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Thursday, August 31, 2017


Rimmel London have recently introduced their new Stay Matte Liquid Lip colours which are high-impact and very long-lasting. 

Get ready for an even bolder lip statement thanks to their new Stay Matte Liquid Lip colours by Rimmel London which are long-lasting, comfortable to wear on the lips, and has a velvety matte finish. There are no signs of dryness or flakiness (thanks to a whole day of trialling these out), and they're perfect for making a bold statement for your lips. 

Within just one stroke, you get incredible colour that stays on for at least 12 hours of wear. This is great for special events and occasions because the less you'll need to touch up on. The new Stay Matte Liquid Lip colours offer full coverage and staying power which is amazing. The fact that it's waterproof and fade-proof, already makes it my favourite type of matte liquid colour lipsticks to go for as I'm always looking for a lipstick that doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day. With these new Stay Matte Liquid Lip colours already being launched, I'm already in love with these because they just feel so comfortable to wear on the lips. It's super lightweight and nowhere as heavy on the lips which is ideal for an everyday wear. 

As for the range of colours being available, there are at least 15 intense shades for you to select from and they're all bold in their own kind of way. Look out for my swatches right below if you're keen for a sneak peek! 

Where to purchase
The Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours, RRP $14.95 each, and are now available from Chemist Warehouse. From December 2017, they will be available from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Target, Kmart, BIG W, selected pharmacies, Coles and Woolworths. 

I am loving these new Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colours by Rimmel London. They're long-lasting and they don't feel dry at all which is amazing.

SWATCHES (From Top to Bottom): 

  • 210 - Rose and Shine - I am really loving this rose inspired pink with a warm tone to it. It makes a lovely shade for everyday as it's more casual looking. 
  • 500 - Fire Starter - This vibrant red shade is such a hot and bold statement colour. It definitely would pop on the lips and would be great for rocking a bright outfit of the day.
  • 810 - Plum This Show - I am all about this plum, warm toned shade as it just reminds me of Autumn and Winter. It's such a mystical colour that looks lovely on the lips. Personally, I would wear this shade to events if I was wanting my lips to stand out a little more.
  • 700 - Be My Baby - This is a neutral and soft cream shade that would be great if you're after a minimal make-up look. 
  • 110 - Blush - This is similar 210 Rose and Shine but it leans more on the softer and light shade of a blush colour. I would say this is more cool toned and would be so great for a floral dress or even rocking at the races. 
  • 720 - Mocha - This shade reminds me of a hot mocha already! It's a great light tan shade that would be suitable for those wanting to bring out some colour for their lips as it's gorgeous looking. 
  • 710 - Latte to Go - I personally wouldn't rock this shade as I love my pinks, plums and browns too much. However this shade is great if you're daring to rock a cream/neutral shade for events or if you simply love the nude look. 
  • 800 - Midnight - This shade speaks magical and mystical to me! It's such a sexy shade that would be great if you're wanting to make a statement with your outfit and lips. 
  • 200 - Pink Blink - For a warm toned pink that's more on the red side, this is the shade to go for! 
  • 850 - Shadow - Shadow is great for those wanting to rock grey lips, period. This shade would be stunning for those with light-medium skin tone and it definitely stands out from the crowd. 
  • 830 - Blue Iris - Last but not least, we have a dark blue/purple shade that's vibrant and very bold looking. This would be ideal for a dress up party or if you simply love the dark look. 


Have you tried these out the NEW Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour Lipsticks by Rimmel London? 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Zoella is officially now available in Australian Target stores. 

The new bath and body range by Zoella can now be found at your nearest Target stores around Australia. 

The indulgent and fun range features delicious notes of elderflower jelly and rich double cream. They follow a fun gelato theme which is perfect for your must-have fragrances for spring and summer. Their fragrances are irresistible and they smell so uplifting which puts you in a really good mood. As for the overall packaging for the Zoella products, they look super cute, unique and quirky. 

Here are some of my top picks from the Zoella range: 

Pink Bath Wafers, Moisturising Bath Fizzer, 
RRP $9.99 

Your bath time can now smell super sweet thanks to the Pink Bath Wafers by Zoella. They fizz well in the bath and are enriched with shea butter, elderflower and pomegranate. These help to smooth and brighten your skin's tone which is great for your morning or evening baths. 

