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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Looking for some bath and skincare gifts for this Father's Day?  

You can never go wrong with skincare products especially when it comes to Father's Day. With that special day just being around the corner, here's a quick guide on what's HOT on the bath and skincare side of things.  

NIVEA Men, Sensitive Regime Pack, RRP $24.99

Look to give the gift of care for this Father's Day, especially when it comes to his skin concerns. There is the Protect & Care Regime Pack, which is now available if your Dad doesn't have sensitive skin. For this particular post, it's all about caring for the sensitive skin which is why this pack is perfect. The Sensitive Regime Pack by NIVEA Men is made specially for men with sensitive skin. Formulation includes natural chamomile which delivers a gentle protection and soothing care for the skin. It also looks to soothe any irritations as there is no alcohol contained in the products. 

Sensitive Regime Pack by NIVEA MEN 

Protect & Care, Regime Pack by NIVEA MEN 

This pack contains: 
  • NIVEA Men Sensitive Face Wash (100ml)
  • NIVEA Men Sensitive Shave Gel (200ml)
  • NIVEA Men Sensitive Protective Moisturiser SPF15 (75ml) 
  • NIVEA Men Sensitive Aerosol Deodorant (250ml) 

LUSH Skin & Body care picks

If you're a LUSH fan just like myself, then surely your Dad will appreciate some picks from the LUSH store. 

Here are some ideal LUSH picks for Dad (or for yourself if you fancy):

  • The Modfather Bubble Bar, RRP $7.95/100g - It's an all vegan product which is amazing for a start. It smells incredibly refreshing of citrus orange. Simply run this bubble bar under water for a luxurious bath. 

  • Superdad Bath Bomb, RRP $6.95 each - This is a luxurious bath bomb which fizzes well in the bathtub. It has a nice sandalwood, sweet and smoky scent to it. Perhaps this bath bomb can help your Dad relax and feel a little pampered. 

  • Dirty Styling Cream, RRP $19.95/100g - This is a styling cream which helps you to create slicked or spiked up looking hair. This cream offers a medium hold with a matte finish. It's made to control unruly looking hair and can be applied onto dry or wet hair. Furthermore, its nice hold comes from Japan wax, Cocoa Butter, Illipe butter and Coconut oil to keep it flexible and moisturised. 

  • Smuggler's Soul, Multipurpose Cream, RRP $29.95 - Love the sandalwood scent of this multipurpose cream. It can be used on the hair or face for an extra added moisturising feel which makes this product very versatile. 

  • Smuggler's Soul, Facial Scrub, RRP $14.95 - This sandalwood scented facial scrub is great for buffing and brightening of the skin. It's great for Dad as it will look to leave his skin feeling supple and soft. 

Are you all sorted for this Father's Day?  

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