraben which literally makes it my top micelle water to use on a daily basis. It's my go to make-up remover because I trust that it can remove stubborn mascara and eye liner quite effectively. 

Sébium Cleansing Foaming Gel 
- RRP $25.99 for 200ml

Then we have a foaming gel which is ideal for oily to combination skin. So it's a soap-free foaming gel which looks to cleanse the skin from any impurities, dirt and oil. There is no oil or alcohol contained in this product which means that you're up for a super gentle cleanse. It's so gentle that it doesn't cause any stinging or so. It limits your sebum secretion and it works to balance out your skin whilst it cleanses. It has a fresh scent to it which somewhat reminds me of cucumbers! This cleanser did not cause further breakouts which is great to know but most importantly it does not look to dry out the skin which is ideal. 


Where to purchase: 
  • All of the above mentioned products by the Bioderma range is now available at Priceline stores nationally,
  • For more information, head over here to learn more. 


So there you have it guys...my take on the Bioderma's Sébium skincare range. Do you have oily skin and needing a range that doesn't dry out the skin? Be sure to head over to your nearest Priceline store to grab yours now. 

Livs xx

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Hello beauties, 

One of the iconic oils from The Body Shop also known as the 'Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil' now comes in a bigger size!

Source image: The Body Shop 

That's right beauties, this time you can now look to enjoy more out of Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil by The Body Shop for longer as it comes in their new sized 50ml bottle. The bigger, the better right?

What makes this Facial Oil so special is that it uses three precious seed oils including Black Cumin seed oil from Egypt, Camellia seed oil from China and Rosehip seed oil from Chile...literally you can say that the ingredients have been sourced from right around the world. These ingredients also look to revitalise and repair your skin amazingly well. The fact that this facial oil contains a blend of powerful ingredients, it doesn't even feel heavy on the skin. If anything, it's very lightweight and it has been designed to fight ageing of the skin. My skin definitely felt much firmer and softer to touch after using it on a nightly basis. I love how quickly the facial oil looks to absorb onto my skin so that it looks to deliver a whole heap of vitamins and benefits for my skin. There is no sticky feeling and the finish of the oil is velvety-soft which is ideal for me personally. 

For me to use this on my skin every night, I can definitely see my skin's elasticity tightening up slowly which is important for anti-ageing because as we age, so does our skin. It's important to prevent than to forget it at the last minute of all things. After using this for a few weeks now, I can already note more of a smoother feel for my skin's texture and it just looks more radiant and healthy. Having nourished skin is ideal for winter because this is the season that can cause your skin to go haywire such as dryness, flakiness, acne, flaring and so much more. Make sure that you look to try a facial oil that works for your skin - and in this case I would highly recommend the Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil by The Body Shop if you're wanting to achieve all of the benefits to the skin I have mentioned, as well as reducing the visible signs of ageing. Simply apply 1-2 drops onto your face or neck and look to massage this into your skin every morning and night to achieve smoother skin results. 

Where to purchase: 

Source image: The Body Shop


What are your thoughts on the new bigger sized bottle of the Intense Revitalising Facial oil? Comment below as I'd love to hear from you!

Livs x

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 supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Hello beauties, 

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I will be unravelling some gift guide ideas starting with Essano's Treat Your Skin pack.

Essano have recently collaborated with Australian Illustrator Erin Whitty to produce a range of limited edition artwork for Essano's best selling products which is the perfect selection for their Treat Your Skin pack. It's the perfect pack to gift your Mum for this Mother's Day as it contains all of the top products she would definitely use and they come in travel sizes - making it perfect for travelling or even packing it in carry-on baggage. 

This pack features five popular essentials from the Essano range including: 
  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser - 20ml - Contains certified organic Rosehip oil and Aloe vera for the extra hydration benefits. This cleanser looks to gently cleanse your face and it doesn't strip the natural oils off your face. 
  • Regenerating Facial Moisturiser - 20ml - Contains active botanicals which works to deeply moisturise your skin as well as leaving your skin feeling very rejuvenated and refreshed. 
  • Intensive Hydrating Body Lotion - 20ml - Also contains the certified organic Rosehip Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and other much needed vitamins. Overall, this body lotion smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling so nourished. 
  • Certified Organic Rosehip Oil - 3ml - There's enough in this little bottle to last you about a few weeks (considering that you use only about 2-3 drops) of the Rosehip oil. I guess most of you would know by now of the magical effects of using Rosehip oil...if not, let's just say that it works deeper to condition the skin as well as prevent further stretch marks from forming. 
  • Moisture Restorative Night Creme - 10g - Last but not least, we have their night creme which works to promote your skin's elasticity overnight as well as looking to really boost your skin's moisture levels. This is perfect for if you suffer from dry or dull looking skin. 

So in a nutshell, the Treat Your Skin pack by Essano is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin. It's such a lovely and useful pack to pick up for your Mum as it contains five amazing samples that she can look to road test. The pack is also illustrated by Erin Whitty which features a beautiful water-coloured background of florals and also of the Essano products itself. 

