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Saturday, April 1, 2017


Hello beauties, 

The Essence range is all about offering high quality cosmetics that are fun and exciting for everyone. For this Autumn and Winter season, we'll be observing more exciting looks with a mix of warm and cooler tones.

Quite recently I tried two products from the new releases range by Essence including their 'My Must have palettes and refills' as well as their 'I Love Colour Intensifying eyeshadow base'. I was so excited for their customisable eyeshadow palette because you have four options on how you would like to customise your own eyeshadow palette with their refills which are quite pigmented. I would say that these are all exciting new releases by the Essence range and they are so perfect for everyday make-up application or if you're wanting to wear less on the face. 

Make sure you check out my thoughts below on both products which I have tested out.

I hope you enjoy the read! 

Where to purchase:
  • All of the Essence range being mentioned in this post are all available at Target, Priceline and selected pharmacies. 
  • To learn more make sure you head over to https://www.essence.eu/au/home/

Essence 'My Must Have Palette' & Refills 

So let's chat about their actual empty 4 colour eyeshadow palette which retails for $3.05. It comes in four empty eyeshadow palette slots where you would simply pop the refills into its empty space. It comes with a clear casing lid making it useful and handy to note the shades that you're wanting to use in the palette. The fact that you can customise your palette, makes it easier for you whenever you're travelling on the go as it's lightweight and you don't have to lug around heavy eyeshadow palettes. 

As for the individual colour refills, they retail for $3.05 and are available in 20 individual shades. So far I have three refills being 18 - Black as a berry, 06 - Raspberry Frosting ad 08 Peachy Party - which all make lovely Autumn and Winter shades. They're not too over the top making them perfect for everyday wear and are also super pigmented which is amazing. 

Essence 'I love colour intensifying eyeshadow base' 
- RRP $5.10 

This eyeshadow base can be used as a primer and allows your eyeshadow colour to last longer and look much brighter. If you want to intensify your eyeshadow colour, then make sure you check this product out. It comes with a sponge tip applicator making it so convenient to apply onto the eye lids without any mess or hassles. 

Featuring the Essence new releases which are so perfect for Winter and Autumn coming. 



The shades I have swatched are Essence's eyeshadow refills 
(from top to bottom)
- 18 Black as a berry 
- 06 Raspberry Frosting 
- 08 Peachy Party 


Let me know on what you guys think of the new range by Essence? 

Livia xx

Thank you Essence for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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