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Thursday, August 3, 2017


Check out my top 5 beauty hacks featuring the NIVEA Creme!

We all know the NIVEA Creme has been an all time classic among many skin creams in the market as it looks to care and protect for all skin types thanks to its rich formula. What makes this product unique is that it doesn't contain any preservatives and it has been around since 1911. 

Its mild and effective formula does wonders for your skin thanks to its thick consistency. It's great when applied onto the rough and dry spots of the body such as the elbows, knees and heels. The NIVEA Creme is perfect as an everyday moisturiser for the skin but it's so versatile which means that there are more ways to use it which include of the below. 

Here are my top 5 beauty hacks you need to know about the NIVEA Creme... 


Beauty Hack #1: Use it as a makeup remover 

For quick removal of your makeup, simply dab a cotton pad into the NIVEA Creme tin and apply this onto your face to remove your foundation, concealer, eye makeup and lipstick. 

Whenever I run out of makeup wipes, this always proves to be handy and convenient. Plus, it's a great night time moisturiser too as you remove your makeup in the evening or night. 

Beauty Hack #2: Use it as a hand salve

To treat your hands with some TLC, simply apply some of the NIVEA creme onto your hands as it's super emollient and leaves your hands feeling very moisturised. 

Carry the NIVEA creme tin in your handbag or have it next to your work desk so that you are reminded to apply it onto the hands whenever they're feeling dry. 

Beauty Hack #3: Use it as a tinted lip balm 

If there's excess lipstick or blush that you don't use much, look to mix it with NIVEA Creme as your own DIY tinted lip balm. Otherwise, dab a little of powdered blush onto your lips and apply the NIVEA creme on top of it. It's a little something to try out if you're after a natural/subtle look for the lips that feel so soft. 

Beauty Hack #4: Use it as a night time moisturiser 

To keep your skin feeling moisturised and hydrated all night long, the NIVEA Creme comes in handy as it's rich and thick when applied onto the skin. After applying on your usual face serum, look to layer on with the NIVEA Creme just before you sleep. Your skin will very feel supple and soft the very next day. 

Beauty Hack #5: Use it as a layered blush cream 

Who said you can't use the NIVEA Creme as a blush cream. Simply use a brush to apply some blush onto your cheeks, and look to apply the NIVEA Creme over the top by using clean fingers blending the apples of your cheeks. 

Here, you'll notice a healthier glow that lasts all day. If you have dry skin, a blush cream would be ideal as it leaves you with a subtle and healthy glow. 


So there you have my top 5 beauty hacks with using the NIVEA Creme!

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