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Saturday, June 10, 2017


Hello everyone,

Today, I look to share with you all of my must have essentials for Winter, featuring the Vaseline and Simple skincare range. Learn more on how I look to tackle this Winter... 

For those who are currently in the season of Winter, we all know how drying and dull it can leave our skin feeling. That's why we need to rely on products that are catered to nourish and hydrate our skin reasonably well. Recently, I tried out some products in hopes of looking to tackle the harsh and dry weather conditions which I'm very excited to share my thoughts with you all. 

All of the products being mentioned in this post are affordable and available at selected pharmacies such as Priceline, supermarket stores nationally and worldwide. 

Here are my 'Must Haves' drugstore products for this Winter: 

Simple, Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil, RRP $9.99 

This is Simple's latest Cleansing Oil which is natural and is made of pure grape-seed oil. It's filled with the much needed Vitamins A & E which is rich in antioxidants. The cleansing oil works well in looking to dissolve any impurities and make-up on your skin. I have been using this cleansing oil more often as I've grown quite fond of the way it deep cleans my skin as well as leaving it feeling so hydrated afterwards. A tip is to apply on the cleansing oil directly onto the face (without any water first) and look to massage this all over your face, so that you're looking to dissolve all the dirt, oil and make-up on your face. Then, once you're done massaging your face, simply rinse with water and you'll feel that instant freshness. 

Simple, Kind to Skin, Dual Effect Eye Make-up remover, RRP $9.99

This eye make-up remover is ideal for those who have sensitive and dry skin. Simply apply some onto a cotton pad and look to remove your eye make-up with ease. It works amazingly for your waterproof eyeliners and mascara and it doesn't leave your eyes stinging or feeling irritated. It includes Pro-vitamin B5 which helps to leave the skin feeling smoother and softer. After using this eye make-up remover, I'd follow that with the cleansing oil as previously mentioned above. It's definitely a cheap make-up remover to invest in when you do look to remove your eye make-up quite often. 

Vaseline, Intensive Care, Advanced Strength, RRP $5.99 for 225ml 

If you find that your skin is feeling quite dry and irritated, then it's best to opt for an intensive moisturiser such Vaseline's Intensive Care, Advanced Strength. It's a body moisturiser that doesn't contain any fragrances and has been hypoallergenic and dermatogically tested. This moisturiser is super affordable and is definitely value for money. It absorbs right onto the skin and doesn't leave that greasy feeling behind which is so ideal. I'd apply this moisturiser immediately after showering which leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and silky. 

Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly,
 RRP $2.99 for 50g

Vaseline's Petroleum Jelly is a huge lifesaver as it looks to soothe any dry and chapped lips. It can also be used for cuts and rough hands so if you ever get really dry hands, simply pop some Petroleum jelly onto the dry areas and let it work its magic. I usually keep a jar in my handbag and on my desk in the office...you never know when it will come handy! 

Winter essentials featuring Vaseline and Simple Skincare. 


What are your thoughts on the above? 

Livs x

Thank you to Vaseline and Simple Skincare for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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