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Wednesday, October 4, 2017


The Revelation Eyeshadows by Gilded Cage are so creamy and pigmented. They're long-lasting and look fab on. 

They're so easy to create any look with, whether you're after smokey eyes or something less dramatic..there are a variety of colours to choose from. The eyeshadow comes with a built-in felt tip applicator which essentially helps you to "smudge" out certain looks. And the eyeshadows are buildable which is perfect if you're wanting to intensify the look.

What I love about these eyeshadows is that they're long-lasting and there's no fallout. The colours are so vibrant, shimmery and they look gorgeous either as a shade alone or blended. 

For a quick and fast application, the Revelation Eyeshadows by Gilded Cage does a great job in looking to bring some colour to the eyes. I love the shimmery and metallic finish to the eyeshadow range because they're so wearable to just about any occasion. Depending on which colours you opt for, there's definitely plenty to choose from. 

Simply use the applicator tip as provided or even with your fingertips to create a look that you're after. The range is free from nasties such as paraben, fragrances, D5 and talc, as well as being a cruelty-free brand. 

Featuring the lovely Revelation Eyeshadows by Gilded Cage. 

Do you spot a favourite colour? 



From top to bottom:
  • #Gilded - Featuring a gold shimmery and signature shade, that would look so lovely for a formal occasion or even a night out with the girls. I really love how pigmented and vibrant this shade turned out on my skin. 
  • #5 - A warm toned shimmery brown that would suit all skin colours out there. It's simply the perfect shade for Fall or Spring season. 
  • #23 - This is a lovely rose gold shade that can be utilised as a blush, highlighter or eyeshadow. How gorgeous does it just look? 
  • #12 - More of a cooler toned brown which is perfect for a soft and sultry look. I love to use this shade for weddings as it's just easier to wear on the eyelids. 
  • #7- A lovely and romantic pink shade for those who want to create a flirty and fun look with the eyes. You can never go wrong with a pink! 
  • #16 - This is a warmer toned "silver" which gives your overall look some "oomph" to it. 
  • #25 - If you're after a cooler toned "silver, this is the shade you need! 
  • #30 - For a royal blue shade, this would look perfect for a dress-up or dinner event. 
  • #8 - For all of the purple lovers out there. 
  • #17 - This is a dramatic metallic green if you're after more of an intensified look. 


Have you tried any of these by Gilded Cage? 

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