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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Hello beauties, 

I hope you're excited for this month's Future Proof bellabox because there's one amazing product that's now easily accessible within Australia. Can anyone take a guess?

Still guessing? bellabox will now be the first to make ColourPop easily accessible within Australia. For this month, if you look to join the bellabox club, you will receive a ColourPop product. How amazing is that? Along with their other hair and skincare samples, it's a terrific way to trial and test out new products that are currently available in the market. The feeling of receiving a bellabox every month really does get me feeling super excited because who doesn't want to feel surprised?! Every month some of the samples do vary but only for May, everyone will be receiving a ColourPop product, YAY! 

So let's get right into the products that I received in my bellabox for this month....

Here's what I got in May's Future Proof Bellabox: 
  • Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - Sample size 30ml (everyone will receive this sample) - RRP $25.70, Available at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. I have actually used this product before so I was pleased to find another one in the bellabox for this month. It has definitely helped to cleanse and soften my skin really well and most importantly it's made for all skin types. It's free from any soaps and fragrances making this a very gentle cleanser to use on the skin. 

  • K√ČRASTASE Discipline Spray Fluidissime - Sample size 45ml - RRP $46.00 for 150ml, Available exclusively at authorised K√©rastase salons. This is a luxury leave-in hair product to fight frizzy and untamed hair. Thankfully, I found a sample size in my box this month because I definitely need this for my handbag essential. This treatment incorporates a unique formula which fights frizz for up to 72 hours, protects your hair from heat as well as keeping it looking super glossy. It's always useful to have one of these bad boys in your beauty cabinet, it will save you the hassle of going to the hair salon!

  • La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (+) and Effaclar Duo (+) Unifant - Sample sizes 3ml each - RRP $29.90 for 40ml, Available in two shades at Priceline stores or via www.laroche-posay.com.au. It's actually handy to have these products as part of your beauty routine as it looks to correct any imperfections, blemishes, redness and it even unclogs pores. If you have large pores like myself, you're going to need a product just like these. It is also available in two shades which is ideal if you're after that little extra coverage and blended look. 

  • Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - Sample size - 1.5ml, Available at www.esteelauder.com.au and Myer. I've never smelt any of the Estee Lauder fragrances as before. This scent leans more towards an amber and citrus note which reminds you of summer and really takes you back to the days at the beach! 

.....and finally..(drumroll)....here comes....


Everyone receives a ColourPop Ultra Lip product in this month's bellabox!

I received the shade in Tulle which is this gorgeous deep burgundy shade and is one of the best sellers from the ColourPop range. The formula is very comfortable on the lips and did I mention how long-lasting and pigmented this product is? However, you do need to touch up in between drinking and eating. The Ultra Matte lippie comes in a thin and fluid consistency, making application feel much easier when looking to apply it on. It looks to dry within seconds so make sure you apply it very quickly. Since this lip product is very long-lasting, it can take a bit of time to remove it off entirely, so make sure you look to remove using an oil based cleanser. 

Before looking to apply the Ultra Matte lippie on, I would always make sure to exfoliate my lips beforehand so that it goes on smoothly and flawlessly. You don't want to have dry and flaky lips right after application girls!

ColourPop has over 4 million followers and if you're not familiar with the brand, you're probably wondering what the fuss is all about. It's definitely an on-trend lip product from the beauty trailblazers at ColourPop. You can find more information on https://colourpop.com/

See my swatch below!

Overall, I am so glad that I received the shade in Tulle because it's so pigmented and goes so well with my skin tone. 

Where to purchase: 
  • Just follow this link to get $5.00 off your first bellabox.

What are your thoughts on May's Future Proof Bellabox

Livs x

Thank you to Bellabox for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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