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Saturday, August 18, 2018


Here are some beauty and skincare essentials I've been loving for this winter... 

If you're looking to spruce up your beauty cabinet with some new essentials for winter, then make sure to check out the below.

I came across a range of exciting newbies that I've been regularly reaching out for which includes: 

Ardell, Glamour Starter Kit 

If you're new to applying lashes then you may be interested in checking out this Starter Kit by Ardell. It comes with a stunning pair of lashes (101 Demi Lashes in Black), a lash applicator and lash adhesive. The style as pictured is well suited for those aiming for a natural look. It would definitely suit those with small, round and almond shaped eyes. 

Ardell, Wispies Multipack 

If you're a fan of the Wispies lashes by Ardell, then you'll be pleased to know that they now come in a multipack (4 x pair of lashes). Their lashes feature an invisible and lightweight band that feels comfortable to wear all day long. The 'Wispies' definitely leave you looking natural and it's not overly dramatic. 

Hydrate, Marula Oil, Shampoo and Conditioner 

For moisturised and nourished ends, I've been using the Hydrate Marula Oil (both Shampoo and Conditioner) by OGX. It smells amazing of succulent marula fruit and I noticed is that it really left my ends feeling softer and moisturised. 

Seba Med Clear Face, Coloured Anti-Pimple Cream 

For all of your acne needs, this Coloured Anti-pimple cream works to target and reduce pimples on the skin. It also looks to improve the tone and texture of the skin, so that it's not left feeling flaky, dry or cracked. Thanks to its Vitamin E ingredient, it helps to calm the skin as well as prevent any signs of pimple scarring which is so important. 

The pimple cream works by covering and clearing the pimple all at the same time. It reduces any signs of inflammation and dries out the pimples completely (without the uncomfortable feeling). 

PureSwiss HYDRAcalm Caring Milk Cleanser 

The milk cleanser works to rinse off any impurities whilst maintaining the skin's natural pH levels. It also works to hydrate, cleanse and moisturise the skin - all at the same time - making it a wonderful multi-tasking product to use on a daily basis. I didn't experience any signs of dryness or irritations which is amazing. There are no nasties included in the product such as paraben, etc. 

PureSwiss HYDRAcalm Lotion 

Similar to what a toner would do, this lotion is super hydrating and lightweight on the skin. It works to smooth out your skin's texture as well as leaving it feeling plump, hydrated and conditioned. I would use this toner twice a day - both morning and night and my skin would be glowing throughout the day. You can follow through with a serum or moisturiser after applying on this lotion to your face. 


Have you tried any newbies here? 

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