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Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Ever wondered what are the important beauty essentials to pack in your beach bag? Check out the below x

It's convenient to be equipped and stocked with the important essentials for this summer, especially when you're travelling for a weekend getaway...either to the beach or the Coast. You just never know when you'll need to refreshen up your hair or pop on some sun tanning oil to achieve that effortless look. 

Here's what I'll be packing in my beach bag for this summer coming... 

Dry Shampoo - Keune 

If you guys haven't tried out Keune's Dry shampoo, then you definitely need to get ahead and try this out for yourself. It's definitely has been a favourite of mine and it's even better when it comes in 75ml travel sized packaging. Essentially, you would just use this dry shampoo between washes in order to freshen up and absorb any excess oil that weighs your hair down. Plus it's great for amplifying the volume which is another great benefit of using this dry shampoo. 

As it contains bamboo extracts making it ideal for strengthening your hair. By having a bottle of this dry shampoo in the bag, it's great for freshening up your hair in the afternoons or right after a beach session. 

Mineral Hairspray - Keune 

The Mineral hairspray by Keune is a handy product to have handy in your bag, because you never know when you need to tame any fly-aways and frizzy hair. This hairspray is very lightweight and allows for an intense hold which is great if you want to avoid any sticky or heavy hairsprays out there. This little bottle of saviour works well to curb any fly-aways and frizz which is perfect for windy days. 

Mousse Styling - Keune 

The Mousse Styling by Keune is a highly concentrated product that helps you to add volume to blow dried styles. It keeps your hair looking healthy at the same time which is great for those with damaged looking hair. Personally, I tend to use mousse products before blow drying my hair for an extra volumising and styled look. 

Sun Tan Oil, Coconut SPF 15 - Reef 

The Reef Sun Tan Oil in SPF 15 is a light and easy to use product that easily absorbs on the skin leaving it feeling smoother, softer and supple. It is a little sticky but a little trick is to sit in the sun for a few minutes for the oil to completely warm up. It contains moisturisers and vitamin E which is great for dry skin.

It contains SPF 15 which is ideal for protecting the skin against harsh UVA and UVB rays. If you're looking for a tanning lotion that doesn't feel too greasy or oily, then the Reef Sun Tan Oil may be ideal for you. I have started to use this tanning oil and I must say the coconut fragrance is highly addictive. It doesn't irritate the skin which is great for if you want to achieve a deep even tan. 


Have you tried any of these products as mentioned above? 

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