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Friday, August 31, 2018


If your skin is prone to dermatitis or eczema, seeking the best products for your skin is essential. 

The Atoderm Range by Bioderma is made for dry and sensitive skin (especially for those who suffer from Dermatitis or Eczema). I looked to try out their Ultra-rich Foaming Gel and Ultra Soothing Balm which helps to nourish, soothe and provide the hydration needed for your skin. These products are made without any nasties - i.e. no parabens, fragrances or soap which won't irritate the skin at all. 

Here are my thoughts on the below: 

Atoderm Intensive Ultra-Rich Foaming Gel, 500ml, 
RRP $34.99 

The foaming gel looks to relieve really dry and irritated skin for the whole family. It's suitable for babies, children and adults which is great for everyone to share around. The Ultra-Rich Foaming Gel is made to be used on the body and face. I felt that it left my skin feeling really cleansed and soothed which is great for a fragrance-free product. It lathers into a nice foam which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and comfortable. 

If you're after a fragrance-free product that won't look to irritate the skin, definitely do check out the Atoderm Intensive Ultra-Rich Foaming Gel. 

Atoderm Intensive Balm, 500ml, RRP $48.99 

Next, there's the Intensive Balm which is also made suitable for the whole family to use. Essentially it works as a 2-in-1 soothing and dermo skin treatment which works to restore healthy looking skin. Upon application of the Intensive Balm, I noticed that it works to quickly stop itching of the skin and reduces the urge to scratch further. Again, it's an amazing product that looks to soothe the sensitive and irritated skin. 

The above mentioned products are available at your local Priceline or Chemist Warehouse store. 


Have you tried out any products from the Bioderma range? 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018



Bean Body are known for their coffee-infused body scrubs..but this time they've released their NEW Foaming Latte Face Wash. 

Look to wake up and smell the coffee with the Foaming Latte Face Wash by Bean Body (which smells of Arabica coffee beans). It definitely gives you a boost of caffeine for your skin, which in a way stimulates your blood and skin cells. The face wash looks to target pores and tired looking skin, which is why I've been using this product religiously. 

The face wash looks to foam up really nicely which leaves you feeling revitalised and ready to start the day. Some essential ingredients include: Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Caffeine, Shea Butter as well as Rosemary essential oil. Your skin is left looking toned, revitalised, cleansed as well moisturised. It's definitely an ideal product to use for winter or even when you feel that your skin is dull or dry. Simply pop out the Foaming Latte Face Wash by Bean Body and instantly, you'll feel that your skin is rejuvenated and awakened. 

Some other pointers to note about the product is that it's vegan friendly, cruelty-free and there are no parabens (i.e. nasties) included which is amazing to know. 

The Foaming Latte Face Wash by Bean Body is available via their official website here

Featuring the Foaming Latte Face Wash by Bean Body 


Have you tried any others from the Bean Body range as yet? 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


The Nail Care System involves three simple steps which instantly exfoliates and hydrates your nails so that they appear healthier and stronger...

The Dr. Dana Nail Care system is clinically proven to support the appearance of healthier, stronger and smoother looking nails. Who suffers from brittle looking nails? I know that I do and thank goodness there's a product that looks to rejuvenate weak and brittle nails. 

Thanks to its function ingredients such as the proprietary bioactive Phyto Crystal Complex, which is a natural nail-hydrating formula that's essential for your cuticles. What I love about this product is that the results are instant, and what better way to healthier looking nails within minutes. 

There are three simple steps including: 
  • Step 1 - Glycolic prep for the nails - Twist the pen until a droplet appears on the applicator tip. Brush the tip onto each nail and allow product to absorb completely. 
  • Step 2 - Perfect grit priming wand - Start with Surface 01 and sweep over the nails about 2-5 times. You will start to notice a powdery overlay, this is when you should proceed to Surface 02 (for about 2-3 times). Continue with Surface 03, pressing more firmly, sweeping back and forth until you notice a nice shine to the nails. 
  • Step 3 - Deep hydrating formula - Twist the pen until the product saturates the applicator tip. Brush the tip onto the nails and cuticles. 

For best results, make sure to apply this product onto clean, nail polish-free nails. 

With continued use you can expect the appearance of healthier, stronger, smoother, shinier, glossier and less brittle nails. The botanical ingredients of the kit helps to condition and hydrate the nails and cuticles. I felt that this treatment was easy to apply at home and it's perfect for if you don't have the time to into your usual nail salon. 

The Dr. Dana Nail Care System, RRP $61.00, and is available via Nu Skin's official website here. 


