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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Happy weekend guys, 

Today I am so excited to tell you all about my new backpack. It's not just an ordinary backpack...it's the perfect bag to keep your lunch and drinks cooled thanks to its bonus insulated bag. And did I mention how trendy this bag looks? 

I am usually a handbag girl...but when I first heard of Cool Clutch and how they offered a range of stylish bags with an insulated feature to them, I just knew that I had to check it out because I've honestly never seen anything these before. I was driven by curiosity and I really wanted to see whether it would work with my everyday busy schedule. With the current handbag that I would usually take with me to work everyday, it never really seemed to keep my drink bottles cool or food fresh. So...thanks to Cool Clutch, I've opted for their Madi Cool Clutch Ladies Cooler Handbag Lunch bag Insulated Backpack in black. After wearing the backpack around packed with a few snacks and a drink bottle, I could already note that it has left my drink bottle and snacks staying fresh. This has to be the best concept ever - especially when you're constantly on the go like myself. 

It comes with two adjustable shoulder straps which is perfect for if you'd want it to sit higher or lower. (The choice is yours and always ensure that your bag works well for you). So the fact that it comes with a removable patented cooler bag that fits right into the bag - makes it something that I would take to work for everyday. I love how it looks to keep my drinks and snacks cool for a certain period therefore, it's ideal for picnics, trips, excursions and random adventures. 

The cooler bag comes in the measurements 30cm by 20cm which fits very conveniently in the backpack and you can look to easily remove it thanks to it detachable feature. There are two open pockets and a zipped side pocket inside as well as a large zipped pocket on the outside. You can totally look to store your everyday items without it actually looking too bulky. So for example, I could easily fit my phone, iPad, diary, a drink bottle, my wallet, keys, lipstick, sunglasses and a few snacks here and there. It is definitely a change from holding handbags on my arms whereas, now I am just carrying the one backpack which is so ideal for when you're shopping or going on a fun adventure. 

If you're the type to bring a separate cooler bag and finding that the extra bag may be inconvenient at times, then the Cool Clutch range will suit your tastes and preferences. Not only does the Cool Clutch look to stock backpacks but it also extends to handbags, clutches and much more. I find backpacks are easier for everyday errands and it even looks stylish and cute. It's good to know that the straps are clipped at the bottom and you can easily move this around to create a variety of handle combinations. Be creative and do what suits you comfortably. 

The exterior material comes in synthetic leather which is great because we all know that actual leather may set you back a fortune...so why not opt for an alternative and affordable type of leather instead? In terms of the colour choices of their backpacks, there are five varieties of patterns and colours to select from. I've chosen black simply because it's so easy to match with my clothes and accessories. 

Overall, it's an adorable backpack to rock during any seasons of the year because at the end of the day, it keeps your drink bottles and snacks fresh whilst you're on the go. Plus, you can look to pack many of your day to day items that you need and not worry about carrying so many bags around. You can now keep all of your things in one space...and there's definitely no excuse to lose anything. 

Where to purchase: 

Featuring the Madi Cool Clutch Ladies Cooler Insulated Backpack. 

I am seriously in love with my latest backpack as it looks trendy and also keeps my drinks cooled. It can look to contain many of your day to day items which is great for those on the go. 


Photo source: Cool Clutch 

Pictured above of the insulated bag. It fits perfectly in the backpack. 

Photo source: Cool Clutch 

Pictured above features the adjustable straps. They are quite comfortable to wear. 

Photo source: Cool Clutch 

I think I've just discovered my latest backpack which I have been loving heaps. 


What are your thoughts on the Cool Clutch backpack?

Let me know on your thoughts ladies, 

Livs x

Thank you Cool Clutch for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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