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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Hello beauties, 

AMR is Australia's leading beauty supplier that stocks all of your hair, skincare and beauty needs. 
Check out my latest haul...

All of the products as being mentioned in this post are available at AMR online here. It's essentially Australia's number one beauty supplier for all of your haircare, skincare and beauty needs. They are known for stocking professional and salon brands at great prices, so if you're keen for a browse, make sure to check out their website later on.  

Let's get right into it beauties x

Lily Beauty Make Up Eraser,
 RRP $9.95 

This a dupe of the Make Up Eraser Original and I have to say it's much affordable than the original version by more than half its price. It literally does the same thing and is made from ultra-soft polyester which means that it's so effective in removing make-up off your face using only warm water. It feels very soft and gentle on the skin. This is a fantastic option for those with sensitive skin as there are no chemicals involved. You can even look to remove stubborn mascara and eyeliner with this make up eraser and it does not leave any residue behind which is amazing. I would highly recommend this product as it's cost efficient and works just as well as any other make-up remover, only this time it's ideal if you have sensitive skin. Make-up comes off so easily and I didn't feel the need to tug on my skin when looking to clean my face. This is a must have for all the beauty lovers out there! 

All of the beauty essentials for which you can find at AMR Hair and Beauty online. 

Tangle Tie, RRP $2.00 
(for 3 pack) 

You can never get enough of hair ties especially when they're made so that don't damage your hair or cause any tightness to your head. The Tangle Tie (which you can find at AMR) comes in a pack of three and is simply a hair ring so that you can pop your hair back into a ponytail comfortably. This hair ring doesn't leave any obvious marks for your hair which is great for temporarily popping your hair into a bun or ponytail. It's made suitable for hair types and holds up the hair effectively, without the added tightness. Pop it on your wrists for that extra accessorising feel if you wish! 

Model Rock lashes in #118 Kit Ready, RRP $5.88 

How adorable are these lashes? They gradually get longer as they fan out and are made with 100% human hair. These looks so flirty and adorable to rock on the lashes and for the price point itself, they're quite affordable as compared to other lash brands I've seen. In the longer run, if you see yourself wearing falsies quite often, then you can never go wrong with the Modelrock lashes. 

181 Argan Oil Smoothing Cream,
 RRP $17.90 

So this hair treatment looks to tackle dry, weak and damaged looking hair. This was the perfect product for my hair as it was looking a tad dry and unruly right before using it. Essentially it's a smoothing cream which includes thermal protection so that it protects your hair from future heat damage. It's useful to apply onto your hair before using any heated styling tools as the benefits are amazing. The formula includes Argan oil, Keratin, Panthenol and Vitamin E. 

I'll list some of them below: 
  • You get a natural and flexible hold, 
  • Increased volume
  • Frizz control 
  • Fly away control 
  • Ease of styling 
  • Heat and thermal protection 
  • Adds a bit of shine to your hair 
  • Protects the hair from humidity 
  • Prevents split ends 
  • Moisturises your hair
  • Reduces damage while you style your hair 
  • ...and heaps more!

Blackwood Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo and Treatment, RRP $24 each 

So the Bamboo Charcoal shampoo looks to cleanse and soothe the hair as well as stimulating your scalp. It's rich in antioxidants which help to effectively cleanse your hair from dirt, oil and impurities. I have never tried a shampoo that contains bamboo charcoal but ever since I've tried it, my hair has never felt so soft and shiny as ever. It's a really gentle cleanser for the hair and leaves it looks healthier once again. It doesn't have a charcoal scent to it which is great, but instead it smells fresh and somewhat natural.

And then we have the Bamboo Charcoal Treatment which helps to draw out all of the impurities, build ups and dirt from your hair. It's a really gentle product, similar to the shampoo and it looks to leave your hair feeling softer and shinier. 

Lily Beauty Blender RRP $5.53 

And we have another dupe for the Beauty Blender, featuring the Lily Beauty Blender which does just the same and helps you to achieve a smoother make-up complexion. It comes in the same shape form of the Beauty Blender and feels very soft on the skin during make-up application. This blender provides a medium to full coverage for your face and is also useful as spot concealer applications. The only difference that sets this blender apart from its original is that it's priced at $5.53 which is seriously affordable. I find myself replacing my Beauty Blenders quite often so it just makes sense to find a dupe just like the Lily Beauty Blender that's more affordable and does just the job for applying my make-up on. 

Glammar Tangle Tonic Brush Rose Gold, RRP $8.33 

If you're like me, detangling my hair can sometimes be a struggle right after waking up in the morning. I tried out the Tangle Tonic by Glammar in hopes that it could solve my problem of having tangled hair every morning. And what do you say, it really works! It's perfect for both dry and wet hair where it allows for a painless detangling routine. It even allows for a nice little head massage which is comforting. Hair breakage is minimised after using the Tangle Tonic and it comes so handy if your hair becomes unmanageable. 

LA Splash Cosmetics in shade Poison Apple 

This is a full coverage rich, velvety-matte finish liquid lipstick in the shade Poison Apple by LA Splash Cosmetics. It's also waterproof and lasts for the whole day without any flaking which is amazing to know. The liquid lipstick comes in a transparent tube with a gold lid which adds a touch of luxe to it. It has a long spongy applicator which makes applying on the liquid lipstick easier on the lips. As it's waterproof, it really is difficult to remove this lipstick and I had to double cleanse by using a cleansing oil to remove the lipstick entirely off my lips and wrists. Other than that, it's a really lovely red shade for the lips. 


What are thoughts on the above? 

Have you checked out AMR Hair and Beauty yet? 

Livs x 

Thank you to AMR Hair and Beauty for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my own experiences and I only recommend products that I truly believe in. 

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