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Thursday, April 13, 2017


 Hello beauties, 

Revlon have stepped up their game with the latest make-up releases from their range such as their new Colorstay Brow crayons to their Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours. Be ready for a whole new fabulous range which is already now available in-stores. Happy reading! 

Recently I checked out Revlon's latest beauty range featuring their Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours, Colorstay Brow pencils and Brow crayons as well as their Revlon Kiss Balms. This is a beautiful range for your everyday wear and what better way to experiment with various looks. The brow products are all amazingly pigmented and it has allowed me to fill in my brows very well and easier.

It was interesting to check out their brow crayons and see whether it could look to make my brows look perfectly filled in. I was also very excited about their Kiss Balms as there was so much hype on social media on how hydrating they leave your lips feeling. 

For more information and the latest products, be sure to check out http://www.revlonanz.com/

I hope you enjoy the read lovelies x

*NEW* Revlon Kiss Balms - in shade 015 Juicy Peach & 025 Fresh Strawberry

These juicy lip balms smell just like the fruits pictured on its packaging and it looks to leave your lips feeling smoother and hydrated right after application. Revlon have incorporated a very hydrating formula which has been infused with natural fruit oils which I believe is what helps to leave your lips feeling more nourished and soft. 

They also come with a SPF 20 protection and they do not even feel greasy on the lips which is so ideal for winter. As for the packaging, they come in crayon-shaped lip bullets which allows you to cover your lips more effectively and evenly. 

Simply twist the crayon up to reveal the balm more. They're so easy to use and they would make such perfect handbag essentials.

Source - Revlon's ColorStay Brow Crayon in shade Soft Brown 

For the brows: 
*NEW* Colorstay Brow crayon  

The Colorstay Brow crayons is Revlon's latest brow product release which looks to define the brows and it helps to shape the brows within one swipe. The fact that it's presented in a crayon shape makes it so much easier to fill in the brows. It's also long-lasting which is great for if you're wanting a long-wearing product for the whole day. Your brows will seriously be on point and it's a great time-saving product as it looks to shape your brows within minutes. 

There are three shades made available which includes: 
  • 310 Soft Brown 
  • 315 Dark Brown 
  • 305 Blonde 

Photo source: Revlon - Alejandra Espinoza wearing Revlon's Colorstay's Brow Crayon in Dark Brown.


Source: Revlon's ColorStay Brow Pencil - In shade soft brown. 

For the brows:
 *NEW* Colorstay Brow pencil 

Featuring a long-wearing brow pencil, this product comes with a precise tip and blending brush. I actually quite like the precise tip because that means you can look to create more of a natural brow look. Simply look to precisely fill in the brows and use the brush to tame the any stray hairs. It's fairly easy to use especially if you're after creating a more natural brow look. 

There are five shades made available which includes: 
  • Blonde
  • Soft Brown 
  • Auburn
  • Dark Brown
  • Soft Black 


For the lips: 
*NEW* Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours

These new Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours by Revlon are gorgeously pigmented. They have quite an intense hydrating formula which leaves your lips looking very pretty and highly nourished at the same time. You can look to achieve a solid colour within one swipe which is why I simply love the formula in these lipcolours. The shades are also stunning and they can be worn for a special event or simply a casual dinner. The Lipcolours come in slim packaging making them feel very lightweight to hold and very easy to apply on your new lipcolour shade. 

The slim precision tip also makes it easier for you to draw and colour in your lips. Overall, I found these lipcolours to leave my lips looking really smooth which is ideal when it comes selecting a lip product. The pigmentation is definitely there and what better way to achieve a nice lip shade within one swipe guys. (This means less product wastage)

I have swatched the shades for you guys to check out below. What's your favourite shade? I am loving 765 HD Blossom, 755 HD Adobe and 750 HD Lava for when I am heading out to events or a special occasion as it looks to make a statement for your lips. And for an everyday basic wear, I love 740 HD Coral and 705 HD Dawn as it's more subtle and casual. 


Featuring Revlon's Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours. 

From L-R: 740 HD Coral, 765 HD Blossom, 750 HD Lava, 705 HD Dawn & 755 HD Adobe. 


What do you think of the latest releases by Revlon? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livs x

Thank you Revlon for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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