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Thursday, July 20, 2017


Splendour in the Grass is on this weekend...who's excited for this festival season? I've put together these pieces to show you guys what I'll be rocking. 

Forget the fact that it's winter and cold because you'll be dancing all day long! My outfit pieces are inspired by a vintage, chic and classic look. I can't party without my denim high waisted shorts for the bottoms and they're super comfortable to wear all day long. I love how they have pockets so I can easily pop cash or my phone into it, without carrying a huge handbag around. For the top I've opted for a silk maroon top that comes with frilled ends that looks so chic and dressy. Of course with a top like this, it's best to wear a strapless bra so that your spaghetti bra straps don't show. For the bag, I've decided to go with a vintage small HCL brown bag that can conveniently carry all of my small essential items such as hand sanitizer, tissues, mint, phone and keys. 

For the accessories, I've decided to toss in a cute pair of sunnies which is so fun to add as part of my festival inspired outfit. As for the earrings, I've included six choices that I've been tossing around but it's great for if you're looking to do the full three day festival season, as there's lots of variety.  These earrings are by Tangs Design and they stock a range of creative and funky handmade pieces which are from Canberra, Australia. Their pieces are well suited for any special occasion and ideal for festival season. Also, their earrings RRP A$15 each and are so fun and affordable to wear. 

Check them out below to see some of my top picks. 

My top picks from Tangs Design 

I couldn't find the actual name of these drop earrings but they're a stunning pair of textured earrings which would be lovely with a nice dress or top. 

These are called Metals - Funky Triangles and are definitely edgy and unique to wear on the ears. Pictured above is in a silver metal colour but I believe they also have this in rose gold too if you that's what you were after. I love how edgy these earrings look would go so well with a cute pair of denim shorts and a pretty top. 

These Pop Studs in Sparkling Silver Druzy may be my favourite pair of them all as they come beautifully textured and in rose gold. These simply glimmer from all angles and they just look so classic and chic which dresses up your whole outfit and look. 

These sparkly pair comes in a loop styled earring and features a sparkly textured pink silver. It's very pretty and would suit a nice white or neutral coloured dress or top. 

How gorgeous is the artwork in the centre of these earrings? They're absolutely colourful and add a pop of colour to your overall outfit. Supposedly the image originated from Questacon Interactive Science Exhibition in Canberra ACT where you can read more about it here

And last but not least, these pair of 'X' inspired earrings make a lovely piece for a darker outfit choice. If you like the warm toned colours, then you may fall in love with this pair as the X is featured in a beautiful styled background! 


What outfit will you be rocking?

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