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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Beauties, are you after a new curling iron? 

The new EVY PROFESSIONAL E-Curl has a dual purpose which means you can use the clamp to create wonderful curls or simply via the wrapping technique which allows you to achieve quick-salon curls with just a quick twist method. This is perfect for time savers as it allows for quick styling. It also has a rotating cooling tip so that you get the fastest and safest styling control. 

When it comes to styling my hair, I'm always reaching out for the E-Curl as it's super easy to use and there are 5 adjustable heat settings which is ideal. I love the grip as it holds firmly in my hands and it's so easy to create quick curls within 5-10 minutes and I'm out the door. 

The Key features of the E-Curl include: 
  • 25mm round clamp which allows you to style your hair easily 
  • Dual purpose including curling clamp or wrap method using the quick twist 
  • Has a unique rotating cool tip for fast and styling control 
  • Patented EVY Mineral technology to lock in inner hydration for longer lasting curls 
  • Bevelled edge on clamp allows wrapped curls to be seamless with no marking 
  • 5 heat settings (140°C, 160°C, 180°C, 200°C, 220°C) with LED indicator light up 220°C for precise digital temperature adjustment – perfect for any hair type.

The EVY Professional E-Curl RRP $259 and be purchased here. 

Featuring the EVY E-Curl 

I used the EVY E-curl to start on the waves for my hair

Next on the list, I've been loving the Quad Tech Brush 53mm by EVY which is my go to brush for whenever I blow dry my hair. It has been handmade in Korea with Quad-Tec combination of carbon, ceramic, twist bristle and concave barrel. If you look closely, you'll see that the bristles are 'twisted' which means that it allows for extra grip and you get a gentle massage around the scalp. The Quad Tech Brush is definitely lightweight and holds comfortably in my grip. The handle consists of soft rubber allowing for smooth handling and comfort. 

Furthermore, by using this brush I could feel my hair was left looking shiny, static-free and silky. It makes it so much easier to style my hair as the brush doesn't feel too heavy or bulky at all. 

Key Features:
  • Twisted nylon bristles for extra grip and no slipping whilst gently massaging the scalp. 
  • Mineral infused bristles to emit ionic energy for smoother shinier brushing, eliminating static and fly away hair. 
  • Carbon and ceramic coated barrel means faster drying and styling. 
  • Super lightweight comfortable styling.
  • Concave shaped vented barrel retains heat for faster drying with better tension for extra volume/smoothing. 

The EVY Quad Tech Brush RRP $44.95 and can be purchased here

Featuring the EVY Quad Tech Brush 33mm 


Have you tried out any of the styling tools by EVY Professional? 

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