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Thursday, August 24, 2017


Introducing Bioderma's NEW Cicabio range, where it's the best solution for S.O.S skin saviours...

With the surge of non-surgical procedures, laser treatments and facial peels...it can all leave us with skin discomfort after a particular procedure. That's why Bioderma recently released their Cicabio range which is made to repair damaged, stressed or irritated skin. The range is formulated healing and intensive ingredients such as Resveratrol, Copper, Zinc and Hyaluronic Acid, which all help to restore the epidermal layer of the skin. Furthermore, you can look to expect the products to leave your skin feeling hydrated and purified. 

The products new to the Cicabio range includes of their Crème and Pommade which are ideal for wound healing and protection of the skin's barrier. It simply relieves any itching or irritations which is ideal for major skin damage or very dry skin. These are great to have in your medicine cabinet because they have an excellent skin tolerance, and most importantly it's even safe for kids to use. 

Learn more about the range below x

Cicabio Pommade, (40ml), RRP $17.99 

I tried and tested the Pommade onto my cracked heels, and can I just say that it works amazingly well in looking to repair any signs of dryness. It's essentially an ointment designed for dehydrated or damaged skin. It's very hydrating for an ointment, plus it looks to relieve any discomfort as well as purifying the areas of the skin. I love how soothing this ointment feels on the skin and it's highly ideal for repairing damaged skin.

Ideal for: 
  • Major skin damage: Facial peels or laser treatment
  • Very dry and dehydrated skin: Chapping, cracked heels or contact dermatitis, etc. 

Cicabio Crème, (40ml), RRP $15.99 

And if you're after more of a soothing and moisturising cream base, then you may like their Crème version from the Cicabio range. It's made to relieve any discomfort from any minor skin damage such as skin irritations, redness, bites, etc. I felt that this product was super breathable on the skin as I applied it onto my mosquito bites. It even helps to prevent bacteria growth whilst relieving the urge to scratch which is a major plus.  

Ideal for: 
  • Any minor skin damage: Superficial peeling or non-abrasive laser treatment, 
  • Dry skin: Redness, overheating, mosquito bites, chicken pox and other skin irritations. 

The new Cicabio range is now available from Adore Beauty and www.cosmetiquesdefrance.com.au

Have you tried these before? 

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