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Saturday, July 15, 2017


Have you checked out the gorgeous Red Carpet Collection from the Sally Hansen Color Therapy range?

For this red carpet season, Sally Hansen have released a beautiful range of shades that are ideal for hollywood glamour. There are a mixture of nudes as well as eye catching shades (i.e. grey, blue and crimson red) which can easily complete your look for that special occasion. All of the shades include Sally Hansen's new Color Therapy formula that contains a patented micro-delivery system that delivers an argan oil-enriched formula which offers an intensive moisture for healthier looking nails. You don't even require a base coat which is amazing as it saves you an extra step when looking to coat your nails. 

Shades include of the below (From L-R: 140 Haute Stone, 420 Good as Blue, 150 Steely Stone, 210 Re-nude & 110 Well, well, well): 

  • 140 Haute Stone - This is a gorgeous grey shade that's so easy to wear as it bold looking and would go with just about any outfit. I found the shade to be lighter than the actual bottle which makes it a great shade for a special occasion or simply for everyday. 

  • 420 Good as Blue - This is gorgeous royal blue shade that looks vibrant and fresh. It would definitely suit a white or neutral coloured dress for a special occasion. Look to pair it with a white, red or blue outfit. 
  • 370 Unwine'd - This warm toned crimson red shade looks really sophisticated and sexy. Pair it with a nice black or neutral coloured outfit to show off your gorgeous looking nails. 

  • 150 Steely Serene - This is a light brown shade which looks very soft and neutral looking on the nails. I absolutely love this shade as it's not too bold or light which is just perfect. 

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  • 210 Re-nude - This is a lovely nude shade which is ideal for those with medium to darker skin as it will stand out more. It's a nice looking nude for if you're wanting a minimalist and clean look for your nails. 
  • 110 Well, Well, Well - I always love an all white shade as it looks so angelic and chic, however you have to apply it on properly for it to look amazing on the nails. It's so easy to bump your nails whilst it's still wet (which can be annoying...especially when it comes to all-white nail shades), so when looking to apply this shade on, avoid any shakiness. To achieve a solid white colour for my nails, you would need at least three coats, followed by a top coat. 

Where to purchase:

Featuring the latest Red Carpet collection by Sally Hansen Color Therapy. 

Spot any of your favourite colours that you'd love to rock? 


Have you guys checked out the NEW Red Carpet collection by the Sally Hansen Color Therapy range? 

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