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Thursday, November 23, 2017


There are skincare products that are pure, safe and beneficial such as Arbonne's latest RE9 Advanced skincare range...that's not to be missed. 

It has taken three years for Arbonne to develop their latest RE9 Advanced skincare line, which incorporates Sustainable Orange Stem Cells which means that it helps your skin to look more rejuvenated and youthful. With the cleaner formulas contained in these products, it means that they're able to deliver even better results for your skin. Also, they're formulated without animal-derived ingredients, PEGs or any synthetic fragrances which is great to know. Majority of the ingredients contained in these products are more botanically based. 

Recently I tried out their Smoothing Facial Cleanser and Corrective Eye cream. I thought I'd give them both a try because I was curious to see what their clean and botanical ingredients were all about. I'm constantly trying out different eye creams to see what works and what doesn't. 

RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser, RRP $69 

This facial cleanser contains a pearlescent crème formula which creates a light foam to wash away any dirt, oil and impurities on the skin. It also contains a plant-derived moisturiser in it as well which means it leaves your skin feeling really hydrated and super soft after cleansing.

I felt that this product didn't strip my skin or leave it feeling dry which is amazing to know. Ideally when it comes to skincare, I always look for products that don't dry out the skin or leave it looking flaky, dull and dehydrated. As for its fragrance, it doesn't have any harsh or strong smell at all which is ideal for those who are fussy about fragrant products. If anything it smells close to a natural botanical type of scent. This facial cleanser is made for all skin types to use including sensitive skin and really looks to give your skin an effective cleanse. 

Although this cleanser is placed on the more pricey end of the scale, it really looks to do a thorough job removing all of the impurities from your skin. 

RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Cream, RRP $85 

If you're looking for an eye cream that deeply hydrates the eye area and helps to reduce the appearance of fine line, the RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye cream may be ideal for you. I tried this eye cream for about a few weeks and already found that it helped to provide a great level of moisturisation as well as reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. (If you want to rid the appearance of dark circles and eyebags, using an eye cream such as the RE9 Advanced by Arbonne, will definitely help your situation). 

Results showed after about five days of using this eye cream, considering that I used it twice a day. With continued use of the corrective eye cream, you can look to expect the eye areas to look more radiant and youthful looking. (Say goodbye to tired looking eyes!) 

For more information, you can look to check out Arbonne's official website here


Have you tried out any of the above products by Arbonne? 

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