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Monday, November 6, 2017


Not sure how to use the Flawless Liquid Foundation and Flawless Concealer? Here are my personal tips on how to get the perfect finish.....

The latest range by Nude by Nature can help you to create a flawless look that is so perfect for summer coming. If you're after shimmery copper for the eyelids, bronzed and high defined cheekbones as well as long-lasting makeup, then you definitely need to check out the new Flawless Collection by Nude by Nature as it's cruelty free and 100% naturally derived. 

All of the mentioned products are now available online or in-stores. 

Check out the below to learn more about my personal tips and tricks using the latest Flawless Liquid Foundation and Concealer by Nude by Nature: 

Flawless Liquid Foundation, Nude by Nature,
 RRP $39.95 

A great aspect of the NEW Flawless Liquid Foundation is that it's available in ten amazing shades and offers a medium to full coverage wear. It's even suitable for those with sensitive skin. My shade is in W4 Soft Sand in case you guys were wondering and it provides such a natural and smooth finish for my overall makeup. I love the fact that it covers all of my blemishes, sun-spots and imperfections. This foundation uses natural pigments that allow for a flawless and smooth complexion. It has a very silky texture minus any silicones which is better for your skin in the longer run. This product is oil-free and fragrance free, giving you a satin matte finish to your overall makeup. Some key ingredients which stood out for me includes Bamboo Powder (which allows for soft focus), Baobab Fruit Extract and antioxidant Kakadu Plum which leaves you with an even coverage. 

My beauty tips: 
  • This foundation is really fast drying which is why it's best to start by using smaller amounts onto a foundation brush or sponge. Using just 1 pump onto a brush, look to work this all around the face and neck, section by section. 
  • Use circular motions to buff out the foundation in order to achieve a smooth and natural finish. A dabbing motion is the key to keeping your foundation in place. 
  • Before applying on another layer of foundation, wait for the foundation to settle in the skin first, then look to apply on another layer. 
  • To avoid clumps and uneven foundation application, I recommend the Prime Airbrush Mineral Primer, Nude by Nature (as pictured below), as this creates an even base for your makeup. It blends seamlessly on the skin leaving you with a smooth base to work on for your foundation stage. 

Prime, Airbrush Mineral Primer, Nude by Nature, 
RRP $29.95 

I loved using the Prime Airbrush Primer as it looks to create a flawless, smooth base, preparing your skin for foundation and concealer. If you're after a luminous and healthy complexion, I recommend using this particular primer beforehand as it looks to disguise any imperfections that you may have. (If you don't have any imperfections then lucky you) 

My Beauty tip: 
  • As mentioned above, I'd apply the primer to fresh clean skin before using the foundation. 
  • Wait for the primer to settle into the skin completely (especially if you have oily skin) before looking to apply the foundation. 

Flawless Concealer, Nude by Nature, RRP $24.95

Let's talk about concealing imperfections, dark circles and anything else that needs to be covered. The Flawless Concealer is a creamy full coverage product that covers any imperfections so well. If anything it feels like having a second skin thanks to its natural pigments. This concealer was able to conceal all of my dark circles and imperfections so well that I would highly regard this product as one of my top favourite concealers to use. This concealer comes in an easy to use stick format making it so convenient to use in certain and targeted areas of the skin. It leaves you with a satin matte finish. 

My beauty tips: 
  • Look to conceal any redness, dark circles and uneven skin tone after applying on your foundation. 
  • You can use a beauty blender to dab in the concealer, or by using clean fingers to dab in the product onto the targeted areas.  

Mineral Finishing Veil, Nude by Nature, RRP $39.95 

This is a translucent mineral loose powder which is essential for locking in all of your makeup as well as helping to control any shine and adding a soft effect for your look. This mineral powder definitely leaves you more with a natural finish. 

My beauty tip: 
  • Take a small amount of the Veil Powder onto the brush, tap off any excess and look to apply this all over your face. 
  • Ideal for those who have oily skin as it helps to absorb any excess oil. 

Contour Palette, Nude by Nature, RRP $39.95 

Should you be wanting to highlight your cheekbones or certain areas of your face, you may prefer to check out this contour palette which is fragrance free. It also contains Vitamin E, Avocado oil and Jojoba Oil to help perfect your overall complexion. There are three colors available which all help to deliver a combination of glow and highlight, with warmth and depth tones. Either contour the cheeks to create a slimmed and defined look or finish off with rosy cheeks for a healthy and glowing complexion. 

My beauty tips: 
  • Look to use the bronze shade to add depth and definition to your face, 
  • Use the rose shade to create a glowing and radiant complexion, 
  • Use the champagne shade to highlight and illuminate your cupid's bow, brow bone or even cheekbones. 

Shimmering Sands Loose Eyeshadow, 
Nude by Nature, RRP $22.95

This is a loose high pigmented eyeshadow in colour 02 Coral Sand, which is perfect for creating a luminous finish for your overall eye look. If you want to create more depth, this is the product to choose! As you can see from my swatch above, it's super pigmented and the colour is just amazing. On the eyelids it looks phenomenal and if you're after a shimmery eye look, Coral Sand is the way to go. 

My beauty tip: 
  • Apply to the eyelids using integrated brush applicator, 
  • You can even apply this alone or on-top of another eyeshadow colour. 

Touch of Glow Highlight Stick,
 Nude by Nature, RRP $24.95

The Touch of Glow Highlight Stick is made to enhance your features more by adding a hint of glow to your cheekbones or brow bones. This product is perfect for creating dimension, colour and luminosity which emphasises your facial features. Pictured above is in shade Champagne, which instantly illuminates and adds a hint of sheen to your overall look. 

My beauty tips: 
  • Simply glide the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick across your cheekbones and blend with clean fingers or a beauty blender, 
  • You can even glide this across your brow bones for an extra pop of colour. 

Featuring the 10 shades of the Flawless Liquid Foundation, Nude by Nature 


Have you tried the new Flawless Collection by Nude by Nature as yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

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