Have you tried any similar nail care kits before? 

Monday, August 27, 2018


Are you guys ready to hear more about the iCurl Twin Heated Curler by Mirenesse? 

Mirenesse have recently launched their latest secret weapon featuring the iCurl Twin Heated Curler which offers a 90 degree lash curl and dramatic lift. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries, the twin heated pads act like mini curling tongs just for the lashes. It's perfect for if you have super straight lashes and wanting to make them appear bigger and wider (like myself). 

When trying out the Twin Heated Curler, I realised how much my lashes appeared more curled which is amazing. Sometimes I struggle with trying to get my lashes to appear more curled but I have to say that this device is absolutely a life saverIt's 100% safe and gentle to use on the lashes, especially for those with sensitive eyes. You can literally achieve curled and big lashes within 1 minute and 15 seconds. 

The iCurl Twin Heated Curler, RRP $49.95. 

For more information, make sure you head over to their official website here

iCurl Secret Weapon 24HR Mascara 

This is absolutely a brilliant mascara that looks to help with lift and curl for the lashes. These definitely look to give you longer and thicker looking lashes. The brush is designed so that it hugs the lashes with groovers that fit the lashes between the strands. The formula doesn't clump or flake which is essential for me when it comes to selecting a mascara. 

The iCurl Secret Weapon 24HR Mascara RRP $39.95 and is available here. 


Have you tried out any of the above yet? 

Saturday, August 25, 2018


Giorgio Armani unveiled their LIP VIBES collection which consists of new shades for LIP MAESTRO and LIP MAGNET. These are super high pigmented liquid lip colours worth checking out. 

Who doesn't love super pigmented liquid lip colours? There are eight bold shades from Giorgio Armani's latest LIP VIBES collection, with four neon hues for LIP MAESTRO and four sophisticated red tones for LIP MAGNET. These lip colours allow women to express themselves, with the modern elegance that characterise the Giorgio Armani brand. 

These gorgeous and luxe looking liquid lipsticks are definitely worth checking out as they have high colour impact and pigmentation. Most importantly, they last on the lips all day and feel incredibly lightweight. For an all day wear, you won't have issues with it feeling too heavy or thick when worn on the lips all day. As for their overall packaging, you cannot go wrong with its stylish, elegant and luxury look. 

Check out my thoughts below x


For a luminous matte lip colour, the Lip Maestro by Giorgio Armani offers a rich and beautiful colour pay-off. For the finish result of this lip product, you get a combination of a matte and subtle glow to the lips. Your lips appear more plump and radiant thanks to its rich pigment and formula. As for the applicator, it comes with a soft tip that makes it very easy and efficient to apply to the lips without the mess and struggle. 


If there's one thing that sets the LIP MAGNET apart from the LIP MAESTRO, that would have to be the fact that it's a long-lasting matte lip colour with a second-skin effect. I realised that its finish is incredibly thinner than a lipstick and it doesn't leave a drying effect which is amazing. I can definitely wear the LIP MAGNET on all day long without having to worry about drying lips or the colour shifting throughout the day. Thanks to its incredible 'gradual evaporation' technology, this means that the colour becomes more intense over time. 

As for the applicator, it comes in a calligraphic style which means that it's made easier to line and fill the lips perfectly well. The overall colour looks so flawless on the lips and I'd definitely recommend this type of lip product if you're after an innovative and intense coloured lip product. 

Furthermore, for the colour range of LIP MAGNET from their LIP VIBES collection, there are a selection of seductive reds, such as bold, orange red...to a purple burgundy, berry-toned red shades. 

There are eight gorgeous shades from the LIP VIBES collection by Giorgio Armani. 

LIP MAESTRO - for bold and neon tones. 

LIP MAGNET - for striking, sophisticated reds. 

Featuring the LIP MAESTRO by Giorgio Armani



From top to bottom: 



N 302 - ORANGE - a citrus and gorgeous coral shade 

N 409 - RED - a striking and sensual red 

N 519 - PINK - a fun and playful pink tone

N 520 - PURPLE - a sultry cool toned purple 



N 304 - SCARLET - a rich orange-red colour 

N 405 - VERMILION - a pure red/orange tone 

N 513 - MAGENTA - a berry toned pinkish red

N 606 - BURGUNDY - a purple-red tone 


All of the above mentioned products can be found on the Giorgio Armani official website

Have you tried out any of their products? 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Look to tackle dry skin, cellulite and rough patches with the NEW Buff-ME Sugar Coffee Body Scrub by Raww Australian Organics...

