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Monday, May 14, 2018


Looking my best has never been so easy...when it comes to personalising your skincare regime with the right products....

Recently I tried and tested some products from the Elucent Whitening and Anti-ageing range as I was in need in looking to revamp my skincare routine. Prior to using these products, I've found that my skin started to show more sun spots/pigmentation due to sun exposure and started to notice more of an uneven skin tone which I wasn't happy with. 

So I decided to tweak my skincare regime and integrate more of the Elucent Whitening and Anti-ageing skincare range as it supposedly has a richer feel which helps to reduce dehydration, dullness and pigmentation. One of their products I've been loving for a while has to be their Anti-ageing Gentle Cleanser as it really leaves your pores cleared and skin being refined. I didn't feel any signs of dryness after cleansing my skin with this product and personally it's a must have in my beauty cabinet. 

Furthermore, I've started to use Whitening Spot Corrector by Elucent which has definitely left my skin feeling more toned and even once again. It looks to leave your skin complexion looking brighter and feeling so much smoother. If you're after a product that targets uneven skin tone, then you definitely need to get your hands on this product. 

For more information regarding Elucent, check out their official website here

Products are available via Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist or Elucent's Ego e-shop

To give you an idea of the products that I integrated into my skincare routine, they include of the below in no specific order: 

Elucent Anti-ageing Gentle Cleanser with 2% AHAs 

This is a must have for those looking for a blend of cleanser that doesn't dry out the skin or strip it from its natural oils. Thanks to the combination of AHAs and vitamins B3 and E, they all work synergistically so that your skin feels and looks more revitalised the day after. I really enjoyed using this cleanser as it left my skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and ready for the day. 

Elucent Whitening Spot Corrector 

I felt this Whitening Spot Corrector did a great job in looking to even out my skin tone, leaving it feeling smooth and silky. Although my dark spots haven't completely disappeared, it will certainly take some time to see clearer results. However, I do like the fact that the Whitening Spot Corrector looks to leave your skin looking much brighter and healthier (all thanks to its powerful antioxidants). 

Elucent Whitening Night Moisturiser 

This is a very rich night time moisturiser which helps to leave the skin well moisturised and hydrated. Another great aspect of the moisturiser, is that it works to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolouration of the skin. After using the moisturiser on my skin every night, the next morning I did feel that my skin felt softer and looked so much brighter. This moisturiser definitely comes in hand especially for the cold season, as the weather can look to leave our skin feeling dry, dull and flaky. 

Elucent Whitening Day Moisturiser SPF 30+ 

I've been using the Whitening Day Moisturiser daily for the added skin protection (thanks to its SPF30+) as well as its powerful moisturising agents. This product definitely left my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth. Once again thanks to its whitening skin benefits, the day time moisturiser works to even out the skin tone as well as reduce any skin pigmentation cells. Most importantly, it's made for all skin types out there and it does not clog the pores which is ideal. 

Overall, by revamping my skincare regime I was able to see better results in terms of achieving a brighter and clearer complexion. My sun spots have gradually reduced which is amazing because it's all about focusing on whitening skincare products that works for your skin. I've found that by simply taking charge of my skin and giving it the care that it needs, you can definitely look to achieve results for the better. 


Have you tried out any of the Elucent products before? 

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