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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Hello beauties, 

If you're looking to remove your fake tan in the most effective and easiest way, then you can depend on ANTHEIA as it helps you to achieve flawless skin in just two steps...

You don't need any harsh abrasive mitts to remove your fake tan, because thanks to ANTHEIA, you can look to remove your tan in just two simple steps. The ANTHEIA Express Fake Tan Remover Kit is definitely my saviour in times where I just want to reveal my natural skin colour once again. What sets this kit apart from the rest of the pack is that the products don't contain any nasties being parabens or sulphates and most importantly it is not tested on animals. The botanical solution works to dissolve your fake tan and dead skin within minutes. You don't even need to resort to any intense scrubbing...

For the removal of fake tan, it's always good to depend on safe products that are free from any nasties and harsh chemicals because essentially you're using this on your skin. You wouldn't want it to impact your skin and health in the shorter and longer run. 

I looked to take the Fake Tan Removal Kit by ANTHEIA to the test to see whether it would be effective and useful in helping to remove my fake tan. It took only two steps which left my skin looking and feeling fresh and dewy afterwards. My skin's texture definitely felt smoother and softer right after the process and it's a super easy and gentle way to remove your fake tan. 

How to remove fake tan using the Fake Tan Removal Kit by ANTHEIA: 
  • STEP 1: Look to cleanse by removing the fake tan - Use the 'Remove It bottle' with the Step 1 - Express Tan Remover Base. The Remover base comes with Acai Berry and Aloe Vera extract which effectively dissolves your fake tan. The kit comes with three sachets of the 'Remove It powder' where I'd simply pour one packet into the spray bottle and remover base. Simply spritz this onto the areas you're wishing to dissolve and wipe off using the muslin cloth as provided. I found the formula to be very gentle and not harsh at all on the skin which is ideal for me. 
  • STEP 2: Look to tone and moisturise your skin - In the kit you also receive a 'Liquid Micro peel' which is very gentle and lightweight containing Organic camomile and Argan leaf extract. The peel works effectively well in looking remove any dead skin cells as well as looking to tone your skin at the same time. It looks to balance your skin's pH and moisture levels. I felt this product really looked to smooth my skin's surface leaving to feeling softer and supple. 

Overall, this kit is a must have in everyone's cabinet because it comes in handy for the days where you just want to revert back to your natural skin colour. I am fully supportive of this product as it works amazingly well and it doesn't contain any bad chemicals that can be harsh for our health and skin.  The fact that everything is contained within this kit makes my life easier in looking to achieve flawless and glowing skin once again. 

Where to purchase: 

Featuring some of the contents in the ANTHEIA Fake Tan Remover Kit,

 What are your thoughts on removing fake tan? 

Livs xx

Thank you to ANTHEIA for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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