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Saturday, May 20, 2017


Hello beauties! 

EcoTools recently celebrated 10 years of beauty with a makeover with their NEW Modern Eco Collection of gorgeous brushes...

EcoTools unveiled their latest Modern Eco Collection of brushes as they celebrated their 10 years which is incredible. In this collection you'll see improved rebranding and new product innovation. The new range definitely looks very modern and edgy, plus it even includes their first-ever make-up sponge that's made from plant based materials which makes it practically a vegan product. The new look of these brushes are definitely more sophisticated looking and they still have an elevated performance to them which is essential when looking to achieve a flawless make-up finish. 

And if you were curious to find out what the new updates to the brush collection includes, check out the below: 
  • The make-up brushes have been re-designed which means that you'll be seeing more lightweight and tapered brush handles made from renewable bamboo. The handles are definitely more sleeker looking and have been improved for more comfort and performance, 
  • The bristles feature a nice ombre effect which looks lovely, 
  • The actual packaging is now more informative and it's perfect for newbies starting out with the brushes, 
  • All of the 2017 collection is made out of renewable and recyclable materials which is amazing. 

Curious to learn more about the brushes I've tried out from their New Modern Eco Collection? 

Keep on reading beauties x

Full Powder Brush 

I've been picking up this brush everyday and so far I've been loving this incredibly soft brush which features 70,000 bristles. I felt that it helped to evenly distribute my powders onto my face very well and it's so perfect for if you're trying to achieve a matte finish. This brush gives you a full coverage thanks to its soft and full bristles. 

Perfecting Blender Duo 

These sponges are 100% vegan and latex free making them super eco-friendly. It's best used for your liquid and cream make-up. This is EcoTool's first ever beauty sponge that's made from 70% plant based materials which consists of Sugar Cane, USDA certified materials and renewable plant based contents. This duo includes a Base Blender and a Detail Blender which is designed to give you a flawless make-up application. The larger sponge feels soft and allows for a buildable coverage, whilst the smaller sponge is made so that you can spot conceal precise areas of your skin. For all of my full and heavy coverage make-up, I've been relying on these sponges to help me achieve a more smoother and even coverage. 

Ultimate Concealer Duo 

This duo comes with two handy brushes designed to cover and blend your imperfections. You get a Detail brush which is ideal for spot concealing specific areas, whilst the Airbrush concealer brush helps to blend out the area for a smoother finish for your make-up. 

Six Piece Starter Collection 

This set is perfect for a new make-up beginner as it features a six piece collection (including a cosmetic bag which comes handy). So essentially there are five brushes which includes: Blush, Concealer, Shading, Spoolie and an Angled Liner which is so perfect for basic and everyday make-up. These are all of the brushes I would use for pretty much an everyday look and what's better is that you get all of that in just the one collection. I really love this collection because it's great for when you're travelling. 

Skin Perfecting Brush 

This brush is perfect for BB and CC creams as it allows you to blend these products evenly and flawlessly on the skin. Thanks to its domed and angled bristles, it helps to blur out any imperfections so that you get a nice, airbrushed look. This brush would only offer a low coverage - so  if you're looking for more of a heavier coverage, then I would recommend you trying out their Perfecting Blender Duo instead. As I do use BB and CC creams only a regular basis, this brush is just perfect for me! 

Seamless Stippling Brush 

How interesting does this stippling brush look? It's best used with liquid and cream make-up so that you get a well blended and flawless look. This brush feels super soft and its duo fiber bristles allows you "layer" on your foundation and cream for more of a smoother and airbrushed look. This brush offers a low coverage but it's also great for highlighters and blushes. 

For more information and where to purchase the new EcoTools collection, check out https://ecotools.com.au/


So there you have it lovelies, what did you guys think of the new Modern Eco Collection by EcoTools? 

Livs x

Thank you to EcoTools for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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