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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hello everyone, 

I hope everyone is having an amazing day off with ANZAC Day today (for those is Australia). In this post, I will look to focus on products that have helped to fade my dark spots and brightened up my skin's complexion. More below....

I've featured the Nutrimetics skincare range in my previous blog posts so if you're curious to track them down, make you search for 'Nutrimetics' in my Search Box on the right hand side. Nutrimetics offers their 'White-Age' skincare range which helps you to achieve a more luminous complexion with the latest brightening technology that works to even out your skin tone. This range is made for all skin types to use including those with sensitive skin. The range consists of their Pearl Toning Essence, Pure Cleansing Lotion, Luminous Skin Serum, Day creme SPF15 and their Midnight Radiance Night creme. 

If you wanted to learn more about the range and are curious on how you can look to purchase any of these products as mentioned in this post, you can do so by heading over to https://www.nutrimetics.com.au/

And for the products I have tried and tested out from the White-Age range by Nutrimetics, I will list them below for you. To give you a quick run down of why I have chosen to try these products out is because I wanted to focus on brightening my skin's complexion as well as looking to fade my dark spots and freckles gradually. They won't disappear instantly but with continued use of the White-Age range by Nutrimetics, I can look to expect better results in the longer run. 

Here's what I thought about the White-Age range by Nutrimetics....

Midnight Radiance Night creme - 60ml, RRP $66.00 

This night creme smells incredibly luxury and lovely of Peony Flower extract. It is also enriched with Knotgrass which is an active botanical ingredient designed to fight ageing skin. I felt that my skin's complexion looked much brighter after using this night creme for one week. It absolutely leaves my skin feeling feeling so more nourished and assists in fading darks spots and discolourations on the skin. This is definitely a very effective night creme to use if you're wanting to fade any imperfections. It will make your skin appear much brighter and radiant where it will just look much fresher and toned. The night creme comes in a 60ml sleek looking pot with a twist to open lid. It definitely looks very attractive and minimalistic which is great for the bathroom. 

Even Plus Day Creme SPF 15, 60ml, RRP $62.00 

This is a day creme to used on the skin for when you're heading outdoors as it contains SPF15. It has a great spectrum protection so it helps to protect you from harmful UV rays. This creme has a very light texture which feels so nice and comfortable on the skin. It doesn't appear to be oily or greasy at all which is great. The cream also looks to hydrate the skin as well as providing a brighter complexion with continued use. Overall, as a day creme, it felt very nice and light on the skin which is ideal for me. It has the lovely peony flower extract scent to it which definitely is pleasant when it comes to applying it onto the skin. 

Luminous Skin Serum, 30ml,
 RRP $70.00

At first sight this bottle was definitely intriguing to look at because you see the actual pearls contained in the serum. It is designed to boost your skin's luminosity, hydration and firmness. After using this serum on my skin, I definitely saw my skin's texture becoming so much smoother and radiant. My skin looked so much brighter and it felt more hydrating. The actual pearls/beads are crushed when you look to dispense the serum - as it looks to release a blend of active increasing hydration for your skin. This is definitely an interesting way to apply on your serum. 

Pearl Toning Essence, 150ml,
 RRP $29.90 

I know that there's quite a few of you who don't use toners. However, I've been using toners all my life and feel that they add that extra benefit of tightening pores and purifying the skin. As I have been trying out their Pearl Toning Essence, it has definitely left my skin feeling more softer and nourished. This is a gentle toner which helps to hydrate the skin - meaning that it won't leave it feeling irritated or dry. My skin felt so revitalising and refreshing after application. 

Pure Cleansing Lotion, 150ml,
 RRP $29.90

I have been using this cleansing lotion morning and night and so far I have found this to be a very gentle lotion to use on the skin. It really looks to hydrate the skin - leaving it feeling so fresh and comfortable. I felt that this lotion was not even harsh on the skin which is ideal for those with sensitive skin. There's the same Peony flower extract scent which again makes the cleansing lotion smell unbelievably amazing. 


Have you tried out the White-Age range by Nutrimetics as yet? 

Are you wanting to focus on fading spots and brightening your skin's complexion? 

Let me know on your thoughts below. 

Livs xx

Thank you Nutrimetics for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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