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Sunday, April 9, 2017


Hello beauties, 

I've recently come across a new brand called Skin O2 Doctor's Formula. The range offers products that are skincare and makeup which have been specifically developed by Doctors. 

Skin O2 is an Australian brand that originated back in 2005 where it was made by Doctors for Doctors. It is dermatogically tested, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Also, they are 100% cruelty free and come with eco-friendly packaging which is better for the environment. 

I recently tested out some of their skincare and makeup products to really see what it could for for my skin. If you wish to learn more about their range, be sure to check out their official website here right after this post. 

Check out my thoughts below: 

Facial Tint, SPF 30+ RRP $29.95 

This facial tint is very lightweight and provides a good level of hydration for your skin. Ideally when it comes to wearing a light tint on my face for everyday, I would opt for a light coverage such as the Facial Tint only because it doesn't look to weight my skin down. It leaves my complexion looks quite healthy and glowing. An amazing factor that it has is the SPF 30+ which is ideal for sun protection whenever you're heading outdoors. The facial tint is made for normal or combination, acne and even ageing skin. 

What I found about using the facial tint was that it did not feel greasy and I could easily note the natural glow that it looked to give to my skin. The tint looks to provide a light coverage but it doesn't cover imperfections such as blemishes entirely. If you're opting for something heavier, then you're going to need a thicker based coverage product. As for the facial tint itself, it's perfect for everyday because it does't leave your face looking or feeling caked. Additionally, I felt that it didn't block my pores which is ideal for those who have oily skin as well. 

Facial Cleansing Wipes, 80 pack, RRP $10.95 

These are so gentle, natural and effective for removing make-up, oil and dirt trapped on your skin. Each wipe contains Aloe vera and Vitamin E which assists to balance your skin and leaves it feeling very hydrated. You can even say that your skin will feel so much more toned after using the wipes. It's gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin so this would be perfect for removing make-up around the eye areas too. 

Mineral Foundation Compact,
 RRP $62 

So this is a mineral compact powder that contains Vitamin C, A, K and E which helps to boost skin collagen synthesis and suppress melanin formation. There are five shades available being: Light sheer, Sheer, Mocha, Sand and Caramel. I felt that this powder helped to set my make-up for longer making it a long-lasting coverage mineral compact to use over my cream foundations and concealer. It definitely feels lightweight and I could note how breathable my skin felt with it on. The compact also comes with a handy mirror which means you can powder on the go. 

Bronzer Mineral blush - RRP $22 

So the shade pictured is in Glo Bronzer which makes a wonderful bronzer and contour for your cheekbones. If you're wanting to create more dimension for your facial features, you're going to need a shade that suits your skin best. There are four shades available from the Blush / Bronzer and Contour range in their mineral selections being Blossom, Peach, Glo Bronzer and Plum. The mineral bronzers are highly pigmented and helps you to create a natural look. 


Let me know on what you think of the Skin O2 range? 

Livs x

Thank you Skin O2 for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in.

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