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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Bioderma Sébium recently launched for those who have oily and blemished looking skin. Their products are pure which leaves your skin feeling radiant and refreshed. 

So if you guys have oily blemished or combination skin, you may be interested to learn more about this new range by Bioderma. Do you ever feel that sometimes your skin can look too greasy, dull and super shiny? If you're nodding your head right now...have no fear because there are products such as the Sébium range that can help to change that around. 

When it comes to dull and greasy looking skin, this can lead to unwanted blemishes or blackhead that may appear from out of no-where. It can be frustrating right? Especially when you know that you have an important event to be at. This could be due to your skin's texture, pores or even excess sebum. 

Recently, I looked to check out Bioderma's Sébium range to try and observe whether it has made a difference with my overall skin's complexion. Now before taking this range to the test, I was getting oily and shiny looking skin as well as large pores around my nose. 

The products I looked to try out include of the below: 
  • Sébium H20 Micelle Solution| 500ml, $42.99
  • Sébium Cleansing Foaming Gel | 200ml, $25.99
  • Sébium Global Purifying Cream | 30ml, $29.99
  • Sébium Pore Refiner | 30ml, $36.99

Sébium Global Purifying Cream - RRP $29.99 

So this particular product looks to eliminate spots and blackheads by smoothing out your skin's texture leaving it feeling silky soft and hydrated. It's absorbs very quickly when applied onto the skin, making it feel radiant and softer once again. I would use this cream after cleansing my face as it would leave my skin appearing bright the very next morning. It's a wonderful treatment for those who have blemish-prone skin as it works to target and reduce the appearances of acne on the skin. 

Sébium Pore Refiner - RRP $36.99 

Then we have the Pore Refiner which works to correct enlarged looking pores which I personally have around my nose area - so this was an ideal product to try out. The cream doesn't leave your face looking shiny and it incredibly smooths out the skin. It's ideal for those who have oily to combination skin and if you have large pores, you would most definitely want to try this beauty out. Alternatively, seeing that it makes the skin feel very matte, it's also great as a make-up base for the skin. After using the Pore Refiner, I can definitely see my pores looking more tightened and smaller in its appearance which is amazing because I can now look to rely on the Pore Refiner to correct my enlarged pores. 

Sébium H20 Micelle Solution - RRP $42.99 for 500ml

And if you're after a micelle water targeted for oily and combination skin, I would highly recommend this micelle water. I have tried their Sensibio version and fell in love with how effective it was in looking to remove my make-up entirely. If you're looking for a face make-up remover and you have oily skin, then be sure to check this one out. It's super gentle and fragrance free which means that it does not sting or cause any irritations for the skin. It doesn't look to disrupt your skin's pH balance which is ideal because it won't strip the oils entirely off your skin, but it will still look to cleanse away all of the impurities, dirt and oil on your skin. It also doesn't contain any nasties such as paraben which literally makes it my top micelle water to use on a daily basis. It's my go to make-up remover because I trust that it can remove stubborn mascara and eye liner quite effectively. 

Sébium Cleansing Foaming Gel 
- RRP $25.99 for 200ml

Then we have a foaming gel which is ideal for oily to combination skin. So it's a soap-free foaming gel which looks to cleanse the skin from any impurities, dirt and oil. There is no oil or alcohol contained in this product which means that you're up for a super gentle cleanse. It's so gentle that it doesn't cause any stinging or so. It limits your sebum secretion and it works to balance out your skin whilst it cleanses. It has a fresh scent to it which somewhat reminds me of cucumbers! This cleanser did not cause further breakouts which is great to know but most importantly it does not look to dry out the skin which is ideal. 


Where to purchase: 
  • All of the above mentioned products by the Bioderma range is now available at Priceline stores nationally,
  • For more information, head over here to learn more. 


So there you have it guys...my take on the Bioderma's Sébium skincare range. Do you have oily skin and needing a range that doesn't dry out the skin? Be sure to head over to your nearest Priceline store to grab yours now. 

Livs xx

Thank you Bioderma for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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