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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Essano launches their Clear Complexion skincare range which is made with natural ingredients and clinically proven to treat oily and problem prone skin. 

As I do suffer from problematic skin such as acne prone skin, I tend to stick with products that are not too drying and are made for oily skin. The Clear Complexion range by Essano is the perfect alternative to medicated acne solutions because it has been specifically formulated to aid with congested, polluted and oily skin. 

What makes the Clear Complexion range so effective is that it contains Bio-D-Tox which comprises of Aloe Vera, Citrus BioF, Broccoli and Probiotics. All thanks the Bio-D-Tox, it has been clinically proven to control your sebum levels as well as improve your skin tone and moisture. If you're suffering from inflamed or sensitive skin, the Probiotics helps to balance your skin in the process. The Clear Complexion skincare products by Essano are now available at Priceline stores nationally and online. 

The Clear Complexion range by Essano consists of the below: 

Oil Control Moisturiser, RRP 19.99 

This is a super fast-absorbing gel based moisturiser that's infused with Probiotics. This gel moisturiser does look to leave the skin feeling hydrated and it aids in controlling oil by providing a shine-free and matte finish. I love using this moisturiser for everyday because it keeps it looking fresh all day long. 

Purifying Gel Cleanser, RRP 14.99 

This cleanser is infused with Rosemary which leaves it smelling botanical and natural. This is soap-free cleansing gel that leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. After using this cleanser, I felt that it did a great job in cleansing my skin from impurities, oil and dirt. It doesn't strip the skin which is essential if you suffer from oily and congested skin. 

Blemish Gel, RRP $15.99 

Their Blemish Gel works to reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation on your skin. Should you have any obvious spots/acne on your skin, simply dab some of the Blemish Gel onto the spot. The redness should subside and overtime, you can look to achieve clearer skin because it contains Salicylic Acid (essential in providing relief and a solution against breakouts). I literally had a spot on my chin the other night and so I dabbed a little of the Blemish Gel onto it - in a few minutes I saw less redness which is amazing. 

Detoxifying Serum, ECOCERT, RRP $30.99 

This is very lightweight serum that really looks to hydrate the skin. If anything, I felt that by using this serum, it helped to leave my skin feeling more moisturised and smoother. Over time and with regular use, you can look to expect fewer breakouts with a controlled skincare regime. If you have dry flaky skin, the serum would be ideal in this context as it will help to revitalise your skin once again. 

Mist Toner, ECOCERT, RRP $12.99 

When I first saw the Mist Toner, I noticed that it had Witch Hazel which is the perfect ingredient in helping to close any large pores on your skin (if you have any that is....). This comes very useful for me because my pores are large and obvious especially around my nose. I've been using the Mist Toner every night and so far haven't seen any dramatic results as yet. It does offer a very soothing feeling after spritzing it onto my skin so I guess I'll still be using this for summer! 


Have you tried any of the above from the Clear Complexion range by Essano? 

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