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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Recently I tried out a few newbies from the Designer Brands range, including the Tinted Gel Moisturiser and Limited Edition Vivid Chrome eyeshadows. 

Designer Brands has always been an affordable range especially for those on a budget. Here are a few newbies that I've tried out from Designer Brands, which I am happy to share my thoughts with you today. 

All of the Designer Brands products are available via https://www.dbcosmetics.com.au and they do free local shipping on orders over $60. Otherwise, you can try to find your nearest stockist here

Check out the below x 

Sheer Radiance, Tinted Gel Moisturiser, RRP $14.99 

For those days where you just want to skip on foundation, you can always opt for a tinted gel moisturiser, just like the one pictured above by Designer Brands. It's super affordable as compared to foundation, and it would allow for a light to medium coverage for everyday. 

This tinted moisturiser is designed to nourish and hydrate the skin, as well as helping to create a flawless complexion. Some of the key ingredients that are featured in this moisturiser includes Cocoa Butter, Q10, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Shea Butter. I actually felt that this tinted moisturiser was great for everyday as it's not too heavy as compared to your regular foundations. 

Obviously if you're after more coverage then this may not be for you. I personally enjoy using tinted moisturisers because they have some sort of minimal coverage as well as the nourishing factor which are so important for me. Plus, they're so lightweight to wear which is great because I always love to feel comfortable. 

As for shades made available, there are two shades being Light Medium and Medium Dark. 

From left to right: 845 Sin, 844 Exposed, 846 Whisper, 842 Luster and 843 Glisten. 

New Limited Edition, Vivid Chrome Eyeshadow Pots, RRP $8.99

Check out these amazing new chrome eyeshadow pots by Designer Brands. They're highly pigmented and are a great way to make your eyeshadow pop and last all day long. It comes in a unique cream to powder formula, which is so easy to blend and apply onto the eyelids. It really feels so smooth as you apply it onto the lids, and what I love about these is that they don't fade or flake which is ideal. 

There are five gorgeous shades made available and I've provided swatches of them below for you to see. Furthermore, these eyeshadows are so versatile which means that you can blend them together to create a dramatic or intensified look, or simply use as alone. 

Featuring the 5 shades made available...

844 Exposed 

843 Glisten

842 Luster 

845 Sin 

846 Whisper



From top to bottom: 

843 Glisten - More of a golden shade that would so look so gorgeous and chic, perfect for summer coming. 

846 Whisper - This colour looks similar to 842 Luster (just below it) which is of a shimmery brown, but it has more of a cooler undertone to it. It's definitely a shade I'd rock for Spring/Summer. 

842 Luster - More of a warmer toned brown shade with a hint of a copper colour to it. This is such a fun colour for Spring. 

845 Sin - This is a dark purple/blue shade that is ideal for a smokey eye look. 

844 Exposed - For a gorgeous burgundy/maroon red shade, this is a sexy and fierce colour to rock for the eyes. 


Have you tried any of the above? 

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