If there's one ultimate skincare tip I'd highly recommend, that would be to always ensure to exfoliate the body with using a sugar/coffee scrub at least once a week. You can use any scrub you wish, but lately I've been loving the sugar and coffee combination. The super fine coffee grounds and brown sugar work well together to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. 

I came across the NEW Buff-ME Sugar Coffee Body Scrub by Raww Australian Organics which is under their Superfood infused beauty skincare range. The scrub comes with Wildberry Harvest, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Lime Oil - which all help to leave your skin feeling well moisturised and nourished. The body scrub definitely has a strong coffee aroma to it which is quite nice and it helps to stimulate your skin all thanks to the caffeine. 

When it comes to using a body scrub, I'd do this on a weekly basis (2-3 times a week), to ensure that I scrub away any flaky dead skin cells or rough patches. I find it so therapeutic every time I dedicate some time for pampering at home. 

The Buff-ME Sugar Coffee Body Scrub is RRP $24.99 and can be purchased here


What's your skincare regime like? 

Monday, August 20, 2018


Get holiday skin a tube...

If you're suffering from dry skin and wanting a quick fix in replenishing your skin, then you need to check out the Coconutter Body Milk by Lanolips. It's a very nourishing body milk that contains coconut oil and lanolin which delivers a continuous stream of moisture to the skin. This product is perfect for those with dry and dehydrated skin and it's ideal for this winter. 

Overall, I found the formula of the body milk to be absolutely lightweight and it really looked to leave my skin feeling ultra-soft and silky smooth. I've been using the Coconutter Body Milk every day now and can definitely see improved results for my skin. No longer am I having to suffer from dry and flaky skin as the Coconutter Body Milk does just the job in looking to keep my skin feeling moisturised and nourished all day long. 

The Coconutter Body Milk by Lanolips RRP $22.95 and is available at Mecca and Adore Beauty. 

Featuring the Coconutter Body Milk by Lanolips. 


Have you tried any of the products by Lanolips as yet? 

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Here are some beauty and skincare essentials I've been loving for this winter... 

If you're looking to spruce up your beauty cabinet with some new essentials for winter, then make sure to check out the below.

I came across a range of exciting newbies that I've been regularly reaching out for which includes: 

Ardell, Glamour Starter Kit 

If you're new to applying lashes then you may be interested in checking out this Starter Kit by Ardell. It comes with a stunning pair of lashes (101 Demi Lashes in Black), a lash applicator and lash adhesive. The style as pictured is well suited for those aiming for a natural look. It would definitely suit those with small, round and almond shaped eyes. 

Ardell, Wispies Multipack 

If you're a fan of the Wispies lashes by Ardell, then you'll be pleased to know that they now come in a multipack (4 x pair of lashes). Their lashes feature an invisible and lightweight band that feels comfortable to wear all day long. The 'Wispies' definitely leave you looking natural and it's not overly dramatic. 

Hydrate, Marula Oil, Shampoo and Conditioner 

For moisturised and nourished ends, I've been using the Hydrate Marula Oil (both Shampoo and Conditioner) by OGX. It smells amazing of succulent marula fruit and I noticed is that it really left my ends feeling softer and moisturised. 

Seba Med Clear Face, Coloured Anti-Pimple Cream 

For all of your acne needs, this Coloured Anti-pimple cream works to target and reduce pimples on the skin. It also looks to improve the tone and texture of the skin, so that it's not left feeling flaky, dry or cracked. Thanks to its Vitamin E ingredient, it helps to calm the skin as well as prevent any signs of pimple scarring which is so important. 

The pimple cream works by covering and clearing the pimple all at the same time. It reduces any signs of inflammation and dries out the pimples completely (without the uncomfortable feeling). 

PureSwiss HYDRAcalm Caring Milk Cleanser 

The milk cleanser works to rinse off any impurities whilst maintaining the skin's natural pH levels. It also works to hydrate, cleanse and moisturise the skin - all at the same time - making it a wonderful multi-tasking product to use on a daily basis. I didn't experience any signs of dryness or irritations which is amazing. There are no nasties included in the product such as paraben, etc. 

PureSwiss HYDRAcalm Lotion 

Similar to what a toner would do, this lotion is super hydrating and lightweight on the skin. It works to smooth out your skin's texture as well as leaving it feeling plump, hydrated and conditioned. I would use this toner twice a day - both morning and night and my skin would be glowing throughout the day. You can follow through with a serum or moisturiser after applying on this lotion to your face. 


Have you tried any newbies here? 