Where to purchase:
  • RRP $24.99
  • Available at Coles, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse 

What are your thoughts on the new Treat Your Skin Pack by Essano X Erin Whitty? 

Livia x

Thank you Essano for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Hello everyone,

Recently, Avene launched their latest addition featuring the Hydrance Optimale Aqua cream-in-gel. I tried and tested the cream-in-gel to see what it could do for my skin and I'm excited to share my thoughts with you all...check out the below. 

So to explain a little more about the Hydrance Optimale Aqua cream-in-gel by Avene which retails for $56.95 for a 50ml jar..it's an all in one multi-benefit product that leaves your skin feeling soft and supple the very next day. These benefits include intense hydration, a soothing feeling for the skin, a brightened and even skin tone as well protection against air pollution. Essentially, it acts just like a moisturising cream - but this time it comes in the form of a cream gel which feels very lightweight and absorbs easily onto the skin. 

There's a really nice and fresh feeling that comes from using this cream-in-gel by Avene as it's designed to boost hydration and keep your skin feeling smoother for the long run. The product is also made for all sensitive skin types and it doesn't weigh your skin down which is ideal. The cream-in-gel also contains Avene's famous Thermal Spring Water which means that as you apply on the gel, you feel a cooling sensation and it doesn't make your skin or neck feel irritated (thanks to its anti-irritant properties). 

Furthermore, the cream-in-gel contains Myrtus Communis Leaf Extract which looks to brighten up your skin tone as well as keeping it soft and supple. Overall, this product has felt so comfortable on the skin after applying onto the skin each night. It's also non-greasy which is ideal when you're looking to apply it on just before bed. 

Although I have only tried this product for about a week now, I can definitely see my skin feeling more softer and brighter. With continued use of the cream-in-gel, you can look expect your skin to look more toned and hydrated. 

The product is currently available at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and selected pharmacies nationally. 

Source image: Avene


What are your thoughts on the the new Avene Hydrance Aqua cream-in-gel? I am keen to hear from you guys! 

Livs xx

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Saturday, March 18, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Curious to learn more about Rimmel London's latest releases? Check out the below to see what's new for March! 

This month Rimmel London have released a new range of products from their eye make-up range. Get ready for better formulas and packaging on some of their latest products such as eye liners, brow gels and mascara.

All of the new Rimmel London releases as mentioned in this post are available from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, Big W, selected pharmacies as well as selected Coles and Woolworths. 

The new Rimmel London products that I have tried out recently include of the below: 

Source image: Rimmel London

Brow This Way with Argan Oil Brow Gel - RRP $12.95

So we've seen their previous brow gels being launched in the past, but this time they're being re-launched again with another caring formula being Argan Oil. You can now look to frame your face with beautifully shaped looking brows. The fact that you can condition your eyebrows and set your arches - it really helps your brows to appear more smoother and flawless. The brush type is also different from the previous version as this time it comes in a tapered brush shape. It's easier to tame the brows with this kind of brush and it's easier to get them right into your preferred shape. The formula of the brow gel is also great as it is lightweight and lasted the whole day of wearing them on the eyebrows. So if you're after an affordable brow gel that conditions and shapes your eyebrows as well as lasting the entire day, then make sure you opt for the Brow This Way with Argan Oil. I felt that this brow gel helped to tint my brows and fill it in evenly which is ideal for everyday. 

As for the shades, they come in four versatile shades that can literally suit all skin and hair tones. The shade pictured in the image above is in Medium Brown. The other shades include: Blonde, Mid Brown, Dark Brown and their clear, transparent gel. 

Source image: Rimmel London

Scandal'Eyes Bold Flick Liner - RRP $13.95 

The Scandal'Eyes Bold Flick liner by Rimmel London is so easy to use and is full of intense colour, most specifically a bold sexy black. This liner comes with a ball tip applicator which is waterproof and lasts on the eyes for more than 24 hours. I tried this on my eyes for the whole day (9am-5pm) and amazingly there were no smudges or fade from the lines. I love the feel of this liner because it helps to draw on the cat-eye flicks much easier and without any struggles! I am simply in love with this liner and so glad that Rimmel London have released this particular product. 

Source image: Rimmel London

Scandal'Eyes Reloaded Waterproof Mascara - RRP $17.95

Then we have the Scandal'Eyes Reloaded mascara that comes in a waterproof version - perfect for the humid and wet weather. It's so important for me personally to seek a waterproof mascara to avoid fades and smudges near the eyes. This mascara looks to build on volume without leaving your eyelashes looking clumped. The brush head also comes in a tapered design that allows you to coat each lash evenly so that you get the volume you need for your eyes to make them stand out. 

For more information regarding the Rimmel London brand, be sure to head over to https://au.rimmellondon.com/


Have you tried out the new Rimmel London releases as yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts!

Livia xx

Thank you Rimmel London for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.