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Friday, August 18, 2017


Who doesn't love lipsticks that are made with natural ingredients? 

Recently, I checked out the gorgeous natural range of lipsticks by Karen Murrell. Can we first appreciate how beautiful they look? A Karen Murrell lipstick is sold every ten seconds globally and no wonder the natural lipsticks are in high demand. The Karen Murrell lipstick range are made from natural ingredients including avocado oil, carnauba wax and sweet orange. The pigments are all natural and it still retains an amazing colour to them. They're designed in New Zealand and made in Melbourne, Australia. 

The best aspect about the Karen Murrell lipstick range is that it doesn't contain any nasties such as mineral oils, parabens or preservatives which is so important when it comes to putting products on your skin or lips. They're also cruelty free which means they are never tested on animals. For a natural lipstick that offers long staying power, who wouldn't want to rock them on a night out!

So I decided to test out the range to see what it could do for my lips, check it out below x

Shades from left to right: Violet Mousse, Sandstorm and Magenta Moon. 

Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks

The whole gist of the these natural lipsticks is that "nothing nasty touches your lips". They all contain natural ingredients, are very long-lasting and come with a creamy and smooth application for the lips. As previously mentioned before, there are no nasties in these lipsticks and it's all about the natural ingredients. Some of you may be thinking what about the colour payoff or whether it's long-lasting for a natural based lipstick... Well let me tell you...these definitely ticked all of the boxes and they look and feel great on the lips.

Did I also mention how nourishing and moisturising they feel? You can actually see how hydrating they look with my swatches of the natural lipsticks below. It's nowhere as near flaky or dry which is so important when it comes to your makeup application. 

Furthermore, these lipsticks have a cinnamon scent to them which smells so delicious and even better if you love cinnamon in general. 

Karen Murrell's natural lipsticks retails for A$35 and is available online at www.karenmurrell.com and also at an extensive range of natural living stores and natural product websites. 

Tried & tested

Starting from the top to bottom featuring Karen Murrell's natural lipsticks: 

Violet Mousse - Ladies if you're looking for a perfect wearable lipstick for everyday, you'll fall in love with this shade. It somewhat reminds me of a Kylie Jenner shade which looks so beautiful on the lips and would suit just about any occasion. 

Magenta Moon - This shade is so romantic looking and would be ideal for date night or even simply for a girl's night out. The shade is so warm and it would definitely be very stunning on the lips. 

Sandstorm - This is more of a nude/tan type of shade that would simply suit those with more of a medium to darker skin tone. For me personally, I love wearing more of the Magenta Moon and Violet Mousse shades as they stand out better for me on the lips. However, you can never go wrong with a nude when you're wanting to rock a bare minimum look for the lips as they're also moisturising. 

Shades from left to right: Carnation Mist, Poppy Passion, Coral Dawn, True Love and Scarlet Blaze. 

Karen Murrell's New Five Shade Lip Palette 

Imagine a lip palette that stores all of your favourite shades within one handy and stylish case? This lip palette has been personally handpicked by Karen herself as they're made to be wearable for everyday and feature stunning colours that I'd wear. 

In this palette, there are five stunning shades from her best selling collection including: 06 Carnation Mist, 08 Coral Dawn, 11 Scarlet Blaze, 17 Poppy Passion and 20 True Love. I feel that you get a bit of everything in this palette ranging from soft roses, to vibrant tangerine and beautiful pinks. They're so beautiful to wear on the lips for just about any occasion and the best thing about it is that you can have it conveniently packed in your handbag or purse. They feel so lightweight on the lips and I can comfortably wear it on all night long. 

Their lip palettes are made with all natural and nourishing ingredients which go on creamy and smoothly onto the lips. Most importantly, they're made from hydrating pigments which means that it protects your lips from any dryness or cracking which is ideal for cold and winter days. If you're after long-lasting day or night wear, especially for a natural based lipstick, I would highly recommend this amazing palette. It also comes with a lip brush and mirror making it perfect for travelling purposes or whenever you feel like touching up on the go. 

Karen Murrell's five shade palette retails for A$65 and is available online at www.karenmurrell.com and also at an extensive range of natural living stores and natural product websites. 


Have you tried any of the Karen Murrell lipsticks before? 

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