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Monday, May 8, 2017


 Hello beauties, 

OMG...get ready for Maybelline's hottest new releases featuring their Color Jolts, Colorsensation lipsticks and much more. 
Are you all ready for this exciting post? 

I was super stoked when I heard Maybelline released their new Color Jolts and Colorsensational lipsticks earlier this year. These are such highly pigmented lip products which provide a full coverage and vibrant look for your lips - making it so pretty to rock for this Autumn and Winter 2017. I also looked to try out their Colorsensation lip liners and the Baby Lips Mint to Be in 28 Candied Mint for the very first time. These are now available at leading supermarkets and pharmacies such as Priceline which means that they're quite affordable for the quality you get for these products. 

So...let's get right into it and I hope you enjoy this post. 

Happy reading xx

Maybelline - Colorsensational - Shaping Lip Liner - RRP $13.95

I tried out two shades in 150 Brick Red and 130 Dusty Rose which are both very creamy textured and full of vibrant colour. I love how thin these liners are which allows for you to aim for precise lined lips. For fuller looking lips, you definitely need to grab one of these bad boys. The shade in 130 Dusty Rose is such a gorgeous and chic looking colour which would match all of your pale and pink shaded lipsticks. And for 150 Brick Red, it's the perfect liner for your red lipstick.


 Top: 150 Brick Red, Bottom: 130 Dusty Rose

Maybelline - Colorsensational Lipsticks - RRP $17.95

These lipsticks are super innovative which contains crystal-pure undiluted pigments for superior colour saturation. They are incredibly nourishing for the lips as they contain honey nectar and Vitamin E. Not only are they very hydrating but they are also highly pigmented which means that within one stroke, you can look to achieve a dramatic and bold colour for the lips. I can see myself wearing these on for the whole night as they last longer and leave your lips feeling moisturised. Furthermore, I looked to swatch five different shades from the range being 805 Orange Danger, 810 Fiery Fuchsia, 790 Midnight Merlot, 825 Blackest Berry and 760 Gone Griege. Shades 825 and 709 are featured from Maybelline's NY Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds range. They make the perfect bold shade for Autumn as they give of a warmth tone for your lips. It's not too dark but more of in the middle of burgundy and purple. Both shades are simply stunning but my favourite would have to be shade 790 in Midnight Merlot. 

Then, we have shade 760 which is of a neutral, light brown shade that would work for if you are rocking neutral coloured outfit. It definitely leaves a softer look on your lips if that's what you're aiming for. Next, there's shade 805 in Orange Danger which is a bright and vibrant orange shade for the lips. It's a very pretty shade that would be so perfect for a weekend out as it's not too dramatic but still has that lovely look to it. Lastly, shade 810 Fiery Fuchsia is similar to a hot pink shade. It has a bold and stunning look if you're wanting to make a statement with your lips. 

Overall, these lipsticks are nowhere near as dry which is great to know. The fact that they leave the lips feeling moisturised all day long - really makes me appreciate the Colorsensational lipstick range because of how hydrating they feel on the lips. As for the colour shades I have tested out, they're all different in their own way and can be worn for many occasions. Also, I love how incredibly pigmented and nourishing these are for the lips. 


From Left to Right featuring the Colorsensational Lipsticks by Maybelline in 'The Loaded Bolds': 825 Blackest Berry, 790 Midnight Merlot, 760 Gone Griege, 805 Orange Danger and 810 Fiery Fuchsia. 

Maybelline - Color Jolt - Intense Lip paint - RRP $14.95

These lip paints come with 8 times more pigment than a lip gloss and seriously look to give of an intense colour payoff. They also come with a tip precision sponge applicator which makes applying it on feel so much easier and convenient to do so. These lip paints smell so delicious as well...almost like sweet candy. Once you squeeze some of the Color Jolt, lip paint onto the lips, you might think that there may be too much of it...but have no fear because all you need to do is blend it out by using the tip applicator. If you're looking for more intensity, a second coat can help you to achieve that - but personally I felt that one coat was enough for me. Remember to blend, blend blend! 

As for the overall colour, it delivers an intense colour payoff which is pretty good for a lip paint. It lasted on my lips for the whole afternoon - even through drinking water and having a few snacks which is amazing to know. 

I swatched four vibrant shades being 35 Berry Naughty, 35 Talk Back Red, 40 Violet Rebel and 05 Stripped Down. My favourites has got to be their 35 Berry Naughty - which offers a deep burgundy shade and gives a sophisticated and classic look; as well as 25 Talk Back Red which just offers that classic red look for the lips. This goes well for a night out or a dinner party because these babies last so long on the lips, it can last through anything! I definitely would highly recommend these if you're after long-lasting lip colours. Shade 05 Stripped Down is your neutral light brown if you're opting for a softer and neutral look. And finally...Shade 40 Violet Rebel is a shade that I'd rock if I'm feeling creative or getting ready for a festival look. It offers a vibrant purple shade that's more on the warm toned side. 


From Left to Right featuring Maybelline's Color Jolt Intense Lip Paints: 05 Stripped Down, 25 Talk Back Red, 35 Berry Naughty and 40 Violet Rebel. 

Maybelline - Babylips Mint to Be - 28 Candied Mint - RRP $3.95

The whole packaging for the Baby Lips product already looks adorable and creative. This lip balm offers at least 8 hours of moisture and hydration for the lips, along with a hint of colour. As we approach the cooler weather, you definitely need to pick this lip balm out as it leaves your lips feeling so much smoother and softer. 

A beautiful selection of the latest Maybelline cosmetics I recently tried out. 

 I am wearing shade 35 Berry Naughty by Color Jolt, Intense Lip Paint.


What are your thoughts on the Maybelline goodies above? 

Have you tried any of these? 

Livs x

Thank you to Maybelline for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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