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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Designer Brands have released their brand new Luminous Hydrating Foundation and their Rise & Prime Luminescent Primer. 

When it comes to buying new foundations and primers, you can never have enough of them...and it's just another excuse in trying out something new. 

The new Luminous Hydrating Foundation and Rise & Prime Luminescent Primer by Designer Brands looks to provide a very easy application that feels hydrating and instantly illuminates your complexion. Surprisingly, they're both 100% vegan and they do not test on animals which is lovely to know. 

The Luminous Hydrating foundation and Rise & Prime primer are the latest releases from the Designer Brands collection. They're considered as the most premium from their make up range. They come in glass bottles which look so elegant, simple and luxurious. 

They've only been on counter since May 2017 and at such an affordable price, they help you to achieve a "dewy glow" for your overall makeup complexion...It doesn't break your budget as compared to when you're shopping at stores such as Sephora in Australia. It's all about finding products that work for your skin and are reasonably priced. 

You're going to want to get your hands on these and here's why... 

Rise and Prime Luminescent Primer, RRP $19.99

The very first step in looking to achieve a nice, flawless base for your skin before foundation is try to use a primer beforehand. 

I checked out the Rise and Prime Luminescent primer by Designer Brands which looks to brighten and revive your skin's complexion. It's made for all skin types which is perfect if you're after a hydrated and dewy glow. Instantly, the primer works to fill in any of my pores as well leaving my skin looking so much brighter. I feel this primer definitely smooths out my skin by adding a touch of luminosity to it making it appear dewy and fresh. 

What makes this primer so effective in giving you a dewy glow is that it contains Green Tea, Vitamin A, C and E, plus Aloe vera too. Any redness on my skin is instantly toned down which is amazing for a primer if you're wanting a product that can soothe out any problem areas. 

Luminous Hydrating Foundation, RRP $19.99 

The next step is to ensure that you get nice coverage for your skin, which is why I tried the Luminous Hydrating Foundation in Nude Beige. There are six shades available including: Porcelain Ivory, Classic Ivory, Light Sand, Nude Beige, True Beige and Warm Honey. 

The foundation contains Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, C & E, and Aloe vera - making it a very hydrating product to wear on the skin for all day. It blends easily on the skin and doesn't leave any patchy dry marks which is great to know. It definitely looks to leave the skin feeling smoother so that you get an even coverage with using this foundation. 

I would have to say that the coverage is medium but you can look to build to a full coverage which is perfect for special occasions or events. For the ultimate flawless look, simply use your best foundation brush or beauty blender. And to set it all in, I'd lightly go over my skin with a translucent powder. 


The New Luminous Hydrating Foundation and Rise & Prime Luminescent Primer is available at www.dbcosmetics.com.au

Are you shopping for a new foundation to try? 


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