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Sunday, August 27, 2017


With the founder of hop & cotton, Ee Ting 

hop & cotton is all about customising skincare products according to your preferences. 

hop & cotton was founded by Ee Ting, where she realised that problematic skin was caused by products that simply didn't work. That's when she started to formulate her own products which meant she could customise each product for herself, friends and family. The results were fast as the products were packed full of powerful ingredients which resulted in proven benefits for the skin. Ee Ting stands by the saying, 'less is more'. 

The hop & cotton experience: 
So I was given an opportunity to walk through the customisable skincare process, where they first grasp an understanding of your skin and preferences by completing an online skin test. Questions varied from age, skin type/conditions to allergies and texture preferences. It took less than 10 minutes to complete the skincare test and it was super easy. After that, Ee Ting looks to formulate each product according to the answers I've provided in the online skin test. 

My own customisable products by hop & cotton 

My skin's condition is normal to combination skin, where I find that my T-zones get oily during midday. hop & cotton have customised a skincare range allowing me to revamp my facial care regime with effective formulas that work well with one another and helps to achieve my best skin. The products of which I'll mention below have been customised for my own skin type and this will vary depending on your own skin preferences. 

These include: 
  • The Foam Party Face Cleanser (RRP $58) - is a cream-to-foam non drying face wash that does not leave behind any residue. I personally enjoy using foam based products because it's easier to and gentle to use on my skin. This cleanser is soap free, fragrance free and pH balanced which means that it doesn't strip the natural oils off your skin. This cleanser looks to cleanse, clarify and hydrate the skin, which is ideal for your everyday skincare routine. It effectively removed my makeup which is perfect after a night out. Alternatively, if you're after a non-foaming gel version, the option is also available. 
  • The Smooth Operator (RRP $88) - This product looks to cleanse any clogged pores, retextures, smooths and hydrates the skin. If you're wanting radiant and fresh looking skin, you'll definitely love The Smooth Operator. Some key ingredients which help to make this product work includes Lactic, Salicylic and Glycolic acid. This product works as a gentle exfoliant which works to leave you with a smoother and softer looking complexion. Another benefit to using The Smooth Operator, is that it looks to reduce blemishes and chances of breakouts. With continued use you can look to expect smoother looking skin and fine lines being reduced. 
  • The Brilliant Advanced Face Moisturiser (RRP $168) - I love how this face moisturiser works to brighten up my skin's tone, whilst working as an all-in-one product for my serum, moisturiser and eye cream. It's great for my skin preferences because essentially I'm looking to brighten up my skin complexion. It contains a whole bunch of peptides, multi-vitamins and skin balancing emollients - which works to protect your skin from environmental damage and prevents the first signs of ageing. It's also an oil free moisturiser but it offers a whole heap of hydration for the skin. As for the fragrance, Ee Ting recommended it to be fragrance free as I have sensitive skin to reduce any likelihood of irritations.

Sneak peek at the hop & cotton launch


Showcasing what key ingredients are the hop & cotton products

The breakfast spread 

These cute macarons definitely made my day! 

Featuring the hop & cotton range

For more information, you can head over to their official website here to learn more about personalising a skincare range tailored to your preferences. 


Are you wanting to customise products that work for your skin? 

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