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Saturday, May 6, 2017


Happy weekends all, 

Give Mum the gift of a luxurious time out in the tub with the gorgeous limited edition range by LUSH. 

The Mother's Day goodies are currently available online or in-stores at the LUSH stores from 27th April to 14th May, so make you get shopping before next Sunday 14th May. 

The range I am about to explore with you today features an array of pure essential oils, softening butters and beautiful fragrances (which I seriously cant get enough of). There's something about the LUSH body range that gives of an uplifting experience when used on the skin or bath tub. With that being said, the limited edition Mother's Day range by LUSH is perfect for Mum as she can go ahead and enjoy a lavish bath (away from all of the house chores, cooking, duties...and endless things that she does for the family). Be sure to remind Mum to take a break and spoil her with some luxe essentials that are designed to pamper and relax her. 

It's also good to note about the LUSH range that their raw materials and essentials are ethically sourced. If you do want to learn more about their recyclable products then make sure you pop by their website right after this post at www.lush.com.au

Here are some lovely selections from the Limited Edition range by LUSH that may be of interest. I hope you enjoy the read! 

Image source: LUSH 

MUM - Yellow - Bath Bomb 
- RRP $6.95 per item

When popped into the bath tub, this bath bomb leaves a pretty pink and yellow colour which gives off a nice fizz to the water. This bath bomb smells of Sicilian lemon and sweet orange with hints of rose which all make it a light and refreshing experience. It definitely reminds me of having clean sheets! 

Image source: LUSH 

Ups-A-Daisy Bath Bomb 
- RRP $7.95 per item

This bath bomb has got to be one of my favourites because of the flower design which looks so adorable. As you put this bath bomb into the tub, you'll see so many colours being dispelled being orange, blue, pink and yellow. It's a fun bath bomb to try and it contains rosewood, delicate rose and bright orange oil - perfect for de-stressing after a day's of hard work. 

Image source: LUSH 

Baa Bar - Bubble Bar 
- RRP $8.95 per item

This adorable sheep-inspired bubble consists of lavender, rose and ylang ylang which is so perfect for helping you to sleep at night as it looks to relax your body. Its soothing clove and soya milk really allows you to slip into a dreamland whilst in the tub. The lavender and violet along with the hint of bergamot makes it a really nicely scented bubble bar to use! 

Image source: LUSH 

Scrubee Body Butter 
- RRP $14.95 per item

This is the latest and newest product to the LUSH range, featuring their Scrubee body butter which contains honey and cocoa butter which leaves your skin feeling wonderfully hydrated. It's even packed full of ground coconut shells and almonds which helps you to give you a nice and smoother exfoliation. I felt that this is body butter was incredibly moisturising but I wished that it came in a bigger size so that I can experience more of this amazing hydration for longer. 

Image source: LUSH 

Pink Custard Shower Jelly 
- RRP $7.95 per 100g

I know what you may be thinking.. custard jelly!? Yes you heard right, Pink Custard Shower Jelly by LUSH. Want to know why it's so pink and dangerous? It has a sweet and mouthwatering tonka and vanilla scent to it which may be tempting for you to grab a spoon and scoop some out, but don't. It's better for your skin as it looks to condition your skin whilst you shower as it contains coconut milk, sweet golden syrup and mineral-rich seaweed gel. Your skin will feel so incredibly soft after using this innovative shower jelly, plus it's fun to use on the skin because you'll be smelling amazing afterwards. 

Image source: LUSH 

Honey, Lip Scrub - 
RRP $9.95 per item 

I was actually super excited for this product because it smells so wonderful and really makes a great exfoliant product for the lips. The formula is very moist which is amazing for a lip scrub as it's not dry at all. After using these on my lips, my lips felt so hydrated and smoother afterwards - allowing my lip products to go on so much smoother. Here's a beauty tip: To ensure that your lipsticks or lip glosses go on smoother onto the lips, ALWAYS exfoliate your lips! So back to this honey lip scrub, it's made with castor sugar, syrup honey, creamy white chocolate and aromatic vanilla. And it all sounds like dessert already right? As it also contains jojoba oil, it's perfect for prepping the lips beforehand. 

Image source: LUSH 

Yummy Mummy Shower Cream 
- RRP $19.95 for 250g

Another one of my classic favourites from their limited edition range has got to be their Yummy Mummy shower cream. Your Mum will fall in love with this pretty purple shower cream which consists of Geranium oil, Brazilian orange oil and tonka absolute - which all combined create an intoxicating and delicate fragrance for your mood. It's definitely sweet and fruity to use, plus with the hint of cocoa butter it leaves your skin feeling well moisturised. If you happen to have dry skin..(hint hint winter is coming) this is the perfect shower cream to coat your body with. 


What are your top picks from the LUSH Limited Edition Mother's Day range? 

Let me know on what your favourites are and what you will be getting for Mum! 

Livs xx

Thank you to LUSH for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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