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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Jurlique recently introduced their new Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream. 

If you're after a new day cream that looks to smooth fine lines and revitalise dull skin, then look no further. Jurlique recently introduced their new Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream (RRP $69 / 50ml), after much success from their Herbal Recovery skincare collection. As you all know, I've been incorporating their Advanced Serum and Advanced Eye Serum into my daily skincare routine. Both of these products really look to penetrate deep into the fine lines by helping to minimise any signs of fatigue and tiredness. 

Of course, I was so excited when Jurlique released a day cream within their Herbal Recovery range because that means I can look to achieve healthier and glowing skin once again. It has got to be one of the most powerful anti-ageing moisturiser I've tried to date, as it contains a whole heap of antioxidants that helps to promote your skin's natural glow. 

If you're after a skincare routine that incorporates nourishing and powerful ingredients, then make sure you check out the below: 

Herbal Recovery, Advanced Day Cream, RRP $69 

New to Jurlique's Herbal Recovery range, the Advanced Day cream is ideal for those wanting a powerful day moisturiser that deeply hydrates the skin, reduces the appearances of fine lines and rejuvenates dull looking skin in general. With continued use of the Advanced Day Cream, I've seen my skin glowing more than usual which is absolutely a positive result for my skin. There's something about its ingredients which looks to smooth our skin's tone leaving it feeling softer and more supple. I decided to do some research and discovered that it contains a blend of over 18 botanicals, with Japanese Cedar Bud extract being its star ingredient. This helps you to give you more of a youthful glow for your skin in the longer run. Simply massage the day cream onto your face, neck and d├ęcolletage every morning. 

Herbal Recovery, Advanced Serum, RRP $70 

For a gel concentrate serum, it's very lightweight and absorbs quickly on the skin which is great. When applied onto the skin every night, you'll notice that your skin will glow the very next morning. With continued use of the Advanced Serum, you can expect improved dullness and dehydration of the skin. I really liked how this product instantly left my skin feeling so hydrated and more youthful again. It's definitely an amazing anti-ageing product to shield against the signs of ageing. 

Herbal Recovery, Advanced Eye Serum, RRP $60

At my current age, I'm constantly applying on eye products to help retain more of a youthful appearance. Of course, it comes down to which products works for your skin type and preference, but I personally enjoy using the Jurlique range because of its high performance and botanical ingredients. I tried on the Advanced Eye serum and instantly I could see the areas around my eyes becoming brighter which is great. The eye treatment looks to reduce any signs of fatigue and make the area appear more radiant. I felt that this product really hydrated my eye areas and that's so important because the change in weather can definitely make it feel really dry. 


Have you tried any of the products from Jurlique's Herbal Recovery range? 

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