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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Let's talk about Burt's Bees latest lip colour range. 
Featuring nature's crayon, there's a little gloss and shine to it. Then, we have the Tinted Lip Oils which gives of a hint of colour and moisture for the lips....

When it comes to new lip colours and products, I am all for it. Recently, I tried and tested a few selections from the Burt's Bees Lip colour range being their Gloss Lip Crayons and Tinted Lip oils, and they're seriously so worth trying out. I wasn't expecting a lip crayon to give off so much pigmentation, moisture and gloss when I first swatched them out. I was definitely impressed with the overall formula of the 'Gloss Lip Crayons' and would highly recommend them if you're after a product that offers some gloss and shine. And as for their 'Tinted lip oils', I was thinking maybe it might be too sticky and oily, but it's nowhere as near that and I had fun giving these a go.

Check them out in full below x

Gloss Lip Crayon 

Yas! I've finally tried out their Gloss Lip crayons which I've been so keen to try out. It definitely brings back memories as a child where I collected so many colouring books and crayons. Now we have a beauty product, similar to the 'crayon', that looks to colour the lips beautifully thanks to Burt's Bees. 

The Gloss lip crayon has the same texture just like a crayon, i.e. it glides on so smoothly and well when applied onto the lips. It leaves your lips feeling very nourished which is great because you can literally skip the lip balm before application. (YAY)  

It's even 100% natural where it contains Jojoba oil, Kendi Oil and Shea Butter which is what proves to leave your lips feeling nourished and hydrated all day long. It has been proven to stay nourished for up to eight hours which is amazing. 

The Gloss lip crayons don't have a fragrance to it which is ideal and they finish off with a sheer and glossy look on the lips. 


Tried & Tested 

Starting from the top to bottom (Gloss Lip Crayons by Burt's Bees): 

412 - Sanorini Sunrise - This is a light, peachy and nude shade which would look so gorgeous during a sunny day out. 

432 - Bordeauz Vines - This is a deep, maroon type of shade which looks very mystical and vixen. Spruce up your look with a shade that stands out from the crowd. 

431 - Tahitian Sunset - This a lovely warm toned, cherry shade. It looks very neutral and adds a tinge of elegance for your lips. 

413 - Pink Lagoon - If you're after a baby pink and soft subtle shade, this is the one you should try out. It's super pretty looking! 

421 - Pacific Coast - This is more of a deep pink but with a hint of redness to it. It's a statement shade and would look lovely with any outfit you rock. 

Which is your favourite shade? 

Tinted Lip Oils 

These Tinted Lip oils are great for nourishing the lips and also adding a hint of colour to it. They're 100% natural and do not feel anywhere as near sticky or oily. The formula is incredibly hydrating and it looks to reduce the appearance of fine lines on the lips. The finish off the tinted lip oils is definitely sheer looking and it's a great way to nourish the lips if you don't feel like rocking a lipstick or gloss. 

As for the actual lip product itself, you have to click the pen several times for the liquid to absorb out of its brush tip. It's a great way to activate the product and ensure a neat application on the lips. 

What I love about it is that it uses a non-sticky formula which is perfect for an all day everyday wear. The Tinted Lip oils contain a blend of Meadowfoam Seed and Coconut oil which really looks to hydrate your lips, making it perfect for this winter. 


Tried & tested 

Starting from the top to bottom (Tinted Lip Oils): 

604 - Caramel Cloud - I know the name sounds just as delicious! This is a neutral and subtle looking shade for the lips. If anything, it adds a light shine for your lips which is great for the bare minimum makeup look. 

612 - Showering Sunset - This is such a pretty pink colour that looks amazing on the lips. It doesn't look too vibrant but gives of that sheer and elegant look.  

630 - Misted Plum - This is a light shade that doesn't look too dark. If anything, you will notice a deeper maroon/red tone but it's very subtle looking. 

621 - Crimson Breeze - This is a fun and tropical shade to play around with. It reminds me of a fun watermelon shade that's ideal for spring and summer. 


Have you tried any of the new lip colours by Burt's Bees

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