Gelat'eau Body Mist, RRP $19.99 

This scent is very uplifting and breathtaking consisting of elderflower jelly and rich double cream. It's very addictive and makes such a nice spritz for everyday. Simply spray on and go about with your everyday errands! 

Shower Sauce Body Wash, RRP $8.99 

This shower sauce body wash will have you covered in the shower with its blend of elderflower and pomegranate. Lather up with this delicious scent for a squeaky clean finish. 

Shower Shake Moisturising Body Wash, RRP $11.99 

And if you're after a luxurious cream body wash, you definitely need to check out their Shower Shake Moisturising Body wash. It cleanses and moisturises the skin which is great to be used on a daily basis. 


The Zoella range is available in stores at Target or here

Are you excited for the Zoella range? 

Monday, August 28, 2017


Ever wanted to refreshen your hair within minutes? 

Dry shampoo is any hair product that's applied topically to absorb oils and control odours with the use of water. Batiste offers a variety of travel-friendly sizes of their dry shampoo range such as their Clean & Classic Original, Floral & Flirty Blush and Coconut & Exotic Tropical. 

There are many benefits to using dry shampoo and the main reason is really down to its convenience, especially when you're on the go or travelling overseas. The dry shampoo range by Batiste are so easy to use on the hair as it's lightweight, and they smell so refreshing. It's even made to give you some volume to your hair which is great if you're a little oomph to it. 

With dry shampoo, there is the convenience of refreshing your hair which is quicker than a wash-dry-style routine. Even if you're not travelling, it's so perfect before a night out, post-workout, day trips and even after hitting the beach on a summer's day. Keep it in your handbag and you'll never have any regrets!

So with dry shampoo, you would simply spray onto the roots of your hair, work it throughout your strands and then look to brush it out. The Batiste Dry shampoo products are great for absorbing any excess oils and it doesn't leave any residue behind. This is ideal for the warmer weather such as spring and summer coming. 

For more information regarding the Batiste hair care range, head over to here to learn more. 


Do you regularly use dry shampoo? 

Sunday, August 27, 2017


With the founder of hop & cotton, Ee Ting 

hop & cotton is all about customising skincare products according to your preferences. 

hop & cotton was founded by Ee Ting, where she realised that problematic skin was caused by products that simply didn't work. That's when she started to formulate her own products which meant she could customise each product for herself, friends and family. The results were fast as the products were packed full of powerful ingredients which resulted in proven benefits for the skin. Ee Ting stands by the saying, 'less is more'. 

The hop & cotton experience: 
So I was given an opportunity to walk through the customisable skincare process, where they first grasp an understanding of your skin and preferences by completing an online skin test. Questions varied from age, skin type/conditions to allergies and texture preferences. It took less than 10 minutes to complete the skincare test and it was super easy. After that, Ee Ting looks to formulate each product according to the answers I've provided in the online skin test. 

My own customisable products by hop & cotton 

My skin's condition is normal to combination skin, where I find that my T-zones get oily during midday. hop & cotton have customised a skincare range allowing me to revamp my facial care regime with effective formulas that work well with one another and helps to achieve my best skin. The products of which I'll mention below have been customised for my own skin type and this will vary depending on your own skin preferences. 

These include: 
  • The Foam Party Face Cleanser (RRP $58) - is a cream-to-foam non drying face wash that does not leave behind any residue. I personally enjoy using foam based products because it's easier to and gentle to use on my skin. This cleanser is soap free, fragrance free and pH balanced which means that it doesn't strip the natural oils off your skin. This cleanser looks to cleanse, clarify and hydrate the skin, which is ideal for your everyday skincare routine. It effectively removed my makeup which is perfect after a night out. Alternatively, if you're after a non-foaming gel version, the option is also available. 
  • The Smooth Operator (RRP $88) - This product looks to cleanse any clogged pores, retextures, smooths and hydrates the skin. If you're wanting radiant and fresh looking skin, you'll definitely love The Smooth Operator. Some key ingredients which help to make this product work includes Lactic, Salicylic and Glycolic acid. This product works as a gentle exfoliant which works to leave you with a smoother and softer looking complexion. Another benefit to using The Smooth Operator, is that it looks to reduce blemishes and chances of breakouts. With continued use you can look to expect smoother looking skin and fine lines being reduced. 
  • The Brilliant Advanced Face Moisturiser (RRP $168) - I love how this face moisturiser works to brighten up my skin's tone, whilst working as an all-in-one product for my serum, moisturiser and eye cream. It's great for my skin preferences because essentially I'm looking to brighten up my skin complexion. It contains a whole bunch of peptides, multi-vitamins and skin balancing emollients - which works to protect your skin from environmental damage and prevents the first signs of ageing. It's also an oil free moisturiser but it offers a whole heap of hydration for the skin. As for the fragrance, Ee Ting recommended it to be fragrance free as I have sensitive skin to reduce any likelihood of irritations.

