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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Hello guys, 

Welcome back! In this post I will look to highlight which products have helped me to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, blotchiness as well as puffiness around my face and eyes areas. More below....

Recently I have been looking for ways on how to improve my skin's appearance of pigmentation, blotchiness and uneven skin tone...as well as reducing the puffiness around my eye areas. I came across the Brightening Micro-Exfoliator by Medik8 and The Anti-ageing Eye cream by Medik8. I decided to take both of these products on a journey to see whether it could look to improve my skin's appearance and also learn for myself on how they work for my skin. 

For all the products mentioned today, you can find them available at http://www.medik8.com.au/

I hope you enjoy the read and find this useful in your own way.  

Any questions, please do let me know as I am keen to hear more from you guys.

Enjoy the read lovelies!  

Image source: Medik8

Brightening Micro-Exfoliator (White Balance Cleanse) - RRP $69

This micro-exfoliator comes in the form of a unique powdered texture that transforms into a light foam as soon as you mix a few drops of warm water into it. It results in a gentle and cream exfoliating cleanser that leaves your skin looking brighter, smoother and incredibly cleansed. What makes this exfoliator so special is that it contains micro-fine bamboo particles and volcanic perlite which combines to refine your skin's texture as well as brightening up your skin's tone. The micro-exfoliator works effectively well to remove dirt, oil and your make-up after a long day out. As I do have some pigmentation on my skin, the micro-exfoliator is the perfect product in this case as it can potentially look to fade any of my uneven sun-spots as well smoothing my skin's surface. 

I've been using the micro-exfoliator every morning and evening by simply using about a teaspoon of the the powder and dispensing that onto the palm of my hands. Next, you only require a few drops of warm water where you will gently activate the powder to create a creamy, nice texture onto the palms of your hands. By using circular motions, look to massage this around your face ensuring that you avoid the eye areas. 

Some of you may be thinking..well aren't we supposed to exfoliate once a week and not everyday? Good question...because with just the one teaspoon of the micro-exfoliator, it's sufficient for a gentle daily cleanse. If you're opting for the 'once a week cleanse', then you will you need about two teaspoons of the micro-exfoliator which gives your skin a deeper cleanse. 

I found this product to be so convenient for travelling as it comes in the form of a powder and no liquid which means no spillages in your bag. The micro-exfoliator worked well to brighten up my skin's complexion as well as removing dirt and oil on a daily basis which is so important for me in looking to achieve healthier and glowing skin. 

*This product is made available here for purchase. 

Image source: Medik8


Total Anti-Ageing eye cream (Hydr8 Eye 360) - RRP $89

I'm all about the eye creams every night because the skin area under the eyes is the most delicate. I find that as we age, so do the area under our eyes which is why it's important to source a good eye cream that look to reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness. I tried out the Hydr8 Eye 360 Total Anti-ageing eye cream that is an all in one product made for everyday protection and contains many active ingredients such as Anti-A.G.E, Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin, Vitamin C and Caffeine. By using this eye cream, it can help to enhance protection against environmental factors. There is also SPF15+ which is great for protecting your eyes on a daily basis as you head outdoors under the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

With continued use of this particular eye cream, you will notice less pigmentation and fine lines under eye areas. The area will be noticeably brighter and look more youthful which is great because the eye cream is looking to prevent premature skin ageing. I found my eye areas to look less puffiness and my dark circles were less noticeable. Also, the skin around my eyes felt more hydrated and less dry which is so important with the cooler season change. This is an excellent eye cream that works wonderfully well as an all rounder product for everyday and I would definitely recommend this if you're after a fast absorbing anti-ageing eye-cream. 

*This product is made available here for purchase. 


What were your thoughts on the above? 

Have you tried any of them? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livs xoxo

Thank you Medik8 for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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