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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Vesna Dacic is a newly opened, exclusive boutique hair salon located in Mosman, Sydney Australia. They pride themselves on the care and attention to detail they put into the client's request, and they go the extra mile to make customers feel special. 

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of joining Vesna herself at her boutique salon at Mosman, for a full hair experience. I wasn't sure of what particular colour I'd go for my hair, but after Vesna's recommendations, I can absolutely see why she's so skilful and amazing at what she does. You could say that she's a master colourist and that her first priority is hair!

Vesna has worked in many franchises throughout her career as well as being a previous ambassador for K√©rastase. With the right skills, knowledge and experience, it was the perfect timing to open her own boutique salon. 

I caught up with Vesna Dacic to learn more about her journey and experiences so far...

What are your top tips for looking after during dry winter months? 
Vesna says that her top tip is to apply a hair (argan) oil overnight as it's looks to hydrate the hair as well the natural hair oils. Simply saturate oil in your hair and tie it into a bun, leave on for about 30 minutes or overnight (if you wish). 

Secondly, take a hair mask that's not protein based. Run it through the hair, then look to braid with it on. You can leave it on for 30 minutes, then simply rinse off. Your hair will feel very silky and smooth.

And thirdly, in-salon treatments are so great for the hair. Look to book in your appointments at least once a fortnight to maintain healthier, shinier and softer looking hair. 

How would I go about with choosing the right hairstyle to suit my lifestyle? 
It's all about cutting the hair to suit a certain face shape which is so important. As for the lifestyle part, it depends on your preference, whether you're looking for an easy to maintain hairstyle or styled with curls. 

For my hair, I already have straight and smooth looking hair, so essentially I was looking for a cut that I could quickly style in the morning.

What are your plans for Grand Opening launch day? When will it be held? 
The Grand Opening launch day is currently pencilled in for next month (22nd September) where it will be held on a Friday evening with Champagne and canapes. More information to come on this. 

Currently there's a special grand opening promotion, where you can receive a complimentary cut and style with any one of the following services: 
- Full colour 
- Half head of foils
- Full head of foils
- Balayage 

T&Cs: Offer not valid with any other promotions or gift vouchers. Offer ends 31.08.17 

Vesna Dacic uses brands such K√©rastase and, SerieExpert and Loreal Pro for all of the hair treatments. 


Getting my Pre-Summer Highlights 

They're a great way to bring some texture and dimension to the hair. It even makes it easier for you to go lighter and it definitely looks fresh looking, especially with summer just being around the corner. 

Vesna treated my hair using the Powermix from the SerieExpert by the L'Oreal range. My hair felt so soft and it even looked so glossy and shiny afterwards. 

It's interesting to see the concentrate being mixed right infront of you. 

This is the ideal workspace in looking to get your hair and work done at the same time.

Left: Before I got my hair done. 
Right: With my new pre-summer highlights. 


Vesna did an amazing job in looking to transform my hair with the new pre-summer highlights. It looks fresh, different and I can now easily style my hair for everyday without it looking too dull. 

With the amazing Vesna. 


For more information about the Vesna Dacic Boutique hair salon, head over to their Facebook page or Instagram page. She's an amazing hair colourist and I would highly recommend her if you're after a particular style, cut or colouring. 

Are you looking to change up your hair for Spring/Summer? 

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