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Monday, April 24, 2017


Hello everyone, 

Organic household and lifestyle products are the way to go as they don't contain any nasties. I looked to try out a whole range of products by Organic Choice and here are my favourites.... 

I am quite excited about a new range of products that is now available at Coles. The Organic Choice range consists of Pure Soy wax candles, Air Fresheners and Linen Sprays, Multi-purpose sprays, Dishwashing liquids as well as Vanity and shower sprays. Most importantly, they all smell freshly scented - guaranteed to make your household smell so pleasant. 

Thanks to Organic Choice, my house is sorted with these products where I have been using them on a regular basis to ensure that my place stays squeaky clean and beautifully scented. Their soy candles smell so amazing and I am an avid fan of their Multi-purpose spray (which is safe to be used on granites, stone and marble). Since trying out the range now for a few weeks, I have to admit that the fumes are now less harsh as opposed to what I was originally using. By incorporating organic based products into my household cleaning means that it's a healthier alternative to your cleansing products. 

You can easily find the Organic Choice products stocked at your local Coles. As for the price point of these products, they are quite reasonable and super affordable. You don't have to break your budget when it comes to purchasing organic based cleansing products. The Air Fresheners range about $5 AUD, Dishwashing Liquids $5 AUD, Soy Candles are $15 AUD, Multi-purpose cleansers $5.50 AUD, Fridge and Dishwashing cleaner $5.50 AUD and their Vanity & Shower cleansers are $5.50 AUD. 

Overall, the products are very environmentally friendly and have not been tested on animals. Also, they are palm oil free which makes them totally safe for use in the household. All of their products have a minimalistic look to them which is modern and chic. For a supermarket product, these are definitely affordable and a fantastic range to invest in. 

Here are my favourites from the Organic Choice range that I've recently tried out... 

Organic Choice, West Indian Lime and Coconut - Pure Soy Wax with Essential oils - RRP $15 AUD

I simply love this candle as it smells of a zingy lime and coconut, balanced with a vanilla coconut base. They have proudly been handcrafted in Australia and blended with certified organic essential oils, fragrance oils and pure soy wax (with a lead free wick). It definitely has a distinctive scent where I can keep on smelling it all day long. I have been burning this candle every few days and it really helps me to relax at times. It's a really nice candle to have in your lounge room as it leaves a lovely sweet note all around. 

Organic Choice, Multi-purpose spray - 
RRP $5.50 

This spray contains lemongrass and Australian myrtle which literally makes everything smell so fresh, as well as ensuring that it cleanses and sanitises well. This spray uses a high technology which looks to remove tough oil, fat and grease with ease. I love how this spray does not leave any streak marks on the benches which is so ideal. 

Organic Choice, Air Freshener & Linen Spray - RRP $5.00 (Lemongrass & Cedarwood) 

This particular spray contains essential oils from lemongrass and cedarwood. When sprayed all around the room. It helps to eliminate odours - creating a fresher atmosphere for your household. It even looks to calm you when you're feeling a tad relaxed which is definitely ideal for me. Alternatively, you can also look to spray this in your car as it will just create more of an uplifting fragrance. 

Organic Choice, Air Freshener & Linen Spray - RRP $5.00 (Grapefruit & Pomegranate) 

Just like the Lemongrass & Cedarwood version, this air freshener comes in Grapefruit & Pomegranate which smells just as amazing. As it contains organic essential oils, it's definitely a lovely spray to use all around the home if you're wanting to eliminate any nasty odours. 

The Organic Choice candles are available in four scents - from left to right: Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Lemongrass & Cedarwood, French Pear & Cinnamon Bark. 

Featuring the Organic Choice Vanity & Shower spray and Dishwashing Liquids. 

The Organic Choice range made available at Coles. 
A super and affordable household cleansing range. 


Have you tried out the Organic Choice range? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livs x

Thank you Organic Choice for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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