Friday, August 17, 2018


If you're after a super enriching glow oil for the skin, the Macqui + Acai Prickly Pear Goji, Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil may be your best bet. 

As we're in the middle of winter right now, you may find that you may be prone to dry, cracked and flaky skin. I recently discovered the Macqui + Acai Prickly Pear Goji, Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil by Youth To The People. The glow oil is super enriching and absorbs easily on the skin, most importantly it smells very pleasant (if I had to describe the scent, I'd say it's more along the lines of being very sweet and fresh). It's made in USA with 100% vegan ingredients, including cold-pressed extracts. Also, there are no nasties included in the product which means no parabens, animal testing, sulfates, mineral oils and phthalates. 

If you didn't know what Maqui is, it's essentially a dense fruit that contains the most antioxidants - and when combined with acai and goji, this results in a potent antioxidant elixir. I found that the glow oil really helps to lock in moisture where it leaves the skin looking more illuminated and glowing. It also assists with evening out the skin's tone and texture which is perfect if you're after a healthy skin complexion.

For a glow oil, it's very lightweight and comfortable to use on the skin. I'd simply apply approximately 2 drops into my palm, rub my hands together and then apply this to my face and d├ęcolletage. For my skincare routine, I love to incorporate this product after my serum but you can also use it after you moisturise your skin too. 

So far I've been really loving the Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil by Youth To The People. It really does look to leave your skin feeling more hydrated than usual which is ideal for winter and cold seasons. My skin glows all day long and I'll definitely be re-purchasing this in the future.  

The Superberry Hydrate Glow Oil by Youth To The People RRP $62 AUD and is available in-store and online at www.sephora.com.au on August 15th. 


Have you tried out any products from the range before?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Medik8's best selling blemish 'Balance Moisturiser' now comes with Glycolic Acid Activator. 

If you suffer from blemishes like myself, you'll be amazed at how incredible this Blemish Moisturiser (with glycolic acid activator) works. Basically the Glycolic Acid Activator supercharges the benefits of the moisturiser, resurfacing the skin whilst the Balance Moisturiser balances the complexion and boost hydration, leaving a mattifying overall look for your skin. 

The Balance Moisturiser comes with 97% oil-free Probiotic Mattifier and AHA Surface Protector. The formula of the product is really lightweight and doesn't look to weigh your skin down, nor does it leave it looking oily. I feel that the Glycolic Acid Activator works synergistically well with the Balance Moisturiser to give you a perfect base for the skin. 

As for application, I'd apply both products separately to my face, neck and d├ęcolletage, starting with the Glycolic Acid Activator once my skin is cleansed. Once dry, I would then follow through using the Balance Moisturiser. Also, it's wise to apply a SPF sunscreen over the skin if you'll be exposed to the sun.

After using the Balance Moisturiser by Medik8, I could definitely note a reduction in my blemishes as well as having rough textured skin. My skin felt super smooth after a few weeks of applying on the product on a daily basis. It really helps to decrease any shine and oil on the skin, giving you a mattified appearance. This is ideal for those with oily to combination skin because you want to reduce the oiliness of the skin. 

The Balance Moisturiser, RRP $89, and is available via Advanced Cosmeceuticals on 1800 242 011 or via www.medik8.com.au


Have you tried the above as yet? 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Cleansing Balm is enriched with their iconic signature blend of Apricot Oil 

I have been trying out a new cleansing balm by Nutrimetics featuring their latest Nutri-Rich Cleansing Balm which essentially looks to dissolve impurities and any traces of makeup, dirt and oil. It comes in a gel to balm formula which is infused with their iconic Apricot Oil. As soon as you massage the cleanser onto wet/dry skin, you'll start to work up a milky texture that leaves your skin feeling super cleansed, soft and nourished. It's great for a morning pick-me up or when you're cleansing off your makeup. What's great about this cleansing balm is that it's made suitable for all skin types. 

The cleansing balm comes in a 100ml squeeze sized bottle and you only need a little amount which goes a long way. The product smells amazing and offers a great amount of moisture for your skin. It's so perfect for winter as it leaves your skin feeling clean, hydrated and very soft (essential if you suffer from dry, dull and flaky looking skin). 

As a gentle makeup remover you cannot go wrong with this Cleansing Balm as it doesn't look to irritate or leave the skin feeling dry. It's my go to product for when I need a product that doesn't make my skin feel uncomfortable or irritated after cleansing. 

The Nutri-Rich Cleansing Balm RRP $39, and is available via Nutrimetics consultants or online www.nutrimetics.com.au 


Have you tried the Nutri-Rich Cleansing Balm?