Sneak peek at the hop & cotton launch


Showcasing what key ingredients are the hop & cotton products

The breakfast spread 

These cute macarons definitely made my day! 

Featuring the hop & cotton range

For more information, you can head over to their official website here to learn more about personalising a skincare range tailored to your preferences. 


Are you wanting to customise products that work for your skin? 

Saturday, August 26, 2017


If you're after smoother, firmer and younger looking skin, the Skin Wrinkle Treatment No.25 by Bobbi Brown is the latest addition to their skincare range. 

Earlier this year, I touch based on the skincare Remedies range by Bobbi Brown where I tried out their Skin Clarifier in No. 75. It was my first time trying out a product from their skincare range and I've been a big fan of the collection ever since. 

The inspiration for their new Skin Wrinkle Treatment No.25 stems from the Bobbi Brown Remedies collection. Essentially, it's ideal for those wanting to achieve smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. It works by filling in and smoothing out any lines on contact. And with gradual use of the treatment, you can expect a smoother and even complexion. 

"In product testing, 85% of panelists demonstrated visual improvement in Under Eye Lines after 4 weeks and 81% of panelists demonstrated visual improvement in Lines and Wrinkles (Crow's Feet) after 4 weeks." 

Some points worth noting about the benefits includes of the below:
  • Looks to instantly fill in surface lines (fine lines, wrinkles, etc.) 
  • Stimulates natural collagen production 
  • Plumps any wrinkles 

With continued use of this particular treatment, you can expect the product to address your skin concerns of lines and wrinkles. You will either notice the results immediately or over the course of using the product on a regular basis. 

With regard to its formula, Bobbi Brown have used effective natural ingredients which includes concentrations such as Kombucha Black Tea Ferment and Indian Mukul Myrrh Tree Root extract. 


We know that the ingredients combine to help correct any lines and wrinkles instantly. It soft focus powders and super hydrators work to smooth out any lines and wrinkles. Thanks to its Mukul Myrrh Tree Root extract, this helps to support the skin's lipid barrier which visibly reduces wrinkles, in effect creating a plumping effect on the skin. And, finally we see collagen production happening thanks to the Mimosa Tree Extract Soybean protein and Kombucha Black Tea Ferment which helps to stimulate the skin's own collagen, visibly firming and lifting the skin. 


The Skin Wrinkle Treatment No.25 is perfect to use just before applying your makeup because it looks to smooth the skin's surface and firm the texture under the eye areas. It's truly a game changed because I can't imagine how much it has looked to transform my skin. It doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling after applying it on, in fact it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and lifted right after. The texture is a lightweight, silky and milky formula which feels very nice on the skin and it looks to give that plumping effect to it. My skin has been glowing ever since I've applied this treatment onto the skin every night. 

So, if you're looking for a treatment that can look to smooth and firm out your skin, then I'd highly recommend the Skin Wrinkle Treatment No.25 by Bobbi Brown as it also looks to even out fine lines and wrinkles. 

Have you tried any of the Remedies range by Bobbi Brown yet? 

Friday, August 25, 2017


Winter can leave the lips feeling dry and chapped, which is why I always look to rely on the Lanolips range.

If you're wanting a winter fix for cracked, chapped and dry lips...I always look to rely on the Lanolips lip care selections. For those already familiar with the Lanolips range, you'll be pleased to know that David Jones are now stocking the Lips Treat + Moisturise + Glow Duo which retails for $26.95. 

So for the duo pack, you receive a Lanolips Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1 and a Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment. Both of these products are so handy for your handbag or whenever you're on the go. Relying on a good quality lip balm is so important, that way you reap all of the benefits needed to make your lips feel softer and moisturised. 

Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1 

This lip balm is made for those with dry lips and ideal for winter or the fall season. It works to leave your lips feeling super smooth and hydrated thanks to its 98% natural ingredients, whilst the other 2% offers a little sheen for your lips. Plus, if you love the banana flavour, you'll definitely need to get your hands on these. Furthermore, you can add a layer of the banana balm on top of your lipstick to add a little sheen effect if you fancy. 

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment 

I love everything about this lip treatment, starting off with its lemonade scent which smells refreshing. This is made for those with very dry lips as it looks to nourish and hydrate it. It's 99% natural and it contains 1% of shimmer. This is a creamy based lip treatment infused with organic lemon oil which naturally exfoliates the lips, leaving it feeling fresh and soft. 

Featuring the Lips Treat + Moisturise + Glow Duo by Lanolips 


Have you tried Lanolips before? 

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Introducing Bioderma's NEW Cicabio range, where it's the best solution for S.O.S skin saviours...

With the surge of non-surgical procedures, laser treatments and facial peels...it can all leave us with skin discomfort after a particular procedure. That's why Bioderma recently released their Cicabio range which is made to repair damaged, stressed or irritated skin. The range is formulated healing and intensive ingredients such as Resveratrol, Copper, Zinc and Hyaluronic Acid, which all help to restore the epidermal layer of the skin. Furthermore, you can look to expect the products to leave your skin feeling hydrated and purified. 

The products new to the Cicabio range includes of their Crème and Pommade which are ideal for wound healing and protection of the skin's barrier. It simply relieves any itching or irritations which is ideal for major skin damage or very dry skin. These are great to have in your medicine cabinet because they have an excellent skin tolerance, and most importantly it's even safe for kids to use. 

Learn more about the range below x

Cicabio Pommade, (40ml), RRP $17.99 

I tried and tested the Pommade onto my cracked heels, and can I just say that it works amazingly well in looking to repair any signs of dryness. It's essentially an ointment designed for dehydrated or damaged skin. It's very hydrating for an ointment, plus it looks to relieve any discomfort as well as purifying the areas of the skin. I love how soothing this ointment feels on the skin and it's highly ideal for repairing damaged skin.

Ideal for: 
  • Major skin damage: Facial peels or laser treatment
  • Very dry and dehydrated skin: Chapping, cracked heels or contact dermatitis, etc. 

Cicabio Crème, (40ml), RRP $15.99 

And if you're after more of a soothing and moisturising cream base, then you may like their Crème version from the Cicabio range. It's made to relieve any discomfort from any minor skin damage such as skin irritations, redness, bites, etc. I felt that this product was super breathable on the skin as I applied it onto my mosquito bites. It even helps to prevent bacteria growth whilst relieving the urge to scratch which is a major plus.  

Ideal for: 
  • Any minor skin damage: Superficial peeling or non-abrasive laser treatment, 
  • Dry skin: Redness, overheating, mosquito bites, chicken pox and other skin irritations. 

The new Cicabio range is now available from Adore Beauty and www.cosmetiquesdefrance.com.au

Have you tried these before? 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Look to swipe, blend and slip with the latest Instant Full Cover Concealer by Bobbi Brown. 

I was kindly gifted the Instant Full Cover Concealer Bobbi Brown which I was very excited in trying out. I've been looking for a full coverage concealer for such a long time and so when I discovered Bobbi Brown's Instant Full Cover Concealer, I just had to jump onto the bandwagon. 

To create more of a flawless finish, I used the Beauty Blender in a micro mini pro size which is amazing for applying around the inner eye areas. Now you can instantly cover dark circles and tired looking eyes with just one swipe. I'm really amazed with the concentrated formula as they use a Triple Matrix Technology which delivers a lightweight and comfortable finish for your skin. I found no issues of creasing around my eye areas after application and I'm highly impressed with what the Instant Full Cover concealer can look to do for covering of my dark circles. You don't even need to set the area with powder which is even better. Furthermore, it brightens up the eye areas so that you look radiant and fresh. 

Another great aspect of this concealer is that it contains Rare Indian Tree extract and Palm Kernel extract which instantly plumps and smooths the area under the eyes. It certainly covers up any tired or dull looking eyes which is ideal for a flawless and long-wearing look. 

How to use: 
Simply apply across the entire under eye areas. Use smooth and even strokes with the doe foot applicator, and then tap the concealer with finger to blend this into the skin. 

There are 15 skin tone-correct concealer shades available including: Porcelain, Ivory, Warm Ivory, Sand, Cool Sand, Beige, Warm Beige Natural, Natural Tan, Warm Natural, Honey, Warm Honey, Golden, Almond and Chestnut. 

Where to purchase: 
  • Now available at the Bobbi Brown Studio Mosman, select Myer and David Jones stores or online via www.bobbibrown.com.au and www.adorebeauty.com.au
  • From the 29th August 2017, it will be available at Mecca Maxima stores in all colours except Golden, Almond and Chestnut.

Image source: Bobbi Brown 


Featuring the some of the shades available from The New Instant Full Cover Concealer by Bobbi Brown. 


Have you tried the Instant Full Cover concealer yet? 


Vesna Dacic is a newly opened, exclusive boutique hair salon located in Mosman, Sydney Australia. They pride themselves on the care and attention to detail they put into the client's request, and they go the extra mile to make customers feel special. 

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of joining Vesna herself at her boutique salon at Mosman, for a full hair experience. I wasn't sure of what particular colour I'd go for my hair, but after Vesna's recommendations, I can absolutely see why she's so skilful and amazing at what she does. You could say that she's a master colourist and that her first priority is hair!

Vesna has worked in many franchises throughout her career as well as being a previous ambassador for Kérastase. With the right skills, knowledge and experience, it was the perfect timing to open her own boutique salon. 

I caught up with Vesna Dacic to learn more about her journey and experiences so far...

What are your top tips for looking after during dry winter months? 
Vesna says that her top tip is to apply a hair (argan) oil overnight as it's looks to hydrate the hair as well the natural hair oils. Simply saturate oil in your hair and tie it into a bun, leave on for about 30 minutes or overnight (if you wish). 

Secondly, take a hair mask that's not protein based. Run it through the hair, then look to braid with it on. You can leave it on for 30 minutes, then simply rinse off. Your hair will feel very silky and smooth.

And thirdly, in-salon treatments are so great for the hair. Look to book in your appointments at least once a fortnight to maintain healthier, shinier and softer looking hair. 

How would I go about with choosing the right hairstyle to suit my lifestyle? 
It's all about cutting the hair to suit a certain face shape which is so important. As for the lifestyle part, it depends on your preference, whether you're looking for an easy to maintain hairstyle or styled with curls. 

For my hair, I already have straight and smooth looking hair, so essentially I was looking for a cut that I could quickly style in the morning.

What are your plans for Grand Opening launch day? When will it be held? 
The Grand Opening launch day is currently pencilled in for next month (22nd September) where it will be held on a Friday evening with Champagne and canapes. More information to come on this. 

Currently there's a special grand opening promotion, where you can receive a complimentary cut and style with any one of the following services: 
- Full colour 
- Half head of foils
- Full head of foils
- Balayage 

T&Cs: Offer not valid with any other promotions or gift vouchers. Offer ends 31.08.17 

Vesna Dacic uses brands such Kérastase and, SerieExpert and Loreal Pro for all of the hair treatments. 


Getting my Pre-Summer Highlights 

They're a great way to bring some texture and dimension to the hair. It even makes it easier for you to go lighter and it definitely looks fresh looking, especially with summer just being around the corner. 

Vesna treated my hair using the Powermix from the SerieExpert by the L'Oreal range. My hair felt so soft and it even looked so glossy and shiny afterwards. 

It's interesting to see the concentrate being mixed right infront of you. 

This is the ideal workspace in looking to get your hair and work done at the same time.

Left: Before I got my hair done. 
Right: With my new pre-summer highlights. 


Vesna did an amazing job in looking to transform my hair with the new pre-summer highlights. It looks fresh, different and I can now easily style my hair for everyday without it looking too dull. 

With the amazing Vesna. 


For more information about the Vesna Dacic Boutique hair salon, head over to their Facebook page or Instagram page. She's an amazing hair colourist and I would highly recommend her if you're after a particular style, cut or colouring. 

Are you looking to change up your hair for Spring